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►►Concert to watch for: Nongshim Spread the Love Concert

According to an email from one of the Blackjacks (2NE1′ fan) who would attend the concert, Nongshim gave details, such as 2NE1’s Minzy & CL would perform, along with MBLAQ , 2PM, B2ST, SS501, and a couple more other performers..

The pic above lists all the performers that will attend: SS501, Taeyang (Big Bang), CL & MinJi (2NE1), Mblaq, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), 2PM, Lyn, December, Beast, Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama), Mighty Mouth, Rainbow.

The Nongshim Love Sharing Concert 2009 will be held this coming Sunday (Nov. 22nd).

Cr: 2ne1’s daum  + ne-people via + list of artists translated by kpoprants@wp

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