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►►T-ara’s Hyomin got rejected by 2AM’s JoKwon because of his wife

On March 8th, T-ara World, T-ara’s reality show about creating an online shopping mall, aired an episode about the girls hiring models. Hyomin called Jo Kwon to hire him, but Jo Kwon rejected the offer saying, “I’m gonna be in trouble with my on-screen wife Ga-In.”

The members also begged Boram to ask her dad Jeon Young Rok, who is a famous singer in Korea, to come and model. In the end, they hired F.Cuz’s Jinon and LeeU.

Hyomin and leader Eunjung paired up with the F.Cuz boys to model the clothing, showing off cute and simple couple outfits.

F.Cuz’s leader Jinon and Eunjung have been friends for four years so there was no uncomfortable vibes between them. On the other hand, LeeU and Hyomin were complete strangers so the two experienced major awkward moments.

Cr: allkpop

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