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►►4Minute’s HyunA reveals diet secrets to losing 40 pounds

Exercising is still best but HyunA’s tips are good too 😉

HyunA of 4minute revealed on Sang Sang Plus just last week that she used to weigh 40 pounds more.

Her diet secrets are now out and I think it’s feasible, because from seeing HyunA, you can tell it works.

There are two parts to her diet. One method is to not use the elevator and to keep taking the stairs. The second method is to not eat foods made with flour. So staying away from starch foods is probably a good idea.

HyunA stayed away completely from foods made with flour during the time of her diet. She would eat small meals very often throughout the day. Of course dancing would be her exercise.

Netizens commented, It’s hard to believe that HyunA had lost so much weight when she was so young,” and “The effort she put into her diet and the passion she had to become a singer made her who she is today.”

Cr: Allkpop

2 responses

  1. Chari

    In the picture she doesn’t even look fat, just her arms…
    I wish i could lose weight that easy

    May 31, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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