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►►’Brothers groups’ 2PM and 2AM for first ever joint stage!

Acapella version of “Again & Again”?! LOL this is gonna be interesting XD

‘Brothers groups’ 2PM and 2AM will have their first joint stage since their debut.

On KBS Music Bank on 12th February, the 2 groups will be putting up a special joint stage.

Members of the 2 groups have been known to be close with one another since their training days, and are even given the nick name of ‘brothers groups’ and ‘one day’. The 2 groups have achieved great successes and popularity since their debut, and great anticipation is for their 1st ever joint stage.

The 2 groups will be performing G.O.D ’s ‘The place where you should be’ and the acapella version of ‘Again & Again’.

Remember to tune in at 6.30pm for KBS Music Bank!

Cr: Sookyeong

►►[PICs] Preview photos from MBC Star Dance Battle – Lunar New Year 2010!

More info on the concert can be found HERE.

Super Junior

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►►Who worked it better? 2NE1’s Minzy vs. Big Bang’s G-Dragon!

G-dragon and his hoobae Minzy were spotted wearing the same black skull jacket!

Of course with G-D and his abnormal fashion style, the way both artists presented their jacket differed quite a lot. For one thing, G-D kept it simple with one black and white whereas Minzy went with a more colorful approach.

Pics cr: ejjapay2ne1BOMtori@soompi

►►2NE1’s “Try to copy me” is up all-kill on music charts in just 3 days


The 2NE1 fever is going strong in Kpop world. It is no longer the case of surprise event from a newcomer singer. Their new song is an all-kill on music charts in just 3 days into its release. 2NE1’s golden age is said to be approaching.

The group got into the Kpop scene like a comet and achieve success with their 1st album. This was because it was the period when WonderGirls had left the Kpop scene for their American debut and So Nyeo Shi Dae ending their ‘Gee’ promotions.

But this time, the situation is different. So Nyeo Shi Dae has been in the spotlight since the release of their new song ‘Oh!’. 2NE1 previously revealed their digital hiphop single ‘Try To Be Like Me’ on 9th February.

The song was released as a prelude and promotion to the girls’ upcoming 2nd album.

The song is already leading So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Oh!’, which it was first revealed on 25th January. Looking at the music charts results on 11th February, the song is up at #1 on all charts except for one or two charts where it is competing for #1,2 positions.

The 2NE1 members have been doing their solo activities since their 1st album promotions ended, many are seeing that their comeback will change the landscape for the girlgroups in Kpop.

Cr: sookyeong

►►DBSK’s Yoochun kissed T-ara’s Eunjung on the lips?

haha Eunjung is my favorite T-ara member so this is okay I guess..

It’s been revealed that TVXQ’s Yoochun shared a kiss with T-ara’s leader Eunjung for TVXQ’s drama Dating on Earth (지구에서 연애 중) back in 2006.

Eunjung’s involvement with this drama marked her debut into the acting scene.

Many fans were already aware that these two made an appearance on the same drama after the subject arose last month; however, the specific topic of a supposed kiss has become a hot issue only recently. Through an online portal site, netizens said things like, “It seems like Eunjung prepared a lot to debut with T-ara” and “Her appearance has a different charm than the one she has nowadays.”

Even though the kiss was just a peck, I’m sure Cassiopeians are going to be all over this one. Eunjung, get your helmet on!

Cr: allkpop

►►BEAST and ZE:A to have a joint stage on Music Bank called “Perfect Dance Party~”

OMG: ZE:A has 9 members + BEAST has 6 members = 15 FREAKIN HOT GUYS ON ONE STAGE!!! lol EXCITED.

From the schedule of KBS Music Bank this weekend (02/13/10):

**Special Stage!!**

Perfect Dance party~

– BEAST&ZE:A(제국의 아이들)

Cr: KBS + audiophile@soompi

Beast will be on February 12th’s Music Bank. They are to have a special stage with Ze:A, the theme being “Perfect Dance Party ~ ” While they’re at it, they will also be performing what we’ve all been waiting for, “Beast is the B2st” and “Mystery”

Meanwhile, Beast is the B2st Mini Album hit’s the 40k mark after 4 months into their debut. While the average for newly debuted groups is just 10k.


►►[VID] 2PM gives thanks and wishes you a happy Lunar New Year

I love how Chansung just stands there and nod his big cutie head XD


Revealed on the 11th, 2PM talked for a total of 40 seconds about becoming one of the top idol groups and a greeting message.

In the video, 2PM members stated, “Because of last year, 2PM and JYP Entertainment were able to grow. The reason we have received so much love this past year is because of everyone (you).”

2PM went on to state, “Everything we have achieved was not done by ourselves but through the help of everyone. We will try our best in our promotions for 2010. Please receive a lot of luck in the new year!”

2PM had previously created the beastly idol syndrome in 2009 with hit tracks such as ‘Heartbeat.’

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