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Archive for January 25, 2010

►►[VID] TRAX releases “Cold-hearted man” MV ft. Suju’s Heechul & f(x)’s Victoria!

SM’s rock band TRAX now returns with new MV after releasing their mini abulm.

Victoria & Heechul did a really nice job acting out their parts ^^

Cr: sment@YT

►►C.N BLUE’s JongHyun can’t draw a proper heart? ♥

Fans who got JongHyun’s signature during C.N BLUE’s Signing Event on January 24th noticed something weird beside their names…

~~Jong Hyun’s B-like hearts


(After Jong Hyun signed autogragh)
Fan: What is this B?
Jong Hyun: Uh… it’s a heart.

– saturn.@soompi



►►[PICs] 100125- BEAST takes selca @ Choi JungHwa’s Power Time FM

OMGGG they look sooooo good♥♥! My goodness…Yoon leader is killing me with his ultra handsome face >.<
and finally some action between JunYo couple ^^


►►SNSD’s Tiffany gets injured before comeback

It ’s been repor ted that SNSD’s Tiffany recently fell and sprained her left wrist during filming for the fitness battle of Let’s Go Dream Team. She was taken to the hospital immediately to receive care. Luckily, Tiffany’s injury is far from serious, and the girl is already pretty far down the road to recovery; there is no indication that Tiffany’s schedule will be hindered in any way.

This isn’t the first time that this clumsy dork has fallen and injured herself; during Gee promotions around a year ago, Tiffany injured her ankle by falling down a set of stairs at an award ceremony.

Tiffany (in white shirt & black leggings↓) was seen with a cast during filming for Star King recently, sparking the attention of netizens.


►►Caught on Cam: Super Junior’s “OMG/OMONA” moments @ SSII Beijing Concert

So I’ve collected all the pics that I thought were HILARIOUS from Super Junior’s Super Show II in Beijing on January 23rd. So much win in every picture! XD


►►C.N BLUE’s JongHyun leaves message at official site~ 01/25/10

Jonghyun is adorable♥ I wish he talks more on screen though haha

This is CNBLUE’s guitar playing vocalist Lee Jonghyun!

Hello this is CNBLUE’s guitarist and vocalist Lee Jonghyun.
It was so hard lately because of the extremely cold weather but looking at today, i think the weather’s slowly starting to improve.
However if you’re careless you can catch a cold so please take care of yourselves!!
Health is most important^^

Oh, and these days we are receiving alot of love and attention.
We are practising hard in order to live up to those expectations!
We’ll continue to send you our love through good music.

Now that i’ve written this i can see that its a bit too formal…;;
That’s what my personality is like……… hehe please understand~!

Last but not least, please love CNBLUE and Lee Jonghyun!

+ These days after the music shows i feel so bad when i see you shivering outside.
Whenever you come to cheer for us please wear warm clothes!

Cr: 이종현 @ + x. suki @ (trans)

►►MBLAQ’s Joon is proven to be charismatic, handsome during his high school days

Old photos (bald Joon!) revealed under cut!

I never had doubt Joon went under the knife or something in the first place lol