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►►[VIDs] 091122 SBS “Spread the Love” Concert!

All the live performances found for the concert! More info about the event itself can be found here & here.

2PM – Heartbeat

2NE1’s Minzy & CL – Please Don’t Go

SS501 – Love Like This

Taeyang – Wedding Dress

Mblaq – Oh Yeah

Beast – Bad Girl

f(x) – Chu~♡

Mighty Mouth feat. JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) – Smile

Lyn – True Story

H-eugene feat. Sunday (CSJH The Grace) – Love Warning

Rainbow – Gossip Girl

Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama) – Sorry, I Love You

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

December – Love is so…

Ending with all artists – Love

4Minute’s MC Cuts

4Minute + Beast love cut!

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