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►►Sung Yuri rumored to have plastic surgery done

So the lady’s face got a little chubby-er and netizens already started the rumors that she got botox =.=;

However, Sung Yuri has expressed much disappointment to the rumors that she got botox when in actuality it was because of gaining weight from eating too much pizza and hamburgers. On the set of the SBS drama “Swallow the Sun (태양을 삼켜라),” she expressed her joy in being part of the staff. “When people see me, they see me suffering but it’s nothing compared to what the rest of the staff are going through. Even though I rarely get to sleep for 3,4 days, I love coming on the set and I enjoy every moment.”

Sung Yuri said she relies on food for strength so while shooting in Las Vegas, she would constantly eat pizza and hamburgers. During this time, she gained approximately 9 pounds and along with the weight gain spread the rumors of her getting botox.

She said she is currently dieting hard to return to her old form. “I am trying hard to give off a more mature appeal and I will try hard to finish the work strong.”

Cr: omgkpop

One response

  1. Adr

    i believe you syr. Its ok to be beautiful especially for someone you love to so he don’t change his eyes and heart to another woman.

    September 1, 2009 at 8:27 am

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