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►►G-Dragon’s dog Ga Ho had surgery for ‘Cherry Eye’

I can feel your pain T__T
GAH! If I owned Ga Ho, I would skip all my performances for this dog!

In a past interview with Big Bang while they were in Japan, G-Dragon confirmed that his precious dog Gaho was away at a training academy that trains dogs for CFs.

Photos of Gaho training and staying with the family there were posted all over the internet. Gaho was due home sooner then we thought but due to the surgery he had to go through for having ‘Cherry Eye’ he had to stay at the academy for a longer period since G-Dragon was busy with schedules and couldn’t provide the care Gaho needed at the time.

Cherry Eye: Dogs have a third eyelid that contains a tear gland. This is located at the corner of each of their eyes. Usually this gland can’t be seen. ‘Cherry Eye’ is caused when the gland gets swollen and comes out of it’s normal position.

It was reported that after the surgery the drugs Gaho had to take would make him lose his balance at times causing him to run into walls. He is fine now and is rumored to be back with G-Dragon.

source:  vipaccess

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