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►►Ynot files lawsuit against C.N BLUE’s composers for $44,000

After all the drama about indie band Ynot accusing CNBLUE of plagiarizing their song for I’m a Loner, Ynot has decided to file a lawsuit against I’m a Loner’s songwriters for around $44,000.

The lawsuit is still in progress and hasn’t been filed legally as of now. Ynot’s members and representatives have been feuding with CNBLUE’s agency F&C Music through the press. Both parties have called each other out for things, such as plagiarism, and tried to attract the attention of the media.

Ynot was the first to act up when they called CNBLUE out for plagiarizing their song Blue Bird. It was a rough start for a rookie group like CNBLUE who only debuted a couple weeks prior to the controversy.

Ynot’s lawyer Kim Hyun Sung said, “We are finishing up collecting related files and after that, we will file a lawsuit against the songwriters for the damages for $44,000.”

The songwriters have said already that they did not plagiarize Blue Bird, but this whole thing doesn’t seem to have an end to it.

Cr: allkpop

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