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►►Secret to their heights? BEAST members admit to wearing man heels

Now before you go off bashing these guys, just remember~ EVERYONE wears them (or at least most idols do). Big Bang’s Taeyang, Super Junior, etc. It’s really no big deal 😛

Man heels in Korea are insoles that go in shoes to make you look a couple inches taller. Many idols wear man heels such as members of Super Junior, and BEAST is the latest group to join that list.

BEAST’s Doojoon and Yoseob were part of the guests on the most recent episode of Star Golden Bell where they revealed their entertaining personalities.

Doojoon said, “When Yoseob takes off his man heels, it’s like he’s taking off his clothes.” Yoseob retaliated by saying, “That goes for Doojoon too.” (LOL!)

Then when Doojoon had nothing else to say he exclaimed, “HyunA (4Minute) wears them too!”

The Cube Entertainment artists prove their bond once again. Although they kind of threw each other under the bus, it was all in good fun!

Cr: allkpop

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