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Archive for March 28, 2010

►►[VID] Rain reveals another “Love Song” MV teaser

After Rain revealed his first MV teaser of his title track Love Song from his BACK TO THE BASIC special album, things started to heat up as the photos from the MV were released.

On March 29th, another teaser of Love Song was revealed!

But this time, the teaser featured the world star along with the female lead, actress Han Ye Seul! The teaser, which lasted around 30 seconds, showed Rain and Han Ye Seul’s heartwarming kissing scene.

Cr: allkpop

►►f(x)’s new show “Hello f(x)” to begin airing soon

Following suit of fellow idol groups – including 2PM, 2AM, and 2NE1 – the girl group f(x) will now be featured in their very own reality program named Hello f(x)!

Their very first episode will be launched on April 3rd at 2 PM through Y-Star, and will continue to air until the last week of April. The four episodes will consist of close coverage on the girls’ preparations for their comeback; however, the specific date for the return has not been reported yet.

Make sure to stay tuned to catch what f(x) is up to behind stage!

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►►[PICs] Brown Eyed Girls take selcas in Mongolia

The Brown Eyed Girls were in Mongolia recently for the Korean-Mongolian 20th Friendship Concert. Ga In and JeA updated their CyWorlds with photos from the trip.

Ga In

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic


►►[VID] Zuno releases “Nothing To Lose/Let Me Go” MV

DBSK Xiah Junsu’s brother Kim Junho, whose stage name is Zuno, just released his full MV for “Nothing To Lose/Let Me Go” (because Korean and Chinese netizens can’t make up their mind on what the true name is…)

Cr: AsianMusicVideoHD@YT

►►BEAST’s Doojoon, “I didn’t want to return to Korea”

My kind-hearted leader Doojoon…why so handsome and adorable?! >.<

BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon confessed that he didn’t want to return to Korea before.

Yoon Doojoon is currently a fixed member on the corner ‘Danbi’ of MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night.” ‘Danbi’ is a show about showing foreign countries with poor environments being visited as they are serviced. Recently, an episode of Haiti and the refugee camp has brought a great deal of attention.

Yoon Doojoon had an interview with T-News and confessed, “While filming ‘Danbi’, I didn’t want to come back to Korea.” He also said, “When we went to Kenya around the Masai (excuse the spelling if it is incorrect) and when we met there, I really had the thought of not wanting to come back. I normally like nature with the mountains and the sea, and the surroundings there were so refrshing and the view was indeed paradise. I felt nature peacefully.

Also, he said, “More than anything, when I laid down on the ground to sleep, the stars that filled the sky looked amazing. It’s something you can never see in Seoul and it was a sparkling scene that sparkled. That was when I didn’t want to come back to Korea.”

Through the show ‘Danbi’, Yoon Doojoon gained a lot of love as he didn’t hesitate to throw himself out there to work and did what he was told without a complaint. With this image, he even earned the nickname ‘Namchindol’ (which means Boyfriend Idol).

He said, “I’m always filming with a thankful heart. Of course, there’s the meaning behind the show which is to be charitable but through meeting others, I feel as if I’m learning more. I’m truly thankful that this is a chance for me to broaden my experiences and knowledge.”

Yoon Doojoon is currently promoting the title song ‘Shock’ of Beast’s 2nd album. On the past 25th, Beast had won 1st place on Mnet Countdown after their debut as he even showed tears of joy.


►►Wonder Girls reveal their plans on the release of 1st American full album

Following a JYP Entertainment official on the 29th, Wonder Girls are busy preparing for their first American full album.

Currently they are staying in Korea to film the music video of the first American album’s title song. New member Hyelim revealed on Twitter the 27th of their arrival.

Wonder Girl’s original plan was to release their First American full album in February. However, due to member Sunmi’s Hiatus announcement the album was pushed.

On the other hand, Wonder Girls has been chosen as the model for the global cell phone brand, Sony, and has been getting a lot of popularity in Korea.

Cr: sunmikiwangjang@wgspectacle

►►[VID] Lee Hyori releases “H-Logic” MV teaser!

After releasing her H-Logic album photo teaser today, Lee Hyori adds in some action and unveils the MV teaser! Watch out for the tracklist and full MV to be released on April 1st and the full album to be released on April 8th.

As much as I like Hyori, wtf is up with the whole animal theme? argh…gotta wait for the full thing to see what’s really there :/

Cr: udaman0916@YT

►►2AM SeulOng’s ideal woman is 23 years older than him?

‘2AM’ Im Seulong attracted eyes by revealing an ideal woman who was unrelated to age matters.

In the episode of SBS <Shin DongYup’s 300> aired on the 28th, Im Seulong said, “The last time I had a girlfriend was during my high school years. I think I mind a lot about expectations towards a woman when I date her.”

He then added, “However, I think age doesn’t matter at all in love. My original ideal woman is Kyun Mi Ri.” (SeulOng is a 1987 while Mi Ri, the actress who is most famous for her evil character from “Dae Jang Geum”, is a 1964…that’s 23 years apart!)

‘2AM’ Jung Jinwoon, also appearing on the same episode, agreed with Seulong about age difference not mattering in love.

Jung Jinwoon said, “I don’t care up to 6 years older (women). I think it’s because my own hyung is older than me by 6 years.”

On the other hand, Im Seulong is going to make his debut as an actor in the MBC drama <Personal Preference>, featuring Lee Minho-Son YeJin, which is going to be aired on the coming 31st.


►►[VID] Secret releases “Secret Time” 1st mini-album teaser!

After revealing their mini-album jacket photo not too long ago, Secret finally unveils an MV teaser on March 29th and begins the countdown to their comeback date! The mini-album “Secret Time” will be released on April 1st.

Cr: secret4fourYT@YT

►►Top idols who netizens want to have as their English tutor

On a recent poll conducted on the Korean site Monkey3, netizens were asked to pick the idol that they thought would make the best English tutor. Out of the 3,678 people participated, the 1st place went to the 917 who voted for DBSK Micky Yoochun.

Coming in the 2nd place is 2PM’s ex-leader Jaebum/Jay Park, followed by SNSD’s Tiffany in 3rd place and KARA’s Nicole in 4th place. 5th and 6th place went to 2PM’s Nichkhun and Super Junior’s Kibum, respectively.

Translated by kpoprants@wp (take out with full credits & do not remove links!)

►►[PICs + VID] DBSK’s Xiah Junsu @ his brother Zuno’s Beijing Showcase

On March 28th, DBSK Xiah Junsu’s brother Zunho (Junho) held his debut showcase at Beijing. Ironically, I’ve only found Junsu’s photos, not Zuno’s..

Junsu also sang “Greatest love for all” at the concert:


►►[VID] 2AM releases Pepsi CF (15 seconds ver)

On the 8th, an associate stated that 2AM has recently signed on to a contract with Pepsi Cola. There have also been rumors that since Coca Cola, a rival company, held 2PM as their model, they, too, have decided to use their brother group 2AM for their own. This associate stated, “They will be going into recording within this week. We’ll be able to see their advertisements around mid March.” On March 28th, 2AM officially released their 15-sec version of this ad.

2PM has already finished their recording at the end of January with a one year contract. 2PM’s advertisements will go on air towards the mid, or end of this month. The two brother groups have been attracting attention as to who will receive the most love. -2ONEDAY

Cr: Mellen008@YT

►►Fans advertise f(x) Sulli’s birthday on newspaper as a present

f(x) member Sulli will celebrate her birthday on March 29,2010, and, her fan site has prepared a newspaper Ad for her coming birthday. The Congratulatory Ad will be upped on Hankyoreh Newspaper right on her birthday on March 29,2010.

From the Ad preview available for fans, the fans wrote their message as follow :


f(X)’s Happiness Vitamin

Sulli’s 17th birthday

Happy Birthday!

Fly higher in the year 2010!

Meanwhile, on March 28, SM Entertainment rep says,”A birthday party with fans is still under progress.”

Cr: Sookyeong

►►BEAST, “2NE1 is really similar to us; they’re a really cool group”

In the Star Interview, BEAST members were asked what who their fave girl group is, and Ki Kwang was like, our company’s 4Minute ^^; and being all cutesy but then they were like seriously and so they had to think and then Ki Kwang said, “Well, I guess it’d have to be, how similar to us, they’re pursuing their own music, 2NE1 who is always working hard and showing their unique colours. They’re a really cool girl group.”

And then Doojoon replies and says, “Ki Kwang-kun said that they’re too great for us, we can’t even dream about it.”

And then they somehow end up at the conclusion that all the girl groups are too great for them and how they should simply stick to 4Minute.

Cr: SuJuBang2NE1@YT + Translations: GEE @

►►MBLAQ’s Seungho reveals his family picture

MBLAQ’s Seungho updated his Cyworld on March 28th, revealing his family members at his brother’s graduation (so the guy in the pic is not Seungho but his brother! They look so much alike..) :-D

Title: Family!!!! he he
2010.03.28 15:17

When I was at the shop getting ready for our music video filming
*The family members that I miss ~ I scrapped the picture!! he he

I’m a naughty hyung that couldn’t even go to my younger brother’s graduation .. ㅠㅠ

Source: Seungho’s Cyworld
Shared by absolutemblaq


►►[SCANs] C.N BLUE’s “Thank U” album jacket photoshoot

Have some tasty scans from C.N BLUE’s 1st full-length Japanese album “Thank U”!


►►Who worked it better? 2NE1’s CL vs. Park Bom!

We’ve had artists sharing clothes before but never in 2NE1 (or not that I remember..) so here we go!

Both of these fierce ladies – Park Bom and CL - wore the same Jeremy Scott ragged white top but in two totally different styles. Jeremy Scott is in both pictures by the way..

►►Lee Hyori’s teaser photo for “H-Logic” album revealed!

With her comeback coming this early April, Lee Hyori will be releasing a spot video on 29th March for her upcoming 4th full length ‘H-Logic’ album. The video will be released at 11am on 29th March.

Through the video, Lee Hyori’s much anticipated new image for her new album will be revealed. Mnet Media said, “As much as it is a long-awaited comeback, she will be showing well-made music with this album. Her comeback stage prepared will also be of great satisfaction for fans.”

Also other dates to look out for:


►►2PM’s Nichkhun, “I had my first kiss at 17 years old”

haha Angel Khun got exposed!

On the 27th’s MBC TV ‘We Got Married’, Nickhun revealed when he had his first kiss at his visit to JoKwon and Gain’s house, when they were questioning(?) him.

JoKwon asked Nickhun, “Do you like skinship”, and Nickhun answered, “Of course”. At Nickhun’s answer, JoKwon asked again, “How does hyung do skinship”, and the flustered Nickhun answered with an awkward smile, “There are basics”.

Gain then asked teasingly, “Then did you kiss before? Of course you did, right”, and Nickhun avoided the answer by saying, “Enjoy the food”.

At this, JoKwon threatened a threat unlike a threat, “We have a lie detector”, and Gain then quickly added, “When did you have your first kiss?”

Finally, Nickhun gave in and revealed, “When I was 17″.


►►Ninja assassin Rain wrestles on the streets!

Have you ever heard of a ninja assassin who can wrestle? The Rainism is back!

Officially back to Korea for his impending activities on BACK TO THE BASIC as a singer, Rain has launched off his public appearance, by wrestling his fans on the bustling streets of Myung Dong! Stripping off his elegant image of a world superstar, Rain Jung Ji Hoon has once again lived up to the name of the most perfect man in Korea by defeating all four participants!

The reason for displaying such an exotic show was actually to keep a promise he made with the netizens, for a segment on KBS 2TV’s talk show, Win Win. This corner, namely Keep the Promise Project, follows a unique format where the show offers the netizens to pledge to perform an anything of bizarre nature, in exchange of the celebrity committing something out-of-normal as well. On this very episode, Rain was to keep the promise of having a wrestling battle on the open streets.


►►D-NA, “We don’t care what netizens say; it’s an honor to be compared to DBSK”

A D-NA member is related to a DBSK member? That’s kinda funny..

Because all the members of D-NA like DBSK so much, when they are monitored the same image comes out. “Truthfully mean comments hurt us but we don’t hate them. Since we’re rookies, it’s and honor to be compared to DBSK sunbaes. We think criticism is essential. If we didn’t care then it would be unlawful.” (Dae Guk Nam Ah)

The average age of 17.4, the 5 member rookie boy group Dae Guk Nam ah. Even though the 5 boys are young they’re a huge hit. An emphasized harmonized debut single “Admiring Boy” and a concept that is similar to DBSK’s ‘Hug.’ “Though we got criticized, these criticisms make us want to work harder,” says leader Suhoon. Dreaming of being the second DBSK is the five members of Dae Guk Nam Ah Suhoon, Hyunchul, Hyunmin, Injoon, and Jihwan. ‘Best influence in the music industry artist’, they were not the aspirations containing ‘False Fame’. The five boys, to the abilities of their ages, used harmony, dance, and amazing skills to capture the attention of the fans. To make it long, 5 years, to make it short, 1 year and a half the 5 boys went through harsh practice and the hidden talent in their lives were revealed and prevailed.

The members’ past is also striking. For Jihwan, he was picked in SBS StarKing at the age of thirteen for his phenomenal popping. Also Suhoon is a relative of 2PM’s Junsu. Junsu, born in Daegu, is Suhoon’s father’s sister’s son.

“Junsu Hyung went to the same music school as me but I just knew him as one of my teacher’s students. But when I went to my grandmother’s 70th birthday and sang a song, a relative of mine said that ‘My son is a singer too,’ and talked about Junsu Hyung. And that’s how I found out that Junsu Hyung was my relative. Before debuting I looked for Junsu Hyung at the musical broadcasting studio and he told me ‘If while you do singing activities and have a hard time tell me’, cheering me on.”(Suhoon)



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