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►►C.N Blue’s messages to fans after ending “I’m a loner” promotions

After performing their final goodbye stage on SBS Inkigayo March 7th, the C.N BLUE guys left their fans messages expressing their emotions for their successful Korean debut:

20100307 Hello, this is Lee Jonghyun.

Hello, this is Jonghyun.

I had many thoughts over our first promotional activities, it was really a precious period of time.
I am very thankful to everyone who have helped us and the fans.
Though it was our last broadcast today, we will work even harder to let everyone listen to better music.

We promise to show you great development the next time you see us.
In the future too, we will be CNBLUE who works hard and grow assiduously.

Be careful not to catch a cold.

Please DO NOT edit/remove the credits including this line, thank you.
CR: 이 종현 @ (original source) + CrystalHeng @ CNBlueSGFC

20100307 This is Minhyuk in-charge of the drums.

This is Minhyuk in-charge of the drums.

We have finished off the promotions for CNBLUE’s first album, Bluetory, today.

I am really thankful for the huge love and support we received from our debut to the present.
Though we had prepared a lot for the first album, we will prepare even more and make up for our lacking to show a better image in front of everyone.

I will show everyone a good image as an MC. I still get very nervous attending an activity alone without the hyungs and Jungshin but I will put in great effort. Please give me support.

Please give us CNBLUE! Lots of love and interest in the future. We will show you a better image.


Please DO NOT edit/remove the credits including this line, thank you.
CR: 강 민혁 @ (original source) + CrystalHeng @ CNBlueSGFC

20100307 This is Jungshin in-charge of the bass!

Hello everyone
This is Lee Jungshin who is in-charge of the bass in CNBLUE!

We, CNBlue, have really received a lot of love from everyone with our first album, Bluetory.

With the showcase on January 14 as the starting point and Inkigayo as the conclusion on March 7, our album promotions for Bluetory has ended!

Before our debut, we had received a lot of concern and had a lot of work to do but I want to say that I am really grateful to everyone for giving us strength and constant support!

We will prepare zealously for the 2nd album and meet everyone again.
We, CNBLUE, promise to be a band that is always improving!

Please anticipate for our next album and give us, CNBLUE, more love too.

Thank you!

Please DO NOT edit/remove the credits including this line, thank you.
CR: 이 정신 @ (original source) + CrystalHeng @ CNBlueSGFC

20100307 Music makes me high!

This is CNBlue’s leader, Jung Yonghwa.
The message I posted just after our debut felt like it was only a few days ago but we have already done our final stage without realizing it.
Time seems to pass by really quickly.
I am always thankful from the bottom of my heart for the huge love we have been given in this short period of time.
It is a pity that we are unable to thank everyone individually, one by one, however,
I will take my time to think of everyone individually ^^

Though we had a lot of work and issues here and there, we are here to learn constantly.
We are learning from experience.

To everyone who always looked over us and became our support when we were in times of difficulty and weary,
with my whole heart, I would like to say I love you.
We will now start all over from the beginning.
Start from the beginning with us too, everyone.

Thank you always and like how everyone rooted for us, we will cheer you on too.

We are always working hard to meet the expectations of everyone and till we, CNBlue, becomes the grandpa band, please give us lots of love.

CNBlue fighting!

Music makes me high!

Please DO NOT edit/remove the credits including this line, thank you.
CR: 정 용화 @ (original source) + CrystalHeng @ CNBlueSGFC

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  1. awWw.. dOn’t wOrry we’lL all suppOrt CN BLUE.. Aja.. and cOngrAtuLatiOnS.. we’lL be lOokiNg fOrwArd fOr yOu’Re nExt albUm. fighting

    March 8, 2010 at 5:09 am

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