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►►2AM’s JoKwon dances and kisses his first love at a reunion!

On a short segment called Sweet Connection of KBS 2TV’s Sweet Night, Jo Kwon reunited with his elementary school sweetheart, Hong Jae Kyung. Quite the beautiful one, she is currently attending Ehwa University, a prominent college for women. Jo Kwon was able to pick her out from the four candidates shown through their silhouettes, suggesting the fact that he hasn’t forgot about her either. As people say, a man can never forget his first love.

When we were both young, I received a proposal from Jo Kwon. He gave me a rose, and I wanted to preserve it inside a refrigerator. I heard that if you put a rose inside the fridge, it will last much longer. We also used to play Sleeping Beauty, where Kwon was the prince and I was the princess. He always used to kiss me on my hands, cheeks, and lips,” she said, narrating a sweet flashback from their past.

The two lovebirds enjoyed their reunion by dancing and kissing (on the hand) on stage, reenacting their cherished memories.

Cr: allkpop

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