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Archive for August 9, 2009

►►Who’s this pretty girl? [REVEALED]





►►Kyuhyun proves that even cool stars play online games

Taken from his Cyworld:

The meeting of the Aces…. (# 보금자리。)
Written on 2009.08.10 at 00:34 AM

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Heenim who recently got addicted to Starcraft….

Suju’s Terran Ace Heenim….

But due to lack of concentration if he plays a game for more than 10 minutes
Heenim doesn’t want to play the game anymore…..

I’m getting him to fall for Star Craft’s charm more and more….


* Ace and Star Craft written in English.
** Just a laughing sound.


Cr: La’MISS:fairy @ sj-world [trans]

►►DNT + e.via on Super Junior’s “Kiss The Radio”

Just a few pics proving they still exist~ 흐흐


►►One Day on “Dream” Radio ^^

More specifically, 2PM’s Taecyeon + Wooyoung and 2AM’s Seulong + Changmin ^^



►►Who worked it better? BEG Narsha vs. 2NE1 Dara

Same studded belt, different feel?

2NE1’s Dara for the June 21 Inkigayo performance of “Fire”:


Brown Eyed Girl Narsha for August 9 Inkigayo performance of”Abracadabra”:


►►Camwhore marathon winners: Super Junior

LOL if there was such award, I think Suju would win. I mean it makes sense since there are like 13 of them and all haha

anywhoo~ wishdreamx3 @ LJ found a whole bunch of them so I wanna share them too ^^

camwhores sujumain

sorry sorry ~ image heavy 😉


►►2NE1 meets and greets Sean’s lil ones ^^

Sean [the second member of the duo JinuSean]‘s recent Cyworld entries are filled with cuteness- both from 2NE1 and the kids!

하음이와 밤봄 – HaEum and PamBom
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하음이도 좋아하고 봄이도 좋아하고^^
HaEum likes it too, Park Bom likes it too^^