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►►Suju’s Siwon dedicates his New Star Award to…

…No one else but his own group, Super Junior!


►►’Pasta’ Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Hyo Jin win Best Couple!

Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Hyo Jin, both starred in drama ‘Pasta‘, have won Best Couple at the 2010 MBC Drama Awards despite tough competitions.


►►Big Bang & SNSD perform and win @ 52nd Japan Records Awards

Japan Record Awards is a major music awards show held annually for outstanding achievements. It is presented by the Japan Composer’s Association. This year will mark the 52nd awards show.

Big Bang and Girls’ Generation both made it on the list of winners of awards alongside Japanese artists. Along with ICONIQ, they are the only Korean artists that have made it onto the list.


►►Kim Hyun Joong and Han Hyo Joo grab Popularity Awards

Kim Hyun Joong and Han Hyo Joo have been awarded the male and female popularity award at 2010 MBC Acting Awards Ceremony.


►►2PM’s Nichkhun speaks out against texting?

2PM’s Nichkhun recently left a message on Twitter in English, telling fans about the potential harm of distractrion from technology while driving.


►►SNSD’s big wish for 2011?

There is nobody that dares to block the way of ‘national girl group’ SNSD. Following the previous year, SNSD has once again taken ‘This Year’s Star Daesang’. They also took ‘This Year’s Artist Award’. But for 2011, what is the girls’ biggest wish?

►►SM Artists top Hanteo Charts for 2010

SM artists have topped Hanteo’s annual “Singer Award” chart for 2010!


►►KARA is Japan’s #1 Rookie Artist in 2010

Although we kinda all see this coming…I think it’s good to hear that from the girls. Congratz, KARA!

KARA has made magnificent achievements in 2010 since their debut into Japan this year, and it’s being reflected by their ‘all-kill‘ on various album, singles, and mobile annual charts as 2010’s #1 rookie artist, and even placing in the top 10 in charts for all of Japanese artists.

►►Lee Da Hae snags Top Asian Fashionista Award from Song Hye Kyo

Korean actress Lee Da Hae won an award at the 2010 China Fashion Awards (CFA) held in Beijing of China on November 27th.

“Thank you for honoring me with such a big award and I will try to pay even more attention to my fashion. I thank China for the great love you have shown me and I will repay you with better acting,” Lee was quoted as saying in the press release.


►►SNSD and Brown Eyed Girls win awards @ 7th Korean Music Awards

Congratulations to our winners! (seems like the girl groups craze of 2009 really did work after all..)

The 7th Korean Music Awards ceremony took place on 30th March in Seoul KangNamDong Kunsthalle.

And amongst the list of musicians recognised for their good music released in year 2009, girlgroups So Nyeo Shi Dae and Brown Eyed Girls are the 2 idol groups awarded for 2 award categories each.

▲Song of the year= S0 Nyeo Shi Dae (‘Gee’)
▲Netizens’ choice group=So Nyeo Shi Dae

▲Best dance and electronic album=Brown Eyed Girls(‘Sound-G’)
▲Best dance and electronic song =Brown Eyed Girls(‘Abracadabra’)

Cr: Sookyeong

►►DBSK breaks Oricon record that has been held for 31 years!

Posted Image

5-member Korean group Tohoshinki, achieved a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since 31 years ago. Last week on 24 March, they released their 30th single [Toki Wo Tomete]. With the amount of 195,000 copies sold in the first week, it earned them #1 on the weekly Oricon singles charts.

On another note, [TVXQ Nonstop-Mix Vol.2] was also released along with the single [Toki Wo Tomete]. It had a huge number of 38,000 copies sold, earning TVXQ #3 on the album charts. As overseas artists, both TVXQ’s single and album were placed in the Top 3 rankings at the same time, breaking Mariah Carey’s record of [All I Want For Christmas Is You] (single #3) and [Merry Christmas>] (album #1) since 1995, a record of 15 years and 3 months. As overseas male artists, TVXQ also broke Billy Joel’s record of [The Stranger] (single #3) and [The Stranger] (LP album #3) since 1978, a record of 31 years and 8 months.

(T/N: Following paragraph translated from Japanese original article)
This is the second single this year that achieved #1 on the Oricon weekly charts, the first being [BREAK OUT!], which was released in January this year. Altogether, this is their 8th work to achieve first on the charts. [Toki Wo Tomete] was also released as part of the [BEST SELECTION 2010] album that was released on 17 February 2010. Also, [TVXQ Nonstop-MIX VOL.2] is the second remix album released, following [TVXQ Nonstop-MIX VOL.1] which was released in 2007, and this album includes songs like [Beautiful You] and [どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう].

t/n: the record is for having both the single & album in the top 3 of the charts at the same time

Source: [baidu tvxq + oricon]
Chinese Translation credits: supernike911 @ [info]tohosomnia
Japanese Translation credits: mandasoh @
Shared by:

Do not remove/add on any credits

►►BEAST shed tears for their 1st music show award on Mnet M!Countdown!

OMFG CONGRATULATIONS YOU GAISSSS!!!! I’m so freakin proud of my BEAST!!! XD

Since their debut, idol group BEAST received their first #1.

March 25th afternoon on live broadcasting of Mnet’s ‘Mcountdown’, Beast’s with their new song ‘SHOCK’ rose to first place.

To congratulate them on their win, 2AM members were right there to embrace them. Because this was their very first time winning on a music show, Beast could not hold back their tears.

While holding onto the trophy, Beast Yang Yoseob commented by, “First, we want to sincerely thank all of 6 members’ parents. Also wanted to thank our company’s president and staff members.”

With this, Yoon Doojoon heartwarmingly stated, “Be it rain or snow, for all the fans who’ve loved us, we sincerely love you.” One could also see members [Jang Hyunseung’, Yong Junhyung and Son Dongwoon showed much tears of happiness.

Sharing this very sentiment, fans from the audience also could not hold their tears of joy and excitement.



►►Big Bang’s “Gara Gara Go!!” wins Best Choreography Video in Japan!

Japan’s music award show “SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards (スペースシャワーミュージックビデオアウォーズ)” has picked Big Bang’s “Gara Gag GO!!”, which was choreographed by Shaun Evaristo and directed by Hyun Seung Seo, as Best Choreography Video!

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

Big Bang’s Message translation:

“We’re so happy that 「ガラガラ GO!!」 is selected as the BEST CHOREOGRAPHY VIDEO.It was shot in summer 2009 while we were having the activities both in Korea and Japan.The MV was shot for two days nonstop with no sleeping.It’s great to know that you guys like the choreography.We thank you all and looking for your support in the future.”

The other nominees are Ikimono Gakari’s “Joyful”, BoA’s “BUMP BUMP!” feat. VERBAL (m-flo), Daichi Miura’s “Who’s The Man” and RIP SLYME’s “Good Day”.

Congratulations boys!

Cr: + teambigbang + GDyuppi@YT

►►[PICs + VIDs] SHINee wins New Generation Artist award in Singapore

SHINee made a 2nd visit to Singapore for the 2nd Singapore Entertainment Awards and they certainly wowed the fans again and showed everyone how popular they were in the country.

SHINee were among a glittering array of Asian stars who were at the Marina Bay floating platform where the best talents in Singapore and Asia were recognized for their efforts in the entertainment industry on March 13th.

But the loudest cheers of the night from the 10,000 strong crowd were for SHINee as they took to the stage and performed a medley of their hit songs like Replay, JoJo and Ring Ding Dong. The boys were also awarded the New Generation Artiste award.

Source: Shineee


►►DBSK’s “Best Selection 2010″ recorded 503,761 pieces of sale number

So proud T_T

“Best Selection 2010″ which was released last month on the 17th recorded 503,761 pieces of sale number.

TVXQ sold over 500,000 pieces of album, which is their first breakthrough for a single album sale after an interval of five years activities in Japan. The best album of TVXQ recorded in total of 459,796 pieces of sale until the end of February and occupied the first place in a day, in a week and in a month at Oricon Ranking.

On the other hand, there has been a big news in Japan when Jaejooong’s individual drama appearance was confirmed. (-omitted) Jaejoong will perform in Japanese in the drama of a youth group of five men and women who got to know each other through twitter.
To Japanese media source, Jaejoong said, “I will do my best!” and talked about his enthusiasm toward an upcoming drama.
This is his first Japanese drama debut in Japan and Jaejoong is working hard with his Japanese training and also his acting skill intensively.

The Korean fans sends hot eyes to an appearance of Jaejoong in this new drama not to mention Japanese fans.

Cr: + + { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

►►U-KISS is the new ‘Yeneung-Dol’ blue-chip of the entertainment variety program

Congratz! Can’t wait for the new show XD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

U-KISS is the new ‘Yeneung-Dol (Variety Program’s Idol)‘ blue-chip of the entertainment variety program.

U-KISS is currently active in promoting ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ after their massive popularity with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’. Prior to this, U-KISS has been invited on various entertainment variety programs.

Recently, Dongho and Eli were confirmed for a new idol-training program called “Raising Idols”. Soon after that, Kiseob and Kibum were selected as fixed members of MBC Every1 “Lee Gyeong Gyu’s Bokbulbok Show (이경규의 복불복 쇼)’.

More, Alexander and Kevin will also make a weekly appearance on SBS Star King while Soohyun has been casted for KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell for a long-term appearance.

One’s broadcasting company’s official stated “U-KISS members’ passion for entertainment variety programs are beyond my expectations. Before this, they only managed to play a small role in entertainment variety programs. We’re now will be able to see them more (in the entertainment variety programs) in the future.”

Meanwhile, U-KISS has recently signed a management contract with Yahoo Japan for their advancement in Japanese market.

Cr: + Newsen + contiukiss + ROCKETBOXX.NET

►►BEAST gets a new dorm thanks to their success

…and their new dorm is 3x as big as their old one! Congratz!
Keep it up, and maybe you’ll get a house next time x) BEAST fighting!

With their new song “SHOCK” receiving popular attention, the 6 member group BEAST was grinning ear to ear as they moved on to their new dorm.

BEAST members who had previously resided at Seoul Kangnam’s Cheondamdong District have now moved on to Hwayangdong District’s Jusangbok Building. Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Jang Hyunseung, Lee Kikwang, Yong Junhyung and Son Dongwoon were elated upon hearing the news.

Said from the members, “because our previous dorm’s layout was tight, with no room to place all of our belongings, there were barely spaces to walk around. Because there wasn’t a place for all of us to gather for meals, it was a situation where we would eat separately in our rooms. Now we even have a living space where we can even practice at, and even have a place where all the members could have meal
s together. It seems like it’s 3x bigger than our previous dorm.”

Even in the midst of their busy schedule, they were given some time off to enjoy themselves at their new dorm. As per members, “when we used to get time offs, because of our previous living arrangements, we weren’t able to comfortably rest. Now with the new living space, we’re currently enjoying it better and are able to rest more comfortably during our time offs.

Cr: SPORTS SEOUL + dujunseob@B2ST Rising

►►2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Full Winners list + performances!

The 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards was held on March 1st to recognize and acknowledge singers, etc, whose songs were frequently used as the background music or played on Cyworld minihompies last year.

The awards ceremony was held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park and was hosted by Clazziquai’s vocalist, Horan.

2009 Best Artist – 2NE1
2009 Best Song – 2NE1 for I Don’t Care
Best Rookie Group – 2NE1
2009 Ting’s Choice Award – G-Dragon
Best Male Rookie – Seo In Gook for Calling You
Best Female Rookie – Ali for 365 days
Best Composer – Jo Young Su
Tam Eun Mania Award – Jang Giha and Faces for The Moon is Waxing, Let’s Go
2009 Collaboration Award – Jung In for LeeSsang in The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave
2009 OST – SS501 for Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers)
2009 Hall of Fame – Park Hyo Shin for Snow Flower
2009 Distribution Company Award – Mnet Media (Korea), Universal Music Korea (overseas)

2009 Best 10: Davichi for 8282, LeeSsang for The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave, Brown Eyed Girls for Abracadabra, Big Bang for Hallelujah, SNSD for GEE, G-Dragon for Heartbreaker, MC Mong for Indian Boy, 2NE1 for I don’t care, 2PM for Heartbeat, 8eight for Without a Heart.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when Chansung and Junho, representing 2PM came out on stage to receive their Bonsang award. Fans started yelling Jaebeom’s name, making the situation ultra awkward. The backlash continues. **


►►KARA tops SNSD’s hit ‘Oh!’

Congratz! Their new concept kind of remind me of their old album ‘The First Blooming’, but I like it anyways XD

Kara’s recent comeback has garnered the attention of many! With a hot tune and an even catchier dance, the girls have been soaring over the competition–much so that they have even surpassed SNSD’s Oh! on music charts!

Kara’s hit song Lupin has effortlessly managed to kick SNSD’s song to the curb as they have reached #1 on the weekly charts of music portal site Dosirak. Much different from their previous songs, Lupin is catching the attention of fans with the new visual dance style.

T-ara came in a close second with their I Go Crazy Because of You, which was followed by SNSD in third place. In fourth place this week was 2AM with Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die. Although they still hit it high on the music charts, they have come down one step since last week. Maybe it’s about time to promote a different song off their album.

In fifth place was Big Bang with their newest single, Lollipop Part Two. In sixth was CNBlue with I’m a Loner. The rest are as follows.

7th: Min Kyung Hoon’s It’s Love Because It Hurts
8th: 2NE1’s Try to Copy Me (falling 4 spots from last week)
9th: Lee Seung Gi’s Love Teaches You How to Drink
10th: 4men’s Can’t Do

Congrats to Kara for hitting it off so quickly!

Cr: KARAholic

►►Big Bang won Best Newcomer at Japan Golden Disk Awards!

Japan Gold Disc Award』 that was held on February 24th in Tokyo was given to the artists that contributed to the music industry. Congratulations to the Big Bang guys! This is the second time they’re winning the Best Newcomer award in Japan :-D. The first was at Japan Cable Daesang.

Best New Artist Domestic


Erina Mano

Cr: + shared by universe@soompi + confirm source by Kpoprants: Nate

►►C.N BLUE won Best Rookie Award @ Gaon Chart Event

Wow congratulations! C.N BLUE totally deserved this! ^0^ (btw Jung Yong Hwa is missing probably because of his car accident)

Other winners included SNSD and Super Junior.

user   posted image

A Korean version of the U.S. Billboard charts will be unveiled later this month.

The Korea Music Content Industry Association announced Thursday that it will launch the “Gaon Chart” on February 23rd.

The chart will tabulate the relative weekly popularity of songs or albums in the nation. “Gaon” is a Korean word that means “middle.”

Six online music services, including Melon, will take part in tabulating online sales of music, while leading record distribution companies, including Sony Music and Mnet Media, will participate in calculating overall album sales. –KBS World

C.N BLUE won the Best Rookie Award.


►►DBSK becomes the first artist to break 400,000+ sales mark in a week!

413,000 Sold! Broken 14 Years of Oricon History!

The Best First Action Sales: Oricon Chart:

[#1] 413,000 “BEST SELECTION 2010″ TVXQ 2010/02/17
[#2] 379,000 “G’s Days” Bon Jovi 1995/06/12
[#3] 311,000 “Greatest Hits Chapter One” Backstreet Boys 2001/10/24

It is announced on the 22nd, a Korean popular dance vocal group of 5, TVXQ’s first best album “BEST SELECTION 2010″ (released on the 17th ), recorded 413,000 pieces of the best first action sales of the foreign group category and acquired the first place by album ranking (dated March 1) for Oricon Weekly Chart.

It updated the past record of 379,000 pieces of Bon Jovi “G’s Days” after an interval of 14 years 9 months in June, 95. TVXQ’s first album is also the first place acquisition of TVXQ’s album after their Japanese debut from five years ago. TVXQ also accomplished the first splendid achievement as an Asian male artist. (*No other Asian artist sold so many pieces of albums in the history of Japan. Japan is the second largest market after the USA.)

The album had the complete conquest to keep the first place daily chart from the first day release. The national CD shops labeled “SPECIAL Store DAY” on the release day on the 17th, and the fans rushed to purchase the album. It was sold out on the same day, and an album gave a vivid description of horrifying (incredibly appealing) popularity in all the stores.

TVXQ will appear at “Music Fair” (Saturday, 6PM) affiliated with Fuji TV of the broadcast on 27th, and they will release a new single “Tokiwo Tomete” on the 24th and also release a DVD “BEST VIDEO CLIP” (temporary named), on the 24th in March.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Sankei News+Oricon News+Mainichi News+NTV News+Asahi News
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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►►2pm and Wonder Girls are confirmed to be in the Korea Times Music Festival

This picture/announcement worth a thousand words, but I only got one right now… YES!
According to The Korea Times twitter:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Source: Korea Times twitter

►►SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ ranked #54 for the 2nd week of February on the Oricon chart!

Oh!MG… CONGRATZ! No promo… this is a record for them!

Group So Nyeo Shi Dae makes a surprising appearance on Japanese Oricon album charts.

According to Oricon chart on 15th February, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s 2nd album ‘Oh!’ has entered the chart at #54 spot for the 2nd week of February. This is eye catching since there was no promotions done at all for the release of the album in Japan and their entrance on the chart is already in the top 100. Moreover, So Nyeo Shi Dae also did not get any official licensing for their album in Japan.

A SM Ent rep also revealed on 18th February that So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Oh’ album is not only doing well in Korea but also in China, Japan and other Asian countries.

The rep said, “We are also shocked that So Nyeo Shi Dae has gone up the Oricon chart even without promotions. According to SM Japan, the girls’ albums are on sales in local mega stores.”

And about the possibility that girls will promote in Japan, “There are no confirmed solid plans about that.”

Source: sookyeong


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