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►►[VID] 2NE1’s cameo cut in new drama “Girlfriends” is released

I was a bit disappointed because they don’t really TALK at all except at the very end when they say “Goodbye”…but they look great either way lol :-P I’m crossing my fingers for a nice performance in the drama too ^^

btw, actress Han Chae Young is the lady in the party dress and Epik High Tablo’s wife Kang Hye Jung is the one in the business suit looking confused ;-)

Cr: meand2ne1@YT

►►Fashion Watch: f(x), Wonder Girls, Shin Min Ah, Han Chae Young, Kim Sun Ah

The K-fashion industry started 2009 with girl power so now it will also end with girl power ;-)

-f(x) for K-Swiss (Winter)

-Wonder Girls for EXR Korea

-Shin Min Ah for W Magazine (Jan. 2010)

-Han Chae Young for Allure Magazine (Jan. 2010)

-Kim Sun Ah for Bazaar Korea (Jan. 2010) ~~ can be found with Shin Min Ah’s shoot


►►Who are SHINee’s ideal women?

Onew based his on talents more than beauty ^^ that’s cute :-)

SHINee revealed their ideal girl types on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate. Out of the five, Onew made the most surprising choice.

Onew said, “Lee Young Hyun (from Big Mama) is my ideal type. Starting at a young age, I loved listening to Big Mama’s Resignation. Her voice is so nice. My ideal type is someone who has a nice voice and soft hands and she fits into those categories.”

Minho’s revealed, “I like Kim Tae Hee. She’s smart, pretty and has a charming smile.” For Jonghyun chose Han Chae Young, stating, “I saw her once at an awards show and she was so beautiful.”

Lastly, Key expressed, “I like Kim Jung Eun. She’s very pretty and honest.” He rained on Kim Jung Eun’s parade by adding, “When Lovers in Paris was on, I was in elementary school.” He did a great job making her feel nice and old, eh?

Sadly, Taemin was not present but the rest put on an amazing show for everyone.

Cr: allkpop

►►[PICs] After School attended “Girlfriends” VIP Premier on Dec. 9th

The sexy comedy movie “Girlfriends” featuring Han Chae Young, Kang Hye Jung, Heo Yi Jae and Bae Soo Bin had its VIP premier on 9th December at the Seoul KangNam-Gu Samsung-Dong Coex Megabox. The ladies from After School (Uee, Jung Ah, Bekah, Raina and Nana) were in attendance particularly to support Han Chae Young who happens to be UEE’s We Got Married husband’s close friend.


►►2NE1 has a cameo role in upcoming film “Girlfriends”

And we’re back again to the “Fire” days :-D

2NE1 will be making a special appearance in the upcoming movie “Girlfriends,” a romantic comedy about three women (played by Kang Hye Jung, Han Chae Young, and Heo Yi Jae) who fall in love with the same man (played by Bae Soo Bin), but grow closer with each other in the process.

2NE1 willingly agreed to play the cameo role in “Girlfriends” to show support for their fellow YG family members, Kang Hye Jung and Heo Yi Jae. Clad in their Fire outfits and hairstyle, 2NE1 appears in the movie as guests for an extravagant party that Jin (played by Han Chae Yeong) plans.

The studio was filled with excitement as actors and actresses alike looked forward to meeting the popular female idol group, even asking them for their autographs.

2NE1 expressed, “Although we are already close with one another, we will pretend to be even closer on screen. We usually go overboard with our acting.”


►►Fashion Watch: Suju’s Donghae & Siwon, Ha Ji Won, Han Chae Young, Kim Min Hee & Lee Hyuk Soo

Donghae’s shoot with the lady he called his ‘ideal type’ - Thai model “Pancake…must be a bit nervous, no? haha

-Super Junior’s Donghae & Siwon feat Pancake for I-Spy Magazine

-Ha Ji Won & Han Chae Young for Vogue (Dec. ’09) - separate shoot but I combined them

-Celeb couple Kim Min Hee & Lee Hyuk Soo for Vogue (Dec. ’09)


►►Top Female Celebrities Korean women want to look like the most

I personally would have picked Han Hyo Joo (from “Shining Inheritance”) as top of my list (my bias lol) and Park Shin Hye (from “You’re Beautiful”)  should definitely get on that list too!

Recently, a Korean TV channel held a poll asking, “If you were to look like a certain actress, which one would you pick?” The poll was conducted among 1,431 ahjuhmah’s women who were within the ages of 30 to 45.

The choices provided were 5 famous female actresses which included Kim Tae Hee, Han Ye-seul, Song Hye Gyo, Han Chae-young, and Song Ye-jin… And the winner was Song Hye Gyo!

Song Hye Gyo won a close victory with 33% of the votes

Kim Tae Hee came in a close second place with 32% of the votes


►►SS501 Kim Hyun Joong’s final ideal woman is…

WOW that’s a list of many many many pretty Korean ladies…I was kinda surprise at the winner after many many many rounds of competition lol


SS501 was on KBS ‘Champagne’ aired on 8th November and leader Kim HyunJoong was featured for the ‘Top 32 Ideal Type WorldCup’ corner where he has to choose his ideal type of woman from the list of female celebrities based just on their looks.

And during one the rounds of elimination, he was faced with having to choose between Lee Hyori and HwangBo - one his ideal type of woman and the other his made-believe wife. He went for Lee Hyori between the 2.

But Lee Hyori was not his chosen ultimate type of ideal type of woman. Go under the cut to find out who he chose eventually.

Round 1

  • Goo HyeSun VS Lee MinJeong – Goo HyeSun
  • Han ChaeYeong VS Kim HyunJoo – Han ChaeYeong
  • Lee Hyori VS HwangBo – Lee Hyori
  • Park ShinHye VS UEE – UEE
  • Jessica VS Krystal – Krystal
  • SoHee VS SeoHyun – SeoHyun
  • CL VS Sandara Park – CL
  • Goo Hara VS Nicole – Nicole
  • Lee Honey VS Kim JiWoo – Lee Honey
  • Han SungJoo VS Shin BongSeon – Han SungJoo
  • Kim TaeHee VS Go HyunJeong – Ga HyunJeong
  • Han YeSeul VS Han JiHye – Han JiHye
  • Kim YunA VS Moon GeunYeong – Kim YunA
  • YoonA VS TaeYeon – TaeYeon
  • Ivy VS Son DamBi – Son DamBi
  • YooBin VS BoA – BoA


►►Andre Kim’s “Best Star Award”: Full nominees list

World renowned designer Andre Kim awarded ”Best Star Award’ to the top stars in Korea .

andre kim

27 November, 4pm, at Giheung, Kyonggi-do, Andre Kim Studio’s courtyard, Andre Kim will hold a Christmas Fashion Show ‘Chistmas Fashion Fantasia’ and ‘Best Star Award’ prize giving ceremony.

Nominated Best Male star include:

Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Won Bin, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon.

Female stars include:

Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Sun, Choi Ji Woo, Song Yun Ah, Lee Bo Young, Han Hyo Joo, Han Chae Young, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Yuna, Goo Hye Sun, Han Ye Seul, and others.

Andre Kim reveal: “Best Star Award” grading standards are excellence in acting, good personal qualities, bringing glory to Korea locally and oversea and warm humanitarian act in helping others. 80% of the stars will attend the award ceremony to share the joy with the award winners.

Cr: Seoul Chosun + lovehs@Kim Hee Seon Chinese Website + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

►►Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho stand out at the 14th Pusan International Film Festival

After going through a bunch of pictures for both the male and female counterparts at this film festival held on October 9th, I’ve come to a conclusion that these two people stood out the most from the male and female categories:

Male – Lee Min Ho

It takes a real gentleman to wear a huge ass bow and a suit that look like a butler from the Yoon Eun Hye’s drama “Take Care of my Lady”:

Image Hosted by

Female – Goo Hye Sun

Why? Cause she was the only female who wore a suit and a hat…simple yet it made it a HUGE statement to me :-)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

and my two other favorites of the night: Best Dressed and Best Kid!


►►Actress Han Hyo Joo signs with Lee Byung Hun’s agency

Actress Han Hyo Joo (my favorite♥), heroine of hit TV series “Shining Inheritance,” will join talent house BH Entertainment starting November, according to the agency on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old, formerly with Fantom Entertainment Group, signed with BH which manages some of South Korea’s top stars including actor Lee Byung Hun and actress Han Chae Young.

Actor Bae Soo Bin who appeared alongside Han Hyo Joo in “Shining Inheritance” is also managed by BH.

Han made her TV debut with sitcom “Nonstop 5″, appearing in several dramas including “Spring Waltz” which has enjoyed popularity throughout several countries in Asia.

She became one of the most sought-after actresses in the entertainment industry after “Shining Inheritance” ended its run triumphantly in July with a 41.7 percent viewership rate.

Cr: asiae + shared by kpoprants@wp

►►Who worked it better? Han Chae Young vs. SNSD’s Jessica

Shoes edition!

Both of these pretty ladies had on different dresses and hair styles but the pinky shoes…SAME!

jessica chae young

►►Fashion Watch: Kim So Eun, SHINee, 2AM, Lee Hyori & Wilber Pan, Han Chae Young, Lee Dong Wook

-Kim So Eun shoots for Elle Girl

-SHINee shoots for CLRIDE.n (official pics)

-2AM shoots for Maxim Magazine (09/09)

-Lee Hyori shoots with Wilber Pan for Hyundai

-Han Chae Young shoots for Tucson Ix

-Lee Dong Wook shoots before going off to military (haircut..)


►►Top Korean stars at Gucci FW Collection ’09

So many stars at one event!

I love Jung Ryeo Won’s and Kim So Eun’s dresses best ^^

2 hot guys + better quality under cut ^^


►►Actresses aren’t afraid to flaunt their assets during summer season

Why hide the goods you’ve got? That’s the key question here I think ;-)

Chae Yeon

Chae Yeon in Arena Magazine



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