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►►Taeyang cried on TOP’s birthday so Big Bang concludes, “He’s a cry baby!””

haha this made me smile 😀

Big Bang was chatting on NACK5 Radio Show in Japan and they revealed something:


Big Bang sang a birthday song for TOP.

The MC gave him a gift(TOPPO, which is a Japanese chocolate snack) and he asked TOP when was the most memorable birthday for him?

He said it was right after their debut, they celebrated his birthday with fans. He said he was so moved and cried.

YB (Taeyang): It was so moving, even I cried

TOP: I whispered into his ear “why are you crying”?

YB: I said I don’t know

GD/SR/DS/TOP: He’s a cry baby!

MC: What do you recommend in the fall season?

GD: Everyone feels lonely in the fall, so maybe getting a girlfriend or boyfriend will help

Oh when people talk about this kind of topic, it makes me sad…(lol)
(I guess he wanted to say he didnt have a GF?)

YB: The fall season makes people feel lonely but you can go to the museum or a concert even if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. And GD’s concert is in December, so you can go to his concert!

MC: Oh you always think about your friends! You are such a good friend!

*Let Me Hear Your Voice is broadcasted*

MC: How did you try and sing this song?

YB: I sang the main part “koe wo kikasete” so I imagined that I was singing to my girlfriend and really wanted to hear her voice.

MC: What about the PV? (Music Video)

YB: This is the first time we’ve made a PV for a slow song so we wanted to express a sorrow or lonely feeling. We also wanted everyone to see how serious our singing is.

– Yb was speaking Japanese fluently throughout the show and he seemed very relaxed!

Cr: yuko@alwaystaeyang

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