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►►Actress Kim So Eun to lead new drama “A Good Day For The Wind To Blow”

Remember the spunky and loyal Choo Ga Eul from the hit drama series, Boys Over Flowers? Well, it has been a year since Kim So Eun’s role as the side character, Ga Eul, and now will be cast as the leading lady in a new drama series, A Good Day For The Wind To Blow.

The poster shooting for this drama will be revealed on Feb 10th as the drama will air sometime at the end of February. Kim So Eun will portray Kwon Oh Bok, an orphan who is determined to achieve her dream as an illustrator.

On a side note, KBS had awarded Kim So Eun as “Rookie of the Year” for her roles in Boys Over Flowers and The Man Who Can’t Get Married. This might be a great year for Kim So Eun since she will finally have the spotlight. Hopefully, this drama will showcase her talents as an actress and will open many more doors for her in her career.


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