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►►ZE:A’s maknae DongJoon transforms into actress Han Ga In!

I can’t believe there are so many look-alikes in ZE:A! haha the pic of DongJoon flashing his abs in girls’ clothes is kinda scary though..

9-member group ZE:A youngest member Kim DongJoon transforms as actress Ha GaIn.

ZE:A had their first variety show appearance since their debut on SBS lunar new year special ‘YongGooRiHwan’s Big Match’ aired on 14th February.

On the program, 20 celebrities and 20 reporters come together for a showdown, and ZE:A members transform as celebrities like Micky YooChun, Han GaIn, Han SeokKyu, Kim GooRa etc in a funny corner on the show.

All this while known as the ‘male Han GaIn’, DongJoon appeared with the same features as Han GaIn in one of her photos, much to the surprise of many.

Even though dressed up as a female, DongJoon showed the manly side of him by doing tumbling and showing off his chocolate abs on the show.

Cr: Sookyeong + EmpireChildren

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