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►►Sulli and Krystal are the cooking princesses of f(x)

lol I’m surprised the maknaes can cook even better than their unnies XD

The 5-girls-group F(x) who’ve showered us with their charms, starting off with their first single ‘Chu~♡’, said that Sulli and Krystal are their cooking princesses with their thumbs up.

Who cooks the best among the members?

“For cooking… Sulli and Krystal are best at it.” As members concluded this, Sulli protested, “I’m not good at cooking, I just make what I can eat”, covering her blushing face.

Which is the most delicious dish Sulli has cooked?

“Roasted chicken breastmeat!” Luna said with a meaningful look. “Actually, I don’t eat chicken cause I don’t like them. And once we were at the trainee’s hostel during our break. I was hungry so I searching for snacks I can have that has low calory level…and Sulli came running ‘Unni! I’ll make roasted chicken breastmeat for you!’ It was touching.

Can you tell us how you prepared the dish with more details?

Sulli answered, “To get rid of the unpleasnt smell of chicken, I used garlic and soy sauce. First, I sliced the breastmeat into bite-pieces and marinated with garlic and soy sauce. After 5minutes, we roasted them! Luna Unni liked them so much, and so did I” with a shy smile.

Is Luna the only one who had the taste of Sulli’s Chicken dish?

“We weren’t there then to have the chance” replied the rest of the members, Victoria and Amber giving smiles of aegyo.

How is Krystal’s cooking skills?

Luna answered, “Krystal bakes great cookies and breads for us”. Upon hearing Luna’s comment, Krystal said, “When I went home recently, I found mom making spaghetti, so I learnt alongside. It wasn’t very difficult, so I could learn fast. I’m planning on cooking spaghetti for the team members soon in our hostel” with a contented smile. At this, the members let out an applause and were very pleased.

How’s the cooking skill of the rest of the members?

Sulli said, “Actually, Victoria Unni can cook abit too. Among the members, only Amber….” letting out a small laughter at Amber. At this Amber stammered, “I can’t cook. Everyone’s good at it except me”.

(To Amber) Don’t you wanna learn how to cook?
“(With an immediate serious expression when asked the question) Ah…It’s okay”, Amber replied, waving the question off. The members let out a laughter at this and covered her by saying, “Amber is in charge of dishwashing and setting of the table”.

Translated by: Blackcider ^^ @ Aff(x)tion

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