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►►[VIDs] MBC Music Core 200th Episode Specials

February 20th marked MBC Music Core’s 200th episode and they indeed had many interesting stages planned out for fans!

SNSD, C.N BLUE, Big Bang – Champion

After School – Crazy (Son Dambi)

KARA – My Name

SNSD – U Go Girl (Lee Hyori)

SHINee and 2PM – Dance History

Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E & How Come

After School – Diva

C.N BLUE – Magic Carpet Ride & I’m a Loner

Jokwon & GaIn – We Fell In Love

Kim Jong Kook & 2PM’s Taecyeon – Reminisce(December)

2NE1 – Fire

2NE1 – I Don’t Care

SHINee – Replay & Ring Ding Dong

2PM – 10 points out of 10

SNSD – Into the new world

SNSD – Oh!


Super Junior & SNSD cuts

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