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►►SNSD’s participation in IRIS 2 “Athena” confirmed; YoonA gets offered a role

Aside from having confirmed the two main male casts alongside their official title of Athena: Goddess of War, no further news were reported thereafter until today.

It was just revealed that the Goddesses of K-pop, SNSD will be participating for the series! Not only will they will be contributing to the soundtrack, a member will also be making an appearance in the drama as well.

“With their popularity soaring across Asia, we highly anticipate the synergy that the SNSD girls will create by joining Athena. An SNSD member will also be given a special role in the drama as well,” the representative of Taewon Entertainment revealed. They have also stated that their first filming will take its place in June at either Italy or Switzerland, but kept the name of the chosen member as a secret.

UPDATE: The ‘secret member’ revealed!

It’s now been revealed that member Yoona was offered the role!

The director of the project revealed that Yoona was their original choice but due to promotions and scheduling conflicts, she was not able to accept. This is most likely due to her appearing on season 2 of Family Outing as a regular.

Filming begins in June so that begs the question – who will join the cast of Athena?

Cr: Allkpop 1 + 2

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