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►►New Releases: 11/7/09

MBC Music Core performances added! Happy Saturday!

MVs: Super Junior M’s “Blue Tomorrow” + Bae Boo Jang & Kim Boo Jang’s “Losing without you” (remix) & “Angel”

Song: DBSK’s “Toki Wo Mete”

CF: 4Minute for 1677

Live perfs (Music Core 091107): K.will’s “Miss miss and miss” (comeback) + Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sign” + f(x)’s “Chu” + 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah” + SS501’s “Love Like This” + Hwanhee’s “Because I missed your heart” + FT Triple’s “Love letter” + Secret’s “I want you back” + Mighty Mouth feat. Ji Eun’s “Smile” + Maya feat. Big Joe’s “Majestic” + SeeYa’s “His Voice”

Funny Clip of the Day: DBSK’s laughing exercises!

Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow

Bae Boo Jang & Kim Boo Jang – Losing without you” (remix)

Bae Boo Jang & Kim Boo Jang – Angel

DBSK – Toki Wo Mete

4Minute for 1677

K.will – Miss miss and miss (comeback)

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

f(x) – Chu

4Minute – What a girl wants

Beast – Bad Girl

Mblaq – Oh Yeah

SS501 -Love Like This

Hwanhee – Because I missed your heart

FT Triple – Love letter

Secret -I want you back

Mighty Mouth feat. Ji Eun – Smile

Maya feat. Big Joe – Majestic

SeeYa – His Voice

DBSK’s laughing exercises!

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