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Archive for September 16, 2009

►►Wonder Girls are being bashed for not sticking up for Jaebum

One of the most ridiculous accusations I’ve ever seen…

During the recent live-chat ,right towards the end fans started directing question to Sunye about Jay. Yeeun saw the messages first and she got real sad and looked towards Sunye. Sunye who had been talking before became really quiet.

Recently some of Jay’s international fans took to bashing Sunye and Yoobin for not speaking up about Jay, considering how close she is to Jay.

SunYe: [netizens are] accusing her of caring more about WG’s American debut and not doing her bit by speaking up for him publicly and personally to JYP. One fan went as far as to post this picture on twitter, this picture then found it’s way to Korea (as you can imagine, WonderFuls were extremely angry).


►►SNSD’s Fan Club is #1 among all idol groups’ Fan Clubs

At first you’d think Cassiopeia, Hottest, or ELFs right?’s not =.=;

Netizens have chosen So Nyuh Shi Dae for having the fanclub with the strongest “power”. “Power” in this case is used to describe the positive activeness of a fanclub.


The community portal site,, conducted a survey from the 8th to the 15th with the subject, “What idol group fanclub do you think has the strongest power?” So Nyuh Shi Dae’s fanclub, SONE, took the first place.

From a total of 6,527 votes, the fanclub SONE got 1,888 votes (28.9%) and is doing great in its roles as reliable supporters for SNSD since last year. As much as SNSD is enjoying popularity by a variety of united generations, there are also extreme anti-fans, and needless to say SONE is trying to keep them in check. Whenever criticism came up, SONE showed an uncommon “power” by actively clearing the issue. Recently, when So Nyuh Shi Dae was accused of plagiarism in their song, “Tell Me Your Wish”, their fanclub checked it directly with the person in charge and even proved that the singer was the one who plagarized SNSD’s song.

But guess who else made the list!


►►More album pics + Full songs from Tae Goon’s “The 3rd Mini Album”

Very fashionista of him… I guess XD
Anyways here are more pics and full songs from his new album “The 3rd mini album”!!!


►► Kim Hyun Joong is back [with more airport pics + subbed vid!]

And it’s a good thing the leader’s back too! What a considerate guy… thinking of his fans already XD
But what are those thing that he’s carrying?? Are they mini microphones or something?? O_O

SS501 Kim HyunJoong returned back to Korea at Gimpo Airport on September 16th at 2:25pm. Having recovered from H1N1 influenza, he was discharged from hospital on 15-Sep and came to show himself in front of his fans on September 16th. Kim HyunJoong arrived at Gimpo airport on September 16th at 2:25pm on flight OZ1015, he appeared with a light blue mask and black cap. Kim HyunJoong looks a little thinner and his face is pale, he talked about his current condition to the fans.

Kim HyunJoong said, “Thank you to many of you who came here. I will become healthy again soon, so as not to let many of you worry, I will show it through my activities.” Kim HyunJoong has recovered from H1N1 influenza, but is still having slight fever resulted from the accompanying sore throat. During the short interview on this day, he is unable to raise his voice to talk. He seems to be haggard and still not completely recovered yet.


►►How would SungMin look like as a female ghost??

Look s like Sungmin had a fun time cosplaying there kekekeke

Here are the pics from “Oppa Band” on 9/13


►►The “new” SeeYa to comeback soon without Nam Gyuri

Female trio SeeYa will come back on October 15th.

With Nam Gyuri out of the group and new member SooMi joining them, SeeYa is finally coming back with new songs on the 15th of the next month. This comeback is particularly important for them because fans are wondering what style of music they will come back with after the new member joined.

The company says, “Wouldn’t there be much change? Original members Kim Yeonji and Lee Boram’s role in the group will be magnified, and the new member SooMi will bring liveliness to the group. There will also be change music-wise as well.”

For ‘New SeeYa’, many hit composers will be participating in their mini album. Jo YoungSoo, who has already shown his brilliance with SeeYa and Kim DoHoon, Park HaeWoon has presented them with songs. Especially, composer Lee MinSoo, who has made BEG’s ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘How Come’ has participated, so it looks like their musical change won’t be little.

This mini album will include new 6 songs.
On the other hand, the fans have their eyes on SooMi, the new member in ‘New SeeYa’. In 2001, SooMi has passed the preliminary round of Park JinYoung’s SBS ‘Brilliant Child Growth Project’. She is 170cm, and have a thin body and a cute face. She also is known to be well-trained in singing, and dancing.

Cr: Translated by + shared by kpoprants@wp

►►f(x) shoots for Vogue Girl!

Yes fans will finally get to see our tomboy Amber in makeup and all…but dressed up as a boy and looks like Krystal’s date or something..