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►►f(x)’s Sulli becomes MBLAQ’s little princess on “Idol Army”

f(x)’s Sulli is set to make her first variety show appearance since her debut as a guest on MBC Every 1 Idol Army Season 5 with MBLAQ.

This will be an interesting episode since she will be alone, apart from her f(x) members. It was a lucky day for MBLAQ because they’ve always mentioned their desire to have Sulli on the show. All of them went head over heels for her and serenaded her with their love.

The most energetic member, Mir, couldn’t even look at her straight in the eye.

The guys wanted to show off their masculine side so they held battles. They got so into it that they had to stop filming for a moment. These boys are taking this too seriously!

Thunder, who is known for being cute, used all his strength to lift up Lee Joon and flip him over to show his strength off to Sulli.

Cr: Allkpop

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