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Archive for March 1, 2010

►►[VID] BTS of Super Junior and f(x)’s Blood Donation Shoot

Super Junior and f(x) are the new faces of the “Blood Donation, Love to Neighbors” campaign and therefore they will be releasing a photoshoot soon. But meanwhile, the cuts behind-the-scenes is already released.

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►►FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki asks Taiwanese fans to marry him

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On February 28th, Korean boyband FT Island arrived in Taiwan for their concert.

To ensure that they would be in top form, they ate a Korean cuisine and had massage sessions before returning to the hotel immediately. The five members performed 18 songs to 2500 fans waving yellow flags, which seemed to like lead singer Lee HongKi the most.

When he sang “Marry Me”, asking if his fans would marry him, excited fans screamed “Yes”! During leader Choi Jonghoon’s performance onstage, HongKi suddenly went offstage among the fans to shake hands with them, causing the crowd to lose control.

The excited fans refused to leave the concert venue after the show ended, causing FT Island to reappear on stage to promise them a bigger and better performance next time, before they would contentedly leave.

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►►Jaebum’s mother requested fans, “Please love the 2PM members”

After Jaebum’s mother’s post, the after effect of the situation has gotten worse.

The fan club Underground, which opposes the withdrawal of Jaebum from 2PM, posted Jaebum’s mother’s stance on the situation on their homepage on the 1st.

According to Underground, Jaebum’s mother stated,

“Please give our thanks to everyone. Amidst all the rumors where it would have been easy to be in despair, Jaebum showed his mature side and, instead of getting discouraged, we started to have hope”.

“Although it is not a good end for Jaebum, I am relieved that this situation is now over. Please love the 2PM members.”

Also, Underground revealed their stance on the situation, “After JYPE posted the official withdrawal of Jaebum on February 25th, we were going to fight against the company’s irresponsible and inhumane treatment. However, Jaebum and his family, who have been battling all sorts of rumors and wounds during the past 6 months, did not want this situation to be an issue any longer. They said that time heals all wounds and did not wish for any more struggle, so we have decided to respect their wishes.”


►►2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Full Winners list + performances!

The 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards was held on March 1st to recognize and acknowledge singers, etc, whose songs were frequently used as the background music or played on Cyworld minihompies last year.

The awards ceremony was held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park and was hosted by Clazziquai’s vocalist, Horan.

2009 Best Artist – 2NE1
2009 Best Song – 2NE1 for I Don’t Care
Best Rookie Group – 2NE1
2009 Ting’s Choice Award – G-Dragon
Best Male Rookie – Seo In Gook for Calling You
Best Female Rookie – Ali for 365 days
Best Composer – Jo Young Su
Tam Eun Mania Award – Jang Giha and Faces for The Moon is Waxing, Let’s Go
2009 Collaboration Award – Jung In for LeeSsang in The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave
2009 OST – SS501 for Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers)
2009 Hall of Fame – Park Hyo Shin for Snow Flower
2009 Distribution Company Award – Mnet Media (Korea), Universal Music Korea (overseas)

2009 Best 10: Davichi for 8282, LeeSsang for The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave, Brown Eyed Girls for Abracadabra, Big Bang for Hallelujah, SNSD for GEE, G-Dragon for Heartbreaker, MC Mong for Indian Boy, 2NE1 for I don’t care, 2PM for Heartbeat, 8eight for Without a Heart.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when Chansung and Junho, representing 2PM came out on stage to receive their Bonsang award. Fans started yelling Jaebeom’s name, making the situation ultra awkward. The backlash continues. **


►►KARA members lost 10kg for their sexy new “Lupin” look

As if their image from the “Mister” buttdance is not skinny enough, the KARA girls have decided to push 10 more kg (22 lbs.) off for “Lupin” too..

Through their harsh and strict diet, these KARA girls successfully lost 10kg altogether and went through an image transformation. Kara members “shed” their previously cute image and are now showing off a sexy womanly feel in their 3rd album.

The group’s management company stated, “Kara member Nicole lost 5kg by a diet where she controls her eating habits. Likewise, fellow member Han Seung Yeon lost at least 2kg through exercise.”

Additionally, members Park Gyuri and Kang Jiyoung also lost 2kg through light cardio exercises.

Man, these girls are already skinny as it is, especially 20-inch Goo Hara. I don’t think losing more weight at this point will make them “womanly.” Do you?

Cr: Allkpop

►►DBSK’s Jaejoong is listed to be on a Japanese drama

Info about the drama:

Drama Title: 素直になれなくて (Sunao Ni Narenakute – Hard To Say I’m Sorry)
Eita, Ueno Juri, Aizawa Rina, Jejung (TVXQ), Seki Megumi, Tetsuji Tamayama, Kinami Haruka, Watanabe Eri, Igawa Haruka, Fubuki Jun, Tokiwa Takako

I want to be adults, but I can…
I want to chase my dream, I couldn’t chase it…
I want to be honest, but I’m shy…

About a friendship of group of men and women who meet through twitter.


►►2AM’s Seulong is Lee Min Ho’s love rival for the drama “Personal Taste”

2AM’s Im Seulong is making his debut as an actor in the upcoming MBC drama Personal Taste. The drama has already gotten much attention from people because this will be the show that will feature the gay Lee Min Ho.

Im Seulong’s character’s name is Kim Tae Hoon. He will be playing the rival of Lee Min Ho which definitely calls for a love triangle. Kim Tae Hoon loves Hye Mi played by Choi Eun Seo but Hye Mi loves Jin Ho played by Lee Min Ho.

It gets confusing because somehow Son Ye Jin’s character then thinks Lee Min Ho is gay but Lee Min Ho secretly likes her.

The production staff said, “Tae Hoon really matches well with the personality Seulong has shown on variety programs. It is his first time acting but he is the best candidate for Tae Hoon.”

The first episode airs on March 31st. This means 2PM’s Taecyeon and 2AM’s Seulong will come face to face on television dramas. Let the battle of the One Day boys begin!

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