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►►JYPE clears up rumors on Wonder Girl SunMi re-entering high school

No longer a Wonder Girl (although I’m sure many would disagree), Sunmi has recently arrived in Korea after declaring a formal exit from the group. However, it has been reported that Sunmi has not been making any public appearances so far, as she has confined herself at home.

The netizens began to speculate that she is now preparing to reenter her high school, which she had quit prior to her U.S. activities.

JYPE has made their statement in regards to the rumors, explaining Sunmi’s status on her education as well as plans for her return: “It is not true. Sunmi is in preparations to enter college by studying hard for the high school exit exam. Also, Sunmi is scheduled to participate in an upcoming project as a singer.”

JYPE’s claim on the possibilities of Sunmi returning as a singer definitely shines a light for the WG fans, however, the date of her return remains uncertain.

All hopes aside, we wish the best of luck for Sunmi’s education.

Cr: allkpop

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