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Archive for February 15, 2010

►►DBSK Xiah Junsu’s twin brother, Kim Junho to hold debut showcase in China

I wonder if this hottie is as good as his brother with the heaven-like voice XD

TVXQ’s member Xiah Junsu’s twin brother, Kim Junsu will officially make his debut as a singer in China under the stage name, ZUNO next month.

“Kim Junho will open his own showcase in Beijing on March 28th, and will continue to have more events in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan,” said China BIAS Entertainment, Kim Junho’s official label.

Kim Junho, or shall we now call him ZUNO, has been preparing his debut in Korea with vocal and dance trainings for a long period of time. The anticipation will pay off as ZUNO will be revealing his debut track as well as its music video in each of his 2 hour-long showcase. His brother, Xiah Junsu himself is also expected to make a guest appearance.

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Xiah and Junho on “Introducing Star’s Friends”:

►►2PM’s Junho & Taecyeon’s pre-debut X-files revealed

They’re as cute as ever 🙂.

On the 15th, some of 2PM’s Junho and Taecyeon’s pre-debut pictures were revealed on KBS’ Big Star X-File.

On this episode, Junho surprised the audience with an adorable picture of himself as a 17 year old. For Junho, the comments about his physical similarities to Rain were nothing new; the idol did however say, “I feel good when [people tell me] that I look like a star as big as Rain.”

Taecyeon surprised the audience as well with his good looks which was evident even as a 19 year old. It was revealed that after Taecyeon’s auditions, he stated, “I guess I’m going to have to push through as a celebrity with my height and face,” and stayed confident.

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►►2PM’s Wooyoung becomes 1st celebrity in Korea to be banned from his own fan cafe!

I’m not gonna lie: this has become the most hilarious article of the day! LOL

Jang Wooyoung was banned from his own fan cafe.
Maybe he wasn’t active enough?
The admins were clearing out inactive members and accidentally banned him.
Seems like even celebrities that aren’t active will be kicked from their own cafes.

This is the fancafe’s official apology – Jang Wooyoung Fan Cafe DAZZLE:


►►A.N.JELL Park Shin Hye does car remodeling for disabled driver

aww Shin Hye got all cute ♥

On the MBC Sunday Night Show ‘Danbi’ (aired on February, 14th 2010), Park Shin Hye showed her care to other people by joining the Danbi team to remodel a car and turn it into a ‘dream car’ for someone who really needs it.

On the show, the Danbi team was seen doing a challenge and custom a dream car for a bus driver named Park Hui Seon who got into a car accident and lost his left arm.

Even tough this is the first time for the Danbi team in doing a car remodeling, they have tried their best to custom a dream car that suits the driver’s current body condition and bring happiness to Park Hui Seon.

TV viewers who watched the show says, “every time, Danbi always do such an impressive activities”

The Danbi team also sends their supporting message: “Park Hui Seon ssi be strong!”

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►►The comeback of Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ to have 8 idol members as the new MCs

OMG SRSLY?!!?! no wonder why I was so confused when I saw this pic↓

Cable channel Mnet’s M Countdown has been resurrected after 3 months. Eight idol group members will be its new MC’s.

2PM’s Nichkhun, Junho, Chansung, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Jung Jinwoon, CN Blue’s Kang Minhyuk, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and G.O are the new M Countdown MC’s. Kim Kiwoong CP has stated, “These eight members are the HOT stars that represent Korean music of today. They are the icons of the 20’s. We hope to become a global music show and there is nobody else but these eight that can deliver the current trends to the viewers.”

The eight will be split into teams of 3~4 people and will be rotating every show, different from the standard 1~2 MC casts.

Kim Kiwoong CP went on to state, “M Countdown will be showing unique and trendy performances each episode. The roles of the MC’s are especially important since they will become the mascots of the show. The rotating MC’s for each episode will be chosen based on the concept of the the episode’s performances. I think it will be a fresh broadcast that will allow viewers to experience different special stages.”

The first episode is set to broadcast on the 18th of February with all of the eight MC’s and a special stage.

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►►G-Dragon, “I like girls who have both looks and personalities like cats”

Although his best friend GaHo is a dog, G-Dragon has a much bigger picture in mind for his ideal type..

The lyrics and melodies of the songs I’ve written are all my own experiences. Indirect experiences through talking to others or watching movies and stuff. When I’m in love I can only think of happy lyrics, while when I’ve just broken up only sad lyrics come to mind. Songs like ‘She’s Gone’ are a collection of the emotions I felt while watching particular movies.

The songs G-Dragon (Real name: Kwon Jiyong, 23) writes are all his own experiences. Anyone who’s sharp would’ve picked up his true feelings while listening to his songs.

I think I have to write honestly so that the person listening can feel what I feel. So they can feel the pain for themselves and be moved. I don’t think it’s possible for someone to be touched by a piece of music that’s been made up from nothing.”

He has, of course, been in love. But the people around him just called it ‘cute puppy love’.

I thought I was in love but my closest friends still tell me ‘You’ve never been in real love’. Maybe because I’m the type of person who suddenly gets really crazy about something and equally suddenly gets over it. Though I do date for a while…”

He’s also the type of person who gives everything he has to the woman he loves. Even to the point where it sometimes causes inconvenience to his work. He shows his natural unmade self, wanting to be seen just as Kwon Jiyong, not a celebrity; for this reason he is very open even in crowds.

“It’s childish, but I did all that stuff like letting out balloons from the trunk and opening it, and borrowing cafés for the day to do mini concerts. (laughs) I didn’t want my girlfriend to see me as a celebrity so I would go to amusement parks with her with my face covered, and did everything she wanted to do. People say I’m an idiot for not caring about scandals. Even President Yang tells me that I have to be careful to meet the right girl.”

His ideal type is a girl who’s ‘like a cat’.


►►C.N BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s Seohyun to be a new couple in “We Got Married”!

I think I just died a little … Both are my favorites from their respective groups but I just can’t see two pretty awkward people (no offense) being together lol

Two of the top celebrities have come together to be the next couple featured in the TV show, “We Got Married.”

CN Blues’ leader Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s youngest member Seohyun have been announced as a new couple in the, “We Got Married” TV show.

The Jung Yong Hwa the leader of CN Blues who’ve been gathering popularity with their song, “Loner” and the already popular with their new album, “Oh” SNSD’s, Seohyun will meet as a imaginary couples in the show, “We Got Married.” Due to both star’s incredible popularity, this imaginary marriage is attracting a lot of attention.

These two officially started shooting in Kyongido, Ilsan on the Feb.12 and even though the first shoot went smoothly as planned, the possibility of the two star actually becoming a actual couple due to natural attraction is becoming a big news.