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►►[VIDs] 2PM on “Infinity Challenge” with Jaebum + fans’ reactions

JaeBum, who has left group 2PM, was featured with the team on MBC Infinite Challenge aired on 24th October.
On the show that day was the 2nd episode of the featured special project of rice farming between the Infinite Challenge team and 2PM. It has been long since fans last saw 2PM on TV.

Fans welcomed the idea of MBC Infinite Challenge airing this episode without editing JaeBum’s part out despite the ongoing sensitive MySpace saga.

The project was filmed in May when it first started. The boys also performed ‘Again & Again’ on the show.

Even though it was a short performance, fans have waited for a long time to see the group perform as 7 again. Many fans wrote on the show’s noticeboard after the show’s airing, “Really glad to see them again”, “This was enjoyable as we are all missing the 7-member 2PM”.

Cr: sookyeong

Could it be the Jaebum effect? MBC’s Infinity Challenge reached #1 on the viewer ratings this past Saturday.
Through the AGB Nealson Media Research, the episode aired on the 24th reached a viewer rating of 16.8% and took the place of #1. MBC’s ‘Sebakwi,’ with a rating of 14.4%, was pushed to 2nd.

The episode aired on that day was a rice plant farming special, the 2nd part to a year long project that involved idol group 2PM. Jaebum’s appearance on the show became a hot issue, attributing to the high ranking viewer rating.


Missing leader 😦

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