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►►2AM spends almost $200,00 in USD to produce their new music drama MV!

That’s some BIG money $_$
Hope that it turns out to be loved and successful!

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2AM spends big bucks to produce their new MV, a music drama!

Who knew making a music video could be so expensive? Apparently, 2AM, and they spent almost $200,00 in USD in production costs. And in concurrence with ‘2AM Day’, their new music drama MV will have its first screening on March 15th at 8 PM at the Apkujeong CGV.

Now, why exactly did 2AM decide on such a big budget to spend and use in order to film and produce this music drama?

To ensure that it’s high quality, of course! This music drama will be edited to fit the shorter running time, so that it can also act as a music video for the new track. But just so that they could tell the entire story completely, a full-length music drama was made.

JoKwon, ChangMin, SeulOng, and JinWoon really got into their characters and roles of club DJ, ice hockey player, tough biker, and basketball star, respectively; just as if they were really cast in a movie.

Following the March 15th screening, 2AM’s new song will be released online on March 16th.

Cr: KpopLive + Newsen

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