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Archive for January 18, 2010

►►2AM’s JoKwon released “To Her” preview on Me2day feat. 2PM’s Chansung + Lyrics!

It’s definitely different from the normal ballads 2AM is used to singing…and OMG it’s gooooood~*0*

Translation: “TO HER” Featuring Chansung

Credit: Lumi (CAP); Pannaa (TRANS)

here is MP3 file:



Yeah, 2AM and PM!
Let’s go!
Dear my girl,
At the time you told me we’re breaking up,
I guess without me even knowing I acted cruelly to you
Why are my tears flowing now and why does my heart hurt
And what’s up with my yearning to hold onto you, even though you already left?



►►SHINee’s Me2day: Onew updates~ 01/19/10

Within less than half a day’s wait, SHINee’s “Hello Baby!” Season 2 will air. Onew took advantage of this to write a Me2day update:

[온유] 이제얼마남지않은활동~여러분과함께즐기고싶어요~우리함께마니웃어볼까요?그리고오
늘밤알죠다들? 본방사수꼭!!^^
[Onew] Now there isn’t a lot of promotions left to do~ We want to spend good times with you~ Shall we laugh a lot together? And everyone knows about tonight right? Please watch live!!^^

Cr: me2day | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection

►►T-ara agrees to donate $10,000 of their income to Haiti

More power to these girls♥

T-ara is definitely an angelic group.

This girl group decided to donate $10,000 of their income to Haiti. As most of you probably have heard, Haiti is starting to recover from the disastrous earthquake that occurred about a week ago.

The money that T-ara earned from OnGameNet and (their new clothing company) will go to Haiti.

T-ara said,

We were so saddened when we found out information about the situation in Haiti through the news. We couldn’t just ignore it. All of us discussed things over with our company. We told our company, “We know we’re still rookies but we want to help, even if it’s not much. We want to be part of the people that are donating. Please allow this for us.“

The company accepted without any hesitation and on the 19th, the money will be transferred as a donation to Haiti. These girls just keep on giving… what an admirable act!

Cr: Allkpop

►►[PICs] More “Hello Baby!” teasers with SHINee in action!

Minho in that little children’s toy car is freakin adorable :3


►►Netizens comment on G-Dragon’s love for Korean Hangul Fashion

hehe that’s cool. I want a hat with Hangul too pls ^^

In G-Dragon’s me2day update last January 15, he (shall we say it’s Seungri) posted a photo of a member wearing a jacket wherein on the back of it says ‘We are BigBang(우린 빅뱅)’ in Korean. The member in the photo didn’t show his face but he was recognized as the youngest member of the group, Seungri.

But this is not the first time that G-Dragon wears something with hangul characters written on it. He already showed his love for Hangul Fashion through his caps. Written on his caps were ’곧미남(Pretty Boy)’ and ‘힙합(Hip-Hop)’.

Some of the netizens reactions:

  • “I wonder what phrase in Hangul he’ll use next”
  • “Clothes and hats with Hangul characters engraved on them fit GD very well”
  • “G-Dragon portrays a very interesting fashion sense”.

Korean article: tvdaily
Translated : zai @ ibigbang

►►Angry 2PM Taecyeon, “Whoever leaked my private photos, turn yourself in”

2PM TaecYeon declares war (?) on his minihompy.

He recently renamed a folder in his photo diary on his minihompy as “The person who circulated the photos, turn yourself in”. This follows the incident which happened last December when his personal photos uploaded privately on his minihompy were leaked online by a netizen.

With his private photos leaked, TaecYeon had closed down his minihompy for a period of time. He was seemingly angry at the incident and posted up messages like “who was it?”, “how did the IiChon photos get uploaded?”. Fans and netizens also tried to mediate things by posting up comments like “let bygones be bygones” etc.

Cr: TVDaily + Sookyeong

►►BEG Narsha is threatened by her own friends because of 2PM’s WooYoung?

LOL talk about getting black mailed by your own buddies 😛

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brown Eyed Girls’ member Narsha revealed that she had been threatened by her friends all because of that guy from 2PM, WooYoung.

On the last episode of ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2,” airing on the 19th, Narsha revealed that recently her friends have threatened her. Her friends saying stuff such as, “I will reveal your graduation pictures!” She personally didn’t want to reveal it, but her friends stated, “If you don’t get 2PM’s WooYoung’s signature, then I will reveal your graduation pictures everywhere.”

More of her stories will be revealed in the last episode of ‘Sang Sang Plus’ with all the G7 ladies including, KARA’s Goo HaRa, 4minute’s HyunA, T-ara’s HyoMin, Secret’s Han SungHwa.

Cr: Sookyeong