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►►Lee Young Ae’s husband spoke up publicly about his wife

After reading this I was amazed by how humble Lee Young Ae really is..just like her character in Dae Jang Geum T.T

In an interview with a magazine, the husband of South Korean actress Lee Young-ae’s husband revealed how they met. “Since Young-ae made her debut, I got to know her at a private event. Things happened naturally after that and we started going out for meal dates and coffee.”

Last Monday, the Korean media was abuzz with news that Lee, 38, had married a South Korean businessman in America. The hush-hush affair created such an uproar that Lee’s legal counsel reportedly had a hard time restraining and preventing information of the actress’ husband from leaking out. Nothing could escape the astute media’s scrutiny and they eventually dug out information which exposed Lee’s hubby to be 55 years old, making him 17 years her senior.

Displeased with the misinformation about his age, Lee’s husband clarified, “My American passport shows that I am born in 1963, I am only 46 years old this year I also hope for [Young-ae] to call me ‘oppa’ (‘brother’ in Korean), but she always calls me Mr. President.”

Apart from sharing that tiny tidbit, he revealed his opinion of Lee with the media for the first time. “She is a person with a lot of good points. Firstly, she does not have the airs of a celebrity. If you are a famous person, you will unknowingly develop a diva complex, right? However, Young-ae hates such kind of feelings. She does not want to stand before others and will not speak much normally. People might feel strange about it, and wonder how will she act before a camera. Also, she is very simple and thrifty, contrary to popular belief.”

He continued to sing praises of his wife, “Young-ae lives in Seoul in a very simple apartment, she also does not like branded goods. Not too long ago, she was driving a secondhand Korean-made car and recently only bought a new middle-range E-class car. She can raise her income with Jewel In The Palace but she did not wish to lead such a life. As a senior, seeing her like that makes me really proud of her. I thought that she was a really good woman since a long time back.”

Cr: Yahoo! news singapore

2 responses

  1. danielle

    what guts left to her & how come she can think of returning back to acting after shocking her fans! she must be out of her mind! we fans of her supported her all the way to stardom may it be vocal or being silently & thus expecting nothing in return but just a simple & sweet smile. But then after revealing her secret wedding we all feel betrayed! how come she can betray all the people who support her! she owe a lot to her fans, without us she’s nothing!!!

    September 11, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    • Anonymous

      what a dumb and selfish remarks about her…her talent, charm, and humble life speaks volume of the amazing woman she is. Fan or no fan, she’ll shine. Actress has a right to their own freedom of how they want to live. A true fan would understand and respect her decisions.

      March 13, 2017 at 11:27 pm

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