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►►BEAST’s Doojoon, “My chin looks…so ghetto”

My favorite BEAST Doojoon is known for his humor on TV shows and I’m not sure if what he wrote in his Cyworld on March 7th was meant to be funny or not BUT…it’s hilarious:

1020.03.07 MON 23:03
my chin looks… so ghetto……………………………..


I’m not sure what leader meant but maybe he came to realization after this newest accident:

It has been reported that BEAST’s leader, Doojoon has received a mild injury during his comeback stage of Shock on MBC Show! Music Core.

On March 6th, Doojoon cut his lower chin while performing a rather fierce choreography for a prior filming of BEAST’s comeback track, Shock. Doojoon was not aware of his injury while on stage, even though a noticeable amount of blood was flowing from the cuts. Luckily, they were far from being serious, and was aided immediately after the stage was over.

“Injury of Honor,” his fellow BEAST members revealed to the worrisome fans.

CR: allkpop

Hopefully he’ll heal soon and this won’t leave a scar! >.<

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