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►►Actress Lee Sung Min & 2AM’s Im SeulOng are wanted

haha when I first read this Super Junior’s SungMin came in mind and I was like whatttt…but it’s clear now 😉

New talent Lee Sung Min and 2AM’s Im Seul Ong are wanted* as a We Got Married couple

On the broadcasted episode on the 5th for MBC’s “We Got Married” Hwang Jung Eum-Kim Yong Jun, Jo Kwon-Ga In and Park Jay Jung-UEE couple were set to have a exercise/sports competition. With one couple short, the WGM Panelist Im Seul Ong and Lee Sung Min were added.

Lee Sung Min- Im Seul Ong couple were in the episode for one time but as the Hwang Jung Eum-Kim Yong Jun couple are leaving , they have an advantage for being a new couple.

On this day after Lee Sung Min’s sexy dance she dominated over UEE in a race competition as UEE graduated from a sports high school.

Also, Lee Sung Min is now on the MBC drama “Creating Destiny” and was in the sitcom “TaeHee, Hye Gyo, Ji Hyun” as well as the movie “The 5 Senses of Eros”

The results of the “WGM” Couple Sport Competition will air on the 12th.

jina_bing_bang @ 2ONEDAY.COM

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