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►►International audition opportunity: Pledis Entertainment

It’s the company that brought to you Kpop’s hot new girl group After School and popular idol Son Dambi!

21st century style icon Son Dambi and After School’s record label, PLEDIS, is holding an audition in L.A. to find an artist with talents to become a star not only in Korea, but in the world.

PLEDIS has well-organized and professional programs and system for new talent development and upbringing. And upon signing a contract with PLEDIS, all training and all other costs will be sponsored.

PLEDIS looks forward to hearing from those with talent and passion to become the world’s top artist through this audition.

Challenge your dream with PLEDIS!

Audition Information –
Date/Time: 2009 Nov. 21st(Sat.) 1:00p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m.
Place: To be announced later, beginning of November, through Pledis homepage (
Qualification: 10~26 years old Asian-American with talent and passion (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc..)
Audition Fee: Free

How to apply:
– e-mail application:
– Please include: Profile (Name, Age, School, Ethnicity, Nationality, Appearance (Height/Weight)), Contact Info., Photo.
– Note: Detailed information about the audition will be announced to those who apply via e-mail.

– On-Site application: Register on the day at the audition location, followed by audition afterwards.

Categories & materials
Singer – Song(unaccompanied), dance CD of applicant’s choosing
Actor – Act, song or dance CD of applicant’s choosing
Model – Walking, Pose
Song writer / Lyricist – Demo CD, Samples of writing

All information can be found at Pledis website:

Cr : AfterSchoolCraze@YT

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