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►►Epik High’s DJ Tukutz heads off to the military

Best wishes to him! Fighting Tukutz hyung! lol and he just got married like a few days ago :/

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Photo of the day! Epik High Tablo looks at fellow member DJ Tukutz waiting to report for his military service from afar.

DJ Tukutz reported for his military service on 15th October at 8am in GyeongGi IlJungBoo replacement centre.

He previously got married on 13th October. He revealed, “It is hard to spend only such a short time after my wedding before my military enlistment. I thought of what I want to promise my wife and we decided on our marriage.”

Meanwhile, Epik High has ended their promotion for their comeback 6th album ‘[e]‘ with news that Tukutz will be heading for his military enlistment.

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Cr: mapthesoul@YT + sookyeong + shared by kpoprants@wp

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