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►►After School’s UEE was strict towards new members Raina and Nana?

After School’s leader Kahi revealed that UEE isn’t just a dirty girl but also a strict one.

Kahi revealed, “I’m the leader but it seems like UEE is the scary one,” on Strong Heart, a statement that took many people by surprise. When you look at UEE, you don’t wouldn’t imagine a scary individual who would whip your ass.

Kahi said, “Not long ago, we got new members. One day, UEE was watching them practice and she called them out to a different room. I don’t know what happened but the next day, the two new members seemed self-conscious.”

The dance team was present during the talk between UEE, Raina and Nana, so Kahi eventually heard about the story. The idol continued on to explain what really went down Strong Heart. After hearing the full story the other guests on the show said, “Wow, UEE is nothing like I expected.”

To find out about what really happened between UEE, Raina and Nana, stay tuned for the episode which airs on February 9th.

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►►DBSK to release a movie theme song “With All My Heart~” on January 17th

A ballad? Just perfect for their voices ^0^

It became clear on the 8th that TVXQ will be in charge of a theme song of the movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu” (*Meaning,”Summer Dancing You”), a lead actor will be Junpei Yokomizo (20).

The title music is “With All My Heart~君が踊る、夏”, which is recorded in TVXQ’s new best album “BEST SELECTION 2010” that will be released in Japan on the 17th. This gem song with the piano ballad will heap up an impressive product of this film which portraits the maturing period of youths.

The festival featured in the movie has thick pastime that gives poetic charm, portrayed in the summer of Kochi (prefecture in Japan) is the stage. It is a story the young man of the lead character struggles with a fighting spirit with their friend; for a girl living toward the dream to dance at a festival while having an intractable disease.

The movie producer Shun Arikawa who is a great fan of TVXQ from their debut in Japan in 2005, sent them a love call last November to seek them, “To sing the wonderful theme song which matches in a story of the dream that youths lost and the broken friendship to be regenerated.”

Arikawa said that he thought that, “Only TVXQ who continue to charm Asian youths are able to stream down courage and hope through their song and dance!”; from the very beginning when he decided to film this movie after observing a Yosakoi festival for the first time.

The offer was sent when three members were opposed over a contract dispute issue with their office in Korea and when media was paying attention toward their future activities. In addition, it was the time when it was very busy for them with TV program collecting of the end of the year programs in those days. However, the five members were touched by the enthusiasm of Arikawa and willingly consented to his offer.


►►SHINee visits and hands out gifts at a Japanese orphanage

Being the nice daddies on “Hello Baby!” must have inspired these boys to show their love for kids even more ^^

On February 6th, boy group SHINee performed at the K-POP Festival in Sapporo, Japan. The next day, the angelic boys decided to visit an orphanage in the city and put smiles on the little kids’ faces.

They gifted the children with shirts that had Korean on it, Korean snacks and Korean stuffed animals. I guess the purpose was to introduce Korean culture to the boys and girls.

SHINee and the 60 children split up into teams and played games. The children even performed for SHINee. With Sapporo TV recording every minute of this event, the boys received much kudos from the Japanese fans.

SHINee said, “It was for a short period of time but we made a lot of memories in Sapporo. Meeting these children made this trip more meaningful. If we get the chance to, we want to visit Sapporo again.”


►►Hyoyeon reveals SNSD’s dating rule, “Can’t keep it a secret between members”

LOL Tiffany “2PM’s Taecyeon has really big ears”~~ and I doubt any of these girls are gonna get a boy anytime soon =.=;

In KBS 2TV’s “Sweet Night” which aired February 7th, SNSD had their Ideal World Cup.

Hyoyeon stated, “We have a specific rule for dating in SNSD. Even if we get a boyfriend, we can’t keep it a secret between each other.” As many questioned about the rule, she included, “By giving each other information, we won’t have to overlap crushes.”

SNSD members have a war when it comes to male celebrities not just in real life, but in dreams as well. Jessica mentioned, “I recently had a dream about Go Soo, and had an argument with Sooyoung (who likes Go Soo).”

In addition, Yuri caused the studio to burst out in laughter by saying, “Since we have a lot of members, we can’t like the same people. We even have to get permission to dream about them.”

On a side note, Tiffany, while looking at Taecyeon(2PM)’s picture from when he was young, mentioned that his ears are big. She said, “I still only see his ears when I’m watching him perform.”

Credit: Sosiz
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►►G-Dragon, “President Yang has psychic powers; ‘Lies’ became a hit because of it”

I get amazed at all of these Korean producers like JYP and Yang Hyun Suk (not so much about SM because I still believe he’s not a producer but more like a really really good manager) because they really know what they’re doing!

So once YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok decided the song G-Dragon had written for himself, ‘Lies’ would be used as a Big Bang song, G-Dragon started to rewrite it for the group.

”I felt so weak knowing I had to rewrite it from the beginning. Still, I did it and showed the other members, worried about whether they’d like it or not. It was a lot different to the music we’d done til then so at first the members just looked really blank after hearing it. I was sitting there quietly thinking ‘They don’t like it? Oh well I can’t do anything about that. Then Taeyang said ‘Let’s do it!’”

G-Dragon still doesn’t know what emotions the other members felt at the time. Just the fact that he was letting them hear a song he had written for his own solo made him nervous. In other words, he was worried about what the other members might think of the piece he had written based on his own taste.

”I was nervous. Of letting them hear… But after editing the lyrics and giving it to them so they could work out their own parts, things unravelled nicely. Our President is a pro. If he tells us we should release something at a particular time or something, it always gives us the best possible results.”

G-Dragon would write countless songs and President Yang would listen and choose the best. President Yang was usually more like an easy-going neighbourhood hyung or uncle but when it came to work he had the best ear for music and trends.

I think HyunSeok hyung has psychic powers. (laughs) After listening to a bunch of songs, he’ll just sit there without a word, rolling his eyes once in a while and he’ll decide not only what songs to use but when to release them too. If I send him all the songs I’ve written, he cuts them down. Sometimes he doesn’t even listen to a song for a second. Rather than calculating it, he sort of just goes ‘No not this’ or ‘I have a good feeling about this one’. Every song he’s said he has a ‘good feeling about’ has been a huge hit’. It’s really scary and constantly makes me wonder ‘What’s with this person??’”


►►[VID] 2AM, MBLAQ, and BEG Narsha attempt English @ Star Golden Bell!

I love these English games the most on Star Golden Bell!! LOL sometimes you never expect who fails at English and who is really really good at it!

In this case, let’s just say MBLAQ’s Seungho and Thunder rocked it and the rest pretty failed lol! it’s so freakin funny! XD

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►►Jo Kwon and Ga In finished filming their first kiss scene on “We Got Married”

I’m still wondering how ‘real’ their relationship is gonna become..

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Jo Kwon and GaIn attempted their first nervous kiss scene.

Recently on MBC We Got Married, 2AM was featured filming the MV for their new song ‘Even If I Die, I will not let you go’, Jo Kwon filmed a kiss scene with GaIn.

In front of his other 2AM members, Jo Kwon shows a strong manly image as the ‘beastly husband’ and called GaIn to the filming set. At first when GaIn heard about the kiss scene for the MV, she was doubtful but then she received the go-ahead and got all ready to be the female lead in the MV.

And with the 2AM members and even the MV director’s working together, the kiss scene was filmed.

The show is set to air on 6th February.

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