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►►2AM disclose their dark secrets

2AM, who just held a succesful concert not long ago, appeared as guest stars on the Special New Year edition of MBC comedy show “First Time In My Life” where they had to disclose some dark but humorous secrets.


►►[Interview] Get to know BEAST’s individual wishes for 2011!

The presence of 2010 disappeared and the new 2011 is bright on the horizon. Everyone is getting busy in order to greet the New Year. This goes same for BEAST who had continued to run without stopping with the songs ‘Shock’, ‘Easy’, ‘Clenching The Fists Tight’, ‘Breath’, and ‘Beautiful’ last year.

►►[Interview] SHINee reveal their “cry baby” to 10Asia

In May 2008, we witnessed the debut of a new boy band named SHINee. Two and a half years later, after demonstrating their abilities through two full albums and three mini albums, the boys held their first concert. “SHINee World” took place at Seoul’s Olympic Park Stadium on January 1, 2011.

►►Hangeng thought of Super Junior and…suicide

In 21st December 2009, Han Geng proposed one-sidedly to Korean Company, SM Entertainment to terminate his contract. It has been a year and the case of contract termination finally had an outcome on the day of Han Geng’s first anniversary being a solo artiste. On his first anniversary, the team of <Music Billboard> carried out an exclusive interview. Han Geng also showed his innermost feelings to <Music Billboard>, revealed the details of the whole case and all the things he went though. He even exposed that he once had suicidal thoughts because he was really stressed out.

►►IU explains why she changes ideal men constantly

During a recent interview with TV Report, artist IU revealed much about  her thoughts and dreams.


►►[PICs] GD&TOP’s pictorial for 10Asia

G-Dragon and TOP recently sat down for individual interviews with 10Asia, and here is the collection from their pictorial on the site. They may be too busy to actually take studio shots so they settled for live pictures. Enjoy!

►►SNSD’s big wish for 2011?

There is nobody that dares to block the way of ‘national girl group’ SNSD. Following the previous year, SNSD has once again taken ‘This Year’s Star Daesang’. They also took ‘This Year’s Artist Award’. But for 2011, what is the girls’ biggest wish?

►►[Interview] MBLAQ reveal their rivals and secret nicknames

Get to know the MBLAQ boys better! All five recently sat down with Japanese magazine PATi PATi and open up to 65 super hilarious questions & answers!


►►[PICs] Big Bang 2011 iTunes App

Ever wonder if you should get the newest Big Bang app on iTunes? Well take a browse and see if these delish pics from the boys fit your taste ;)

►►[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong, “I fit more as a poor guy who has no money”

Kim Hyun Joong recently sat down for an interview with K☆STAR LOVERS magazine and had a nice reflection on his career in 2010 and his goals for the new year.


►►’Magician’ Donghae, “I like being with Super Junior”

Super Junior member Lee Donghae transformed into a magician on the day of the ELLE Girl photoshoot. He also had an interview with the magazine to reveal his thoughts on acting in a drama alone.

►►Official ‘Dream High’ photos feat. 2PM, Miss A, T-ara, etc!

The upcoming idol drama ‘Dream High’ has released its official photos featuring artists like 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung, T-ara’s Eunjung, Miss A’s Suzy, IU, and rising young actor Kim Soo Hyun.

‘Dream High’ takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives of students as they aspire to become superstars. – Read more at this source

In fact, this show will be something like the American show ‘Glee’ which will incorporate songs and dances to convey its story. The release date is expected to be on January 3rd, 2011!


►►2pm debuts in Japan! + New Japanese things they learned

On December 6, korean “beast idols” 2PM has held an official press conference. There are a hundred of fans waiting for them since 8 a.m at the airport and the number has increased to a thousand by the time they arrive which is around 10 a.m. The fans welcome them with the holler “2PM! 2PM!”


►►[PICs] After School’s concept photos for “Love, Love, Love”

After School‘s subunit, Happy Pledis, has been known to be releasing a new single called “Love, Love, Love” as a charity fundraiser this Christmas. Since they will be releasing their teaser MV on December 7th, the girls came out with their photo concept first.


►►[VID + PICs] JYP Nation releases “This Christmas” MV + BTS Photos

Who else would you want to spend This Christmas with if not with the big JYP Nation? All JYP artists: 2AM, 2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, and even Park Jin Young himself is all for one and one for all in this amazingly cute Christmas MV!

Be sure to check out the BTS photos below if you want more from this amazingly cute family :D


►►[PICs] More “Temptastic” photos from T-ara’s mini-album

I uploaded a post earlier filled with T-ara’s concept photos for their new album “Temptastic”…but guess what? HERE’S MORE! Enjoy :)


►►[PICs] f(x) in cute informs for Elite pictorial

Feeling like an Elite Ivy League student? Check out Elite’s newest pictorial featuring f(x) in their amazingly colorful uniforms! You don’t even have to be smart or be in a private school to wear one! :D


►►[Interview] Hanryu PIA’s Q&A for 2PM’s Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Chasung

Not much time left for [2PM's first Japanese album release] on December 8th! Here is the interview of 2PM, the hottest k-pop group and “Q&A” which members have written it themselves. Check it out!

*Taecyeon, Junho, Junsu’s Q&A will be on the next issue

Posted Image

Nichkhun Q&A

1.What do the other members call you?
2.What is your role in 2PM ?
Taking care of languages

►►[Interview] Chansung tells KOOL, “Giving a woman a score looks so 2PM-ish”

…Chansung has my favorite line out of 2PM’s interview for KOOL Magazine in Japan. XD

2PM, the group which attracted Korean people with their overwhelming performance, finally arrives in Japan. Finally, they make a debut in Japan with their 1st DVD “Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History~”.
The DVD includes music videos of their Korean debut song “10 Out of 10″ as well as many hits which ranked high in the music chart. We can call it the greatest hits DVD, considering the fact that it summarizes their 2-year activities in Korea.

Q. 2PM is called the “beastly idol”. What’s the appeal point of the group?

Junsu: In a word, I think 2PM is a performance group.
Junho: 2PM is a group that is powerful and gives you the power.


►►[SCANs] Changmin creates a Tokyo Love Story in ELLE Girl December 2010

DBSK’s Max Changmin recently had a photoshoot for the December 2010 issue ELLE Girl. He also did a short interview talking mostly about, of course, girls.

A gentle love, and a Tokyo love story.

In regards to an invitation to a date, he’s more okay with it! From what he had said to us, he likes to play pool. At first we were just talking about how the scene would be like, but he became more serious over time. This is the first time we’ve seen this expression ❤
If I’m asked out by a girl for a date suddenly, I would feel so rejuvenated! I wouldn’t know how to react and my heart would beat crazily. Personally, I would want to give the person I like a meaningful surprise date. But in reality, there is not enough time for me to prepare for one due to work… There will be a day♪


►►[Interview] Jung So Min’s life after Playful Kiss, “Kim Hyun Joong is used to calling me Oh Ha Ni”

=.=” super long title…sorry.

Actress Jung So Min sat down with Innolife for a interview after a photoshoot with them. She reflects on her life and acting experience after her break-through role in the drama “Playful Kiss” with actor/singer Kim Hyun Joong.

►Since your partner/costar is Kim Hyun Joong, do you feel pressure?

“When I was young, I have learned dancing, I just started acting thinking that it might be useful/helpful for dancing. Anyway … “, if tell by emotion, like a late autumn day, when walking on the famous street full of falling golden/yellow leaves, I suddenly caught/saw it. Like in the drama Playful Kiss, when Oh Ha Ni, with those lovely smiling eyes, jump out playfully and said, “Nice to meet you (Happy to meet you).”


►►[PICs] S.M. The Ballad’s promotional photos + posters

I found a compilation of promo pics of SM’s newest group S.M The Ballad & 3 poster sized pics (missing one poster of Trax’s Jay). Enjoy!



►►[PICs] T-ara releases comeback photo teasers!

OMG OMG OMG I’m srsly on a hyper mode right now!!! haha yayyyyyy~~ they’re finally coming back!! >.< hehe yes I have a fan girl crush over T-ara (one of the few girl groups I actually like ;) )

Dude there are soooo many pics I can’t even tell what kind of concept they’re going for…like something sophisticated but ROYAL? lol idek but they all look great especially Eunjung <3

“Fans will just have to wait one more day, as the group will release their title track, ”Why Are You Being Like This‘, as well as their music video on November 23rd. Both the title track and the MV will be made available through and GOMTV.

Their comeback album will be released on the 29th, and the first comeback performance will be on December 3rd through ‘Music Bank’.
Posted Image


►►C.N BLUE’s Minhyuk is a ladyman

As many of you may already know, C.N BLUE’s Minhyuk was featured in Orange Caramel’s new MV for their single album “Aing~” When asked which of the three ladies he wanted, the maknae drummer just can’t seem to decide…

Q: You Were in Orange Caramel’s MV, Are you planning to Act?



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