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Archive for February 9, 2010

►►Jaebum expresses longing and gratitude to fans during Bboy event

Watch the related clip + see pics of him during the Bboy battle HERE.
I hope the rumors of leader Jay not participating in 2PM’s next album is not true 😦

It has been known that 2PM JaeBum has expressed his longing and gratitude to fans during his recent bboy event.

JaeBum was recently taken part in a bboy event on 31st January (local time) in Seattle with bboy team AOM. The group has taken part in this event as the winner of ‘Winter Night’ bboy event in Seattle last December. JaeBum was seen wearing a black tshirt during the event, and it was known that the tshirt is a present from Korean fans.

Fans at 2PM fancafes who have seen the video commented, “JaeBum is expressing his longing and gratitude for fans through his performance”. Also a member AOM team wrote on his twitter recently, “It seems that JaeBum wants to return to Korea. How are things over in Korea?”

Meanwhile, 2PM fanclub Hottest are making collective action to request for JaeBum’s return. It is known that they are currently doing boycott on 2PM related products. And they are also doing a questionnaire to submit to JYP Entertainment about JaeBum.

A JYP representative also revealed, “Like SunMi’s case, misunderstandings can be resolved with communication with fans. Hence we will do our best to answer 2PM fanclub’s questions. There are many misunderstandings from fans. We hope to use this questionnaire to clear any misunderstanding about JaeBum’s case.”

Cr: IlGanSports + Sookyeong

►►Netizens leave positive feedbacks for 2NE1’s single “Try to copy me”

Netizens ‘We followed what you did~!’

With the surprise release of 2NE1’s ‘Try to Do What I Do’(t/n: aka Try to Copy Me, according to allkpop) as a digital single, the music fans among the netizens are showing various reactions, from ‘it’s upbeat’ to ‘the melody is very nice.’

One netizen praised them, saying, “Unlike the other singers, 2NE1 surprised us by suddenly releasing the song without prior notice, and surprised us again with the song being so good.”

Another netizen positively commented, “Because of the light-hearted and exciting autotune, Park Bom’s voice is almost lost, and it seems to be a simple hook-song with Sandara Park’s repetitive ‘Try to Do What I Do’ phrase, but it is a song that fits their image.”

On the other hand, despite the surprise release of the single, ‘Try to Do What I Do’ is already gaining popularity in Music Charts.

Source: Sisa Seoul
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►►Big Bang is looking for the next Lollipop Girl for their new photoshoot!

OMG a lucky fan will be picked and get to take pictures with BIG BANG?! -dies-

It was announced before that Big Bang is starting Lollipop Project 2 this February. With this, Cyon will be launching a public audition for the next “Lollipop Girl” who will join Big Bang in the promotions for the new Lollipop phone through a photo shoot.

Big Bang expressed their excitement for the audition saying they are looking for someone who has a “unique style and personality and has exceptional dancing and singing skills.”

Application will open on February 10 until February 28 through Cyon’s website ( Audition and selection process will be broadcasted on M-net this March. [Original article]

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►►[VID] SNSD Yoona and 2PM Taecyeon’s Love Scandal explained?~ subbed

The latest episode of “Strong Heart” features a nice section based on the rumors about these two celebs having  a love affair. It features members from 2PM, SNSD, and the two hosts Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong 🙂

Cr: Ahonetwoonetwo@YT

►►2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD + others to attend Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009

Looks like the end-of-year awards for 2009 is not over yet! There are still more coming up  for grabs from Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009!

*SNSD is not in one of the pictures but they’re listed on the flier…

Date: March 1st, 2009

Artists: Davichi, Big Bang, G-Dragon, 2NE1, Leessang, Mc Mong, 8eight, Brown Eyed Girls, 2PM, SNSD

Cr: based on flier [DCGD] + translated by kpoprants@wp

►►Fan Art: How would 2NE1’s Park Bom look in short hairstyles?

Although I wouldn’t want Bommie to trade her gorgeous long hairdo for anything, let’s see how she does with the short hairstyles! ^^

Bom-zy (LOL)..


►►BEAST’s 1st mini-album reached an epic 40,000 sold mark!

SOOOOO BEAST!!! OMG as a B2UTY, I am crying tears of joy T^T

user posted image

[SPN EDAILY Reporter Park MiAe] It has been recently reported that the rookie group BEAST’s album ‘BEAST is the B2ST’ has now reached its 40,000 mark in sales.

As per CUBE ENT official, “the sales have been steady since it’s release three months ago.”

It was also brought to music industry’s attention when ‘BEAST is the B2ST’ album sold more than 20,000 mark back in October, which was epic in and of itself, considering success for a rookie musician is usually defined when they reach 10,000 in sales.

Furthermore, they’ve also shown popularity in online music sales as well, which even for seasoned artists usually have difficulty in reaching the 50,000 mark. Now only three month into their debut, further achievements are to be greatly expected for this rookie group.

Having won the Rookie Award at the 19th Seoul Music Awards, BEAST members continue on their individual activities while preparing for their upcoming album.