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►►Top 25 Fan Clubs At Daum Cafe


►►[PICs + VID] 4Minute & Amerie performs “Heard’em all” @ Kia Motors Auto Show

The news of 4Minute and Korean-American R&B singer Amerie to appear on various shows together after Amerie has landed in Korea has garnered much interest. Soon after that, the girls are ready to perform at Kia Motors Auto Show and it’s hot!


►►American star Amerie to join 4Minute on Music Bank!

News has come out that 4minute, who collaborated with Amerie on the Korean release of “Heard ‘Em All” for her album “Love & War”, will be performing with Amerie on the 26 March episode of KBS Music Bank.

More information has not yet been released about the joint stage. Amerie has landed in Korea on March 22nd. In addition, she will be demonstrating “Heard ‘Em All” with 4minute at an event on the 23rd. On the 25th, she’ll be holding a fan meeting at the Mnet studio in Seoul.

Amerie is a Korean-American singer.

Cr: wintersun @ soompi +

►►[SCANs] 2AM, 4minute, and 8Eight in Cosmopolitan Magazine

The full photoshoot featuring 4minute, 2AM’s Seulong and 8Eight’s Baekchan from the April issue of Cosmopoitan Korea have been revealed.

The singers/models are looking great and like the shoot title says – HOT!


►►[PICs] 2AM’s SeulOng and 4Minute for Cosmopolitan

2AM’s Seulong and idol girl group 4minute will be featured in a photoshoot for Armani Exchange in Cosmopolitan Korea’s April 2010 issue!

Through this photoshoot, the girls of 4minute and Seulong revealed their tough and sexy image by wearing their Armani Exchange denims along with print t-shirts.

The stylist who was in charge of the photoshoot’s styling stated, “Although they are from idol groups, they were able to express sexy and chic concept in their photoshoot. Any clothings they wore matched them perfectly.


►►4minute makes their acting debut…without HyunA

↓ This picture had me going @_@ what happened to HyunA’s face? but then I realized it wasn’t

4minute (minus HyunA) made their acting debut yesterday with their cameo on the smash hit comedy “High Kick Through the Roof”. The episode, which aired on the 12th, featured the girls as a group called Skini, with character/actress Yoo In Na taking the role of the leader. The girls appeared in scenes for the press conference and a performance as Skini.

The girls experienced something quite shocking this time around on stage, though. While they are usually used to fans chanting their names and lyrics of their hit songs, the storyline has the audience disliking Skini so the room was completely dead except for Yoo In Na’s #1 fan.

After filming the girls said, “This was such a fun experience. We watch this program all the time so it’s so nice to be on it. If we have the chance, we’d do it again.”

High Kick Through the Rough will finish its 126 episode run on March 19th.

Cr: Allkpop

►►[PICs] 4Minute releases their selca shots from Japan

GaYoon with less makeup = gorgeous! I swear these 4Minute girls are lookin better and better everyday! :-D

After spending nearly 2 months touring Asia, girl group 4minute headed over to Japan and began promotions. They instantly hit it off as Japanese fans ranging from all ages went crazy for the girls. It’s been quite a ride as they live the high life. But a recent release of self camera photos showed that although they may be surrounded by fame, girls will be girls.

In the first photo, all five of the 4minute family are bunched together with smiling faces. The 2nd photo features members Gayoon and HyunA, with the latter acting overly cute. Which is a rare sight given the girl has proven to be more sexy than anything else. The last two photos are of Gayoon only, and they seem to have been taken in a dressing room and a restaurant with Sohyun in the back. At least now we know whose camera it is.


►►4Minute’s first Japan showcase draws more than 2,500 fans

LOL @ “mostly young teenage boys and men in their 40s went to meet them” XD

4minute successfully had their first showcase at 7 PM on March 5th at the AX Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.

4minute had this showcase even though their album was not even released in Japan and more than 2,500 zealous fans came to support them.

On the 6th, a representative at CUBE Entertainment said, “We were grateful that the Japanese fans supported 4minute with courteous manners. The members were surprised when there were loud cheers for them while they were on stage.”

4minute’s popularity was confirmed at the surprise handshake event after the showcase. At the handshake event, there were fans of a various age group from young boys in their teens and male fans in their 40′s. There were even reporters of different ages participating.

Meanwhile, 4minute went to Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan for 50 days on their Asia tour.

View photos of 4minute’s showcase here and here.

Source: Joongang
Translated/Reported by: Chris@4-minute

►►The ‘Female Mulan’ in BEAST’s ‘Shock’ MV revealed!

LOL the mysterious lady in BEAST’s MV does kind of remind me of Fa Mulan with her flashy asian eyes XD

Who is that mystery lady who appeared in BEAST new MV ‘Shock’ released on 1st March?

A Cube Entertainment rep revealed, “The lady is a Cube Entertainment trainee. She is of the same age as 4Minute Kwon SoHyun, and is 170cm tall. She is currently preparing for her solo debut. We will be able to meet her as a singer soon.”

With the release of the MV, there were much curiosity amongst netizens with regard to this mystery lady. She has already earned herself the nickname of a ‘female Mulan’ with her charming single eyelids, huge eyes and chubby face. Some of netizens’ comments were “It is good that we will get to see her soon even though we didn’t learn of her upcoming debut.”

Meanwhile, BEAST is back with their 2nd album released on 1st March and will start promotions on the title song ‘Shock’ soon.

Cr: Newsen + K-Bites

►►New Releases: 02/28/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances (with 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung still as MCs) are up!

MVs: M4′s “Melody of You” + Cho PD ft. Koreana’s “Victory 2010″

CF: Kim Yuna for Olympic sponsors (Nike, Samsung, Hyundai)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100228): T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + T-ara’s “I’m really hurt” + KARA’s “Lupin” + KARA’s “Umbrella” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” (Burning ver.) + 2PM’s “Never let you go” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + 4Men’s “I can’t ” + HyunA ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” (goodbye stage) + TRAX ft. Super Junior Heechul’s “Let you go” + Ahn Jin Kyoung ft. H-Eugene’s “Bad Person” + Sun Min’s “Miss” + KARA’s interview + T-ara’s interview + MC Cuts with 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung and f(x)’s Sulli + SNSD WINS!


►►[PICs] KARA’s new MV “Lupin” had choreography similar to T-ara, SNSD, 2NE1, etc?

A netizen found out that KARA’s so-called powerful choreography for their new MV “Lupin” has been ‘inspired’ by many other artists (note that these are only comparisons and these stills don’t necessary look like the real thing it in the actual MV):

Kara as 2ne1 (Fire – Space Version)

Kara as Rain (Rainism)


►►BEAST’s “Mystery” neck dance is popular among the “Invincible Youth” girls

haha this dance is like the most addicting thing ever! Ever since I saw BEAST’s first “Mystery” performance, I’ve always wiggle my neck around whenever the song comes on XD

On KBS2 entertainment program’s ‘Invincible Youth’ that was broadcasted on the 19th, 4MINUTE member Hyuna’s intimate idol group, BEAST, appeared and gathered attention.

On this day, Invincible Youth’s G7 member Narsha (BROWN EYED GIRLS), Yuri, Sunny (GIRLS’ GENERATION), Hyomin (T-ARA), Sunhwa (SECRET), Goo Hara (KARA), Hyuna (4MINUTE). T-ARA’s Hyomin abruptly asked BEAST, “By any chance, have you seen me on ‘Invincible Youth’?

However, when he said “No. Truthfully, I came to see BROWN EYED GIRL’s Narsha sunbaenim,” Hyomin was frustrated.

Especially, the BEAST members prepared their Mystery dance in the vinyl house, and G7 followed and danced to the strongly addicting neck dance.

Among them, KARA’s Nicole prepared the neck dance with her serene neck, arousing favorable comments.


►►4Minute’s next destination: to debut in Japan

Looks like Asian Domination isn’t far away from these girls’ dreams ^^

4minute really is making it known they’re a very strong competitor in the Asian music scene. They’ve traveled promoting their Korean music all across Asia. From the Philippines to the most recent Hong Kong, and now to Japan. But in Japan 4minute will not just promote their Korean music, they’ll also embark to promote an official album full of Japanese songs.

After signing with Universal Music Group a few months ago, 4minute truly has been unstoppable. They’ve already released their Korean album in seven seperate countries and showcased their skills in the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong, but now it’s time for them to focus on Japan.

Their Japanese promotions will be different though. 4minute will release a single, along with an album IN the Japanese language.

Already, Universal Music Group has set up 4minute’s official Japanese website.


►►[VIDs] SHINee’s Minho and 2AM’s JoKwon covers HyunA’s “Change”

On the February 20th episode of Star King, HyunA was seen at first dancing with some random muscular/fat/weird guys at first but guess who joined her afterwards ;-)

SHINee’s Key also did some girl groups’ dances

Cr: UnknownCarrot3@YT

►►Top Kpop female idols with beastly abs

Turns out hot abs aren’t only for the men because our ladies of Kpop also have something great to show!

This ab trend/fever is not only for male stars. There are a lot of female stars who are proud of their abs. They, too, exercise steadily to make chocolate abs that split into six.


►►New Releases: 02/18/10

The comeback of Mnet M!Countdown live performances is here!

MVs: An Jin Kyung ft. MBLAQ Mir’s “Bad Person” + 2PM’s “Crazy4s” (dance ver.)

Songs: Amerie ft. 4Minute & BEAST’s “Heard’em all” + Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2″

CF: 2NE1 for Bean Pole Jeans BTS

Live perfs (M!Countdown 100218): U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + 2AM covers Wonder Girls’ “Tell me” & Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” & 2NE1′s “Fire” & Big Bang’s “Lies” & 2PM’s “10 points out of 10″ + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + An Jin Kyung ft. MBLAQ Mir’s “Bad Person” + Brown Eyed Girls’ “You raise me up” + Gavy NJ ft. ZE:A Heechul’s “Sunflower” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + Min Kyung Hoon’s “It’s Love Because It Hurts” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + MC cuts ft. MBLAQ’s Joon & G.O, 2PM’s Nickhun & Chansung & Junho, C.N BLUE’s Minhyuk + MC shoots & BTS


►►[VID] Popular Taiwanese group Da Mouth hangs out with 4Minute~ subbed

Several weeks ago, popular K-pop group 4Minute swung by Taiwan during their Asian concert tour and visited chart-topping Mandopop group and Universal Music labelmates Da Mouth 大嘴巴. The meeting between both popular musical outfits was highly publicized, and you can check out our post about it during that time here.

Since then, Da Mouth went on Channel [V]’s Top 20 Countdown program to provide co-hosting duties with the program’s current host and uber-cute Channel [V] VJ Candice 容嘉. During the broadcast, the members of Da Mouth introduced their fun interview with 4Minute, as the group asked the girls various things and played different kinds of games with them.

The video of the interview clearly demonstrated that the Universal Music labelmates had a blast hanging out with each other, and also showed that Da Mouth’s guy members DJ Chung Hua, MC 40, and Harry enjoyed the young girl’s company, sometimes at the expense of their own female group member Aisa.  Definitely scope out the interview (with English subs too!) and see both of these great groups just having an awesome time together.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Cr: CpopAccess + CpopAccess@YT

►►[PICs] SHINee and 4Minute for InStyle’s “Help for Haiti”

whoooaaaa~ never thought we’d have a ShineMinute collab before XD
Great people for great cause :-D

SM boyband SHINee and Cube girlgroup 4minute both recently participated in a photoshoot for Korea’s InStyle Magazine. The title of the photoshoot was “Help for Haiti”, so one can assume that it was for a charitable cost. Both groups have also done charity work in the past.

Cr: sophiangyuen@soompi

►►[PICs] 4Minute makes a stop in Thailand during New Year’s weekend

After signing their contract with Universal Records, the 4Minute girls made a stop to Taiwan, Philippines, and now Thailand!

On February 12, 2010, 11AM at Doositanee Hotel in Bangkok, 4Minute and Universal Music Thailand held a press conference with the press and media for the first time release of the album “For Muzik” in Thailand. 4Minute greeted Thai Fans with a smile, saying “We’re 4Minute. Sawadee ka!”

This press conference shows the relationship between Universal Music and Cube Entertainment, the current entertainment labels of 4Minute and BEAST, which are collaborating to open a new Asian music market in both countries.



►►[VIDs] MBC Star Dance Battle – Lunar New Year 2010 Special coverage!

I think the results were rigged because the winning groups obviously are what people would expect to win even without the battles :/

Round 1: MBLAQ vs. Rainbow

Round 2: BEAST vs. T-ara


►►Top Maknae (youngest members) of Kpop Idol Groups by Ceci Magazine

Ceci Korea Magazine held a voting poll for 2010 Idol Award – Best Maknae of idol groups. Big Bang’s Seungri and 2NE1′s Minzy came out on top as the best.

Knowing Ceci is a fashion magazine, I think the voting is more towards fashion :-)

Seungri got the highest votes for Ceci best youngest idol of male groups, which includes:


►►[MP3/DL] HyunA and T-MAX team up for new single “Love Parade”

Well isn’t this unexpected :-P

It looks like February is truly the time for romance as artists continue to collaborate for love songs. The latest release is 4minute’s HyunA and T-MAX’s Park Yun Hwa collaboration track titled Love Parade.
The song feels a bit nostalgic but it’s still a feel good song featuring Yun Hwa’s velvety soft vocals and HyunA’s rapping that portrays a mixed emotion of happiness and sadness. This has got to be one of the best love song collaborations this month, perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Take a listen for yourself and go on a love parade! -


Cr: jenpoo

►►4Minute reveals they are close to BEAST and… f(x)

More info about the girls performing in the Philippines this past weekend and some other stuff..

K-pop girl group 4Minute ended their first Philippine tour Sunday after promoting their first mini-album, “For Muzik,” in the Southeast Asian nation where K-pop is gaining popularity.

In Manila, 4Minute held shows in shopping malls, had autograph signing events for fans, and appeared on TV variety programs from February 5 to 7.

The members of the idol group ― Hyun-ah, Ji-hyun, Ji-yoon, So-hyun and Ga-yoon ― met the Philippine press on February 5.

However, besides arriving an hour late for the press conference, the girls were barred by the organizer of the event from answering personal questions, particularly regarding Hyun-ah and her past association with K-pop girl band the Wonder Girls.

On January 22, JYP Entertainment announced that Sun-mi, another member of the Wonder Girls, was quitting the group to resume her studies in South Korea. With Hyun-ah and Sun-mi experiencing similar misfortunes with the Wonder Girls, The Korea Times asked Hyun-ah if she would consider going back to the Wonder Girls if Park Jin-Young, owner of JYP Entertainment, asked her to.

However, even before the interpreter could translate the question, a staff member for the organizer stopped her from answering the question. The press also failed to get Hyun-ah’s reaction on Sun-mi’s decision to quit, when the organizer again prohibited her from responding. (kinda suspicious much? =.=)

The questions 4Minute members did answer were mainly about their diet and lifestyle.

Answering a question from The Korea Times on their health, 4Minute admitted that they are on a special diet to maintain their sexy image as K-pop idols.

But they said they were having a hard time controlling their diet in Manila since they love the food.

When asked about their friends outside the group, 4Minute said they are close to the members of K-pop groups BEAST and f(x).

4Minute and BEAST are managed by Cube Entertainment, an affiliate of JYP Entertainment.

[omitted the rest]

Cr: koreatimes

►►100204- Top Female Idol Groups ranking by 30 entertainment reporters

TVN interviewed 30 reporters about this so I guess this is pretty accurate. Not really, but you get the idea.


1.Girl’s Generation
2. 2NE1
3.Brown Eyed Girls
5.Wonder Girls
6.After School


1.Girl’s Generation
2. 2NE1
3.After School
5.Brown Eyed Girls
6.Wonder Girls



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