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►►Actor Song Seun Hun picks actress Han Ga In as his ideal type above SNSD’s YoonA

Too bad Ga In is already married lol

Actor Song Seung-Hun has chosen wife of his dear friend as his celebrity crush.

Song Seung-Hunappeared on Shin Dong-Yup’s Celebrity Crush World Cup TV show that aired on Jan 17th. SNSD’s Yoona and his dear friend actor Yun Jung-Hoon’s wife Han Ga-In were final contestants on his celebrity crush list. At the end, he had chosen Han Ga-In as his celebrity crush.

In explanation, he said, “I was a fan of Han Ga-In before she was married to Yun Jung-Hoon. After their marriage, once I had said to Yun Jung-Hoon ‘You should be very happy’ “. In the show, he also sent a live video letter to Han Ga-In, saying “How are you doing? I saw you during Kwon Sang-Woo’s wedding but I couldn’t say hi because I was too nervous. I still feel nervous. I hope both of you are happy together and have a cute baby.”

On the show Song Seung-Hun also told that he was once asked out by a top star who every guys loved. But he had to reject her because he had a girlfriend at the time.

Some are saying that Song Seung-Hun intentionally had picked Han Ga-In because she was married and he didn’t want a scandal to start.

Cr: allkoreangossip

One response

  1. thank God he didn’t choose Yoona
    I love him

    November 29, 2011 at 11:18 pm

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