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►►BEAST’s 2nd mini-album sold 20,000 copies within 10 days!

OMG my BEAST bb’s did me proud 😀 *crying tears of joy* >.<

Not more than 10 days into BEAST’s comeback, their mini album was said to have reach #1 in Hanteo album sales.

According to their management on March 3rd, “we’d reached #1 due to the help of pre-ordered sales. Due to the demand from the public with 20,000 copies already being sold, we’re currently in the process of producing 20,000 more.

It is also said that not only BEAST’s title song, “SHOCK’ but their other song,”SPECIAL” have also received positive reviews.

Considering they’ve already made history with their first mini album, it will be of no surprise if they would surpass their previous unprecedented 40,000 mark, being watched ever cautiously by the eyes of music officials.

Furthermore, thanks to the popular V-TACH dance move, BEAST’s currently bombarding various music charts.


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  1. WOW thats alot

    March 16, 2010 at 5:46 pm

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