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Archive for February 6, 2010

►►100204- Top Male Idol Groups ranking by 30 entertainment reporters

This list, to me, is a lot less biased than the Female Idols edition..

Public Recognition

#2 Big Bang
#3 2PM
#4 Super Junior
#5 SS501
#6 2AM
#7 SHINee
#8 FT Island
#9 U-Kiss, BEAST


►►100204- Top Female Idol Groups ranking by 30 entertainment reporters

TVN interviewed 30 reporters about this so I guess this is pretty accurate. Not really, but you get the idea.


1.Girl’s Generation
2. 2NE1
3.Brown Eyed Girls
5.Wonder Girls
6.After School


1.Girl’s Generation
2. 2NE1
3.After School
5.Brown Eyed Girls
6.Wonder Girls


►►Netizens accuse C.N BLUE and FNC for plagiarizing Ynot’s name again?

Y, why…Ridiculous is ridiculous. Why would C.N BLUE copy EVERYTHING from Ynot like the netizens say? It’s not like Ynot is all the inspiration an artist can get anyways 😦

Only hours have past since the album-title controversy has surfaced over the web, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. Well this time, it’s a song title.

After discovering the shocking similarities between the two titles between Bluetory and Blue Bird by CNBLUE and Ynot, various netizens have brought up another accusation against FNC Music, CNBLUE’s agency. The third song of CNBLUe’s Bluetory album is entitled Y, Why…. Coincidentally or not, ‘Ynot’ and ‘Y, Why…’ not only both include the letter Y in the title, but they are used identically to define the word ‘Why’. Neither side of the conflict has yet to bring up any statements toward this accusation.

In my opinion, the number of plagiarism accusations that have been made regarding these two fellow indie bands is becoming ridiculous. Although it’s pretty common for artists to condense a word into a single letter (for example, U Got It Bad by Usher) to bring out the crafty effect in their titles, after being pointed out for numerous other “coincidences” CNBLUE had in relations to Ynot, no excuses seem like they will get FNC Music out of trouble now.

Cr: Allkpop

►►2AM’s JoKwon, “The voice that I am able to sing with is not mine”

What does diva JoKwon means by this? 2OneDay’s translators have come across a few untranslated Cyworld entries of Jokwon to find out some ‘secrets’ he wants to tell his fans:

2009.10.11 11:55am

The voice that I am able to sing with is not mine.
The arms and legs that I am able to dance with are not mine.
The brain that I am able to think with is not mine.
The money that I am able to use to buy things that I want is not mine.
Even the precious people that surround me are not mine.

Belongs to the Lord..
If the Lord takes away my voice, I am not able to sing.
If the Lord breaks my arms and legs, I am not able to dance.
If the Lord takes away all of my money, I am not able to buy.
If the Lord takes away my precious people to Heaven, then they are not able to be by my side.

Because everything is not mine, but a gift from the Lord.
That is why on stage, or anywhere, I am able to accomplish everything with all that the Lord has given me.
That is why I have no worries over what I must accomplish in the future.
And that is why I have no greed over the skills that the Lord has given me.


►►Big Bang: Seungri to help SNSD’s Yuri gets a blind date + New BB album to come soon

Plenty of Big Bang goodies in one article but OMG I’M EXCITED FOR BB’s COMEBACK!!

Seungri, member of 5 member group Big Bang revealed that he wanted to “introduce Girl’s Generation Yuri to a cool man”.

Seungri has attracted much attention when he said those words during an interview with the members at a CF shoot that aired on KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay’ yesterday

He revealed his excitement of being a university student this year, saying “I’m mostly looking forward to those meetings that are part of a university student’s lifestyle. Especially with students that major in dance” (T/N: ‘Meetings’ are like the Korean version of group blind dates)

In addition, he said “Girl’s Generation Yuri and I have the same major. I’d like to take responsibility and find her a really handsome/cool boyfriend” and conveyed his greetings to her by saying “Yuri-sshi, let’s become closer. I’ll see you at school. Bye”

Cr: korean article ; translated by sparkskey @ omona_prection

On the other hand, Big Bang plans to make a comeback by releasing a new album in the later half of the year.


►►[VID] U-KISS’ cut on “Ulzzang Generation 2” episode 1~ subbed

I’ve always wondered what this show is about because I think it’s popular among Korean teens..

From what I understand ulzzang (얼짱), translated as “best face”, is used to describe a person who (through the use of makeup, camera angles, and computer programs) takes beautiful selcas to post online.

Ulzzang Generation (얼짱시대) is a variety show that follows some of the more (in)famous ulzzangs.

Cr: etapv@YT + legens_legentis@omonatheydidnt

►►[Interview] Super Junior tells The Philippines Star about hobbies, girls, SHINee + more

Super random interview in my opinion but hey, at least the E.F.Fs (and SHINee World too?) can get their daily dose of Super Junior 😉

SuJu outnumbers Slipknot by four members. SuJu membership equals the members of Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and April Boys put together.

Observed a KPop fan, “The (SuJu members) sing and dance, and kiss flowers, and giggle, and apply astringent,” and even dress up in girlish attires but make no mistake about it, they are not gay. “They are just whiny people screeching songs about heartbreak and pain,” added the KPop fan. “They just want to give out love and free hugs…”

Initially known as Super Junior 05, the group took a bow on Korean television in 2005 with its debut album SuperJunior05 (TWINS) that sold over 28,000 copies.

The group’s second album, Don’t Don, was released in 2007, followed by the third, Sorry, Sorry in March 2009.

Good news for SuJu fans: The group is coming to Manila as part of its Asian Tour: Super Show 2 set for April 10 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Your third album, Sorry, Sorry, is well received all over Asia and with it you also have gained a bigger fanbase which makes you the greatest boy group in Asia. So what can we expect from your fourth album?

“We are really glad to have an opportunity to reach as many listeners as we can all over the world with Sorry Sorry. It drew huge support from the fans as well as other music lovers. We will try our best to live up to that enthusiasm. Please be ready for our new album which surely will show another best performance and colorful music styles. Thanks.”

(For all the members) Do you guys ever sleep? A lot of you regularly attend and record shows, fly to different countries for guestings, film dramas. But you all still manage to smile and look happy. What’s your secret in having such a positive outlook in life despite all the hardships?

“We consider the tight schedules as the proof of the fans’ love and support. We are enjoying it. We sometimes feel exhausted and yet as soon as we feel the fans’ encouragement, we forget about all the fatigue. Definitely, the love and support of the fans are the motivation for us to run and smile more.”