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►►f(x)’s Amber looks like SHINee’s SeungHyun, Suju’s Donghae, and who else?

dayumm! this girl has such masculine features!

looklike – SHINee member JongHyun.
Netizens even tried to superimpose his face onto Amber’s face.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

2nd lookalike: Super Junior Donghae
Before f(x) was revealed and when Amber was still a trainee, she was already famous for resembling Super Junior member DongHae

Image Hosted by

3rd lookalike: Super Junior KiBum
It was for this very photo of Amber below which had some netizens point out the resemblance.

Image Hosted by

4th lookalike: Chung Lim
This one is actually posted by me because they really do look alike!!! especially when Chung Lim has that long hair O_O


Cr: first 3-sookyeong + 4th by Kpoprants@wp

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