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►►Super Junior’s Leeteuk doesn’t know what he truly wants

On March 18th, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk wrote in his Cyworld two entries: one is to get stronger and the other…is that he’s confused.

2010.03.18 Thu 05:28

..*sighs*..I’ve dealt with everything so well so far..

..I think it’s time to get stronger..

..Looks like my fate is to run like crazy*..

..Time is limited..Let’s do this**

* also means he has to try give his best
** = let’s do this well

what is it teukie wants for the new year?


..what is it that I truly want?..

Source: 박정수 미니홈피 (Park Jungsoo Minihompy)
English Translation: Chrissy @

►►T-ara’s Jiyeon, “Hyomin taught me to be sexy”

T-ara’s Jiyeon confesses Hyomin taught her how to look sexy.

Recently T-ara featured a radical transformation for their latest track. On today’s episode of KBS-2TV “Happy Together” Jiyeon was appeared and was asked by an MC, “Was being sexy for the new concept a challenge?”

In response, Jiyeon said, “The sexy look was awkward for me, but Hyomin taught me and I practiced,” which resulted in Hyomin showing off the “sexy” expression.

Meanwhile, Jiyeon is making headlines for her KBS-2TV’s “God of Study” selcas where she appeared making three different funny faces.

You can watch Jiyeon and Hyomin on KBS-2TV’s “Happy Together” on March 18th at 11:00PM.

source : maxmovie
Cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem

►►JoKwon-GaIn couple, “They don’t believe us if we say we’re dating”

Recently, in a location with reporters, when 2AM’s JoKwon was asked “Are you two actually dating?” he answered with a short “Yes”. When asked a second time, he answered “No”. Jo Kwon laughed while saying “They don’t believe us if we say we’re dating and they don’t believe us if we say we’re not”. He continued saying “The more confused people get, the better it is” showing that he’s enjoying the current situation. He also openly boasted saying “People don’t know Ga-in’s real charms”.

2AM’s Seulong, Jinwoon, and Changmin said “We’re jealous that they’re idols that can express the feeling of love” and “Jo Kwon’s image that he shows on the broadcast is 100%”.

‘We Got Married 2′ which wasn’t doing very well for awhile, received many remarks that the entrance of idol singers Jo Kwon and Ga-in was irrational at first. It was not that idol singers like Taeyeon and Kangin had not appeared before, but it was impossible for the virtual marriage of idol singers in their early 20’s to not be a burden.

‘WGM’ participants have tried to emphasize at least in the broadcast the roles as a married couple. It is difficult for ‘WGM’ participants to show their natural image in front of the camera unless they have feelings for each other. It is also true that most participants don’t even contact each other, as they have stated ‘We’re a married couple on the broadcast, but in reality, our relationship is just for business’.

Compared to these couples, Jo Kwon and Ga-in aren’t hiding their roles as a ‘WGM’ couple outside of the program. They seem to be just enjoying it fully without avoiding the virtual yet real concept of ‘WGM’.

It looks like Jo Kwon and Gain’s popularity will continue for awhile. The important thing is, like Jo Kwon’s “Are we dating for real?”, is that they maintain their will for their ‘Half joke, half truth’ feelings and actions.

CREDITS: Yahoo! Korea (SOURCE) ; shmesmx3@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

►►Lollipop Girl’s Me2day: updates with Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP~ 03/16- 03/17/10

Continuing to release these “picture gifts” (aka pictures of Big Bang members from their Lollipop 2 photoshoot), Lollipop Girl has updated her posts with pics for the last three members after releasing Daesung’s and Seungri’s photos previously.

오늘도 계속되는 여러분을 위한 사진 선물이 왔어요^-^ 오늘의 첫번째 주인공은 누구일까요? 마치 우리에게 상콤한 롤리팝2를 사뿐히 던져주는 듯한 저 자비로운 포즈ㅎㅎ

Everybody, the promised picture gifts have arrived^-^ Who is in today’s first released picture? He’s holding the Lollipop lightly and looks like he might throw it mercifully ㅎㅎ


►►After School’s comeback song is confirmed to be “Bang”

*hoping for a more pop/dance feel this time from After School* :-)

After a week of rumors floating around, it seems like everything is starting to unfold as After School unveiled its latest member Lizzy. Earlier, we also reported a rumor going around that the girl group’s comeback next week would be titled “Bang”, which was confirmed by After School’s label Pledis Entertainment via their website on March 17th!

If you visit the company’s site, the image above will appear on a much larger scale with new member Lizzy, the 3rd single’s name and the comeback date.

Cr: allkpop

►►[PIC] New promotional poster for the Wonder Girls released

New promotional posters of the Wonder Girls, with new member Lim have surfaced!

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed that JYP felt cheap enough to just photoshop Hae Lim into the “Nobody” picture…how am I supposed to feel, as a fan of Sunmi, about someone replacing my favorite member?! At least start with something fresh and new..a new concept! Not just photoshopping. That just makes JYPE looks cheap :/


►►Super Junior’s Siwon, “I am a fan of 2PM and 2AM”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On March 16th, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon attended a press conference for his new drama Oh! My Lady. During the conference, questions about hoobae artists Taecyeon of 2PM and Seulong of 2AM were brought up.

Siwon was asked of his thoughts about Taecyeon and Seulong debuting as actors through KBS Cinderalla’s Sister and MBC Personal Taste. He replied, “I get those questions a lot. To be honest, I am a fan of 2PM and 2AM. They are hoobaes as well as dongsaengs who I like, so I have no thoughts about rivalry. [...] I can’t meet with them these days because we are all busy, but when we met last time through an award ceremony, we made a promise. The promise was to visit each others’ filming set.”

Cr: allkpop

►►[PICs] More of SNSD’s photoshoot for “Black Soshi” concept

After taking turns releasing the each member’s solo photo teaser, SNSD finally revealed their full photoshoot for the “Black Soshi” concept!


►►SHINee’s Minho fell and got injured during “Dream Team”

Yikes…shows like this is so dangerous :/ Glad Minho is okay now :-)

It was reported on the 17th that SHINee’s Minho was injured during a filming for KBS2TV’s Dream Team Season 2. It was revealed that during one of the routine game segments, Minho had lost his grip while trying to grab something and fell awkwardly into the styrofoam pool.

Minho was immediately whisked away to a nearby medical facility for treatment and also got an x-ray. Nothing serious was diagnosed by the doctor although a CT scan will be scheduled at a later date, just to make sure Minho is safe and sound. He has now returned to the filming set to finish up the recording.

It was an unfortunate accident for Minho as he has been one of the shining lights on the show with his immense athleticism and is well-liked by viewers.

Cr: allkpop

►►[VID] SNSD releases “Run Devil Run” full MV and netizens love it!

The wait is finally over! SNSD released their title song (and now MV) for their repackaged 2nd album, “Run Devil Run,” on the 17th. It is already receiving explosive amounts of responses from netizens.

The fans who have heard this new song through Bugs, Melon, and other music sites, have welcomed the transformed SNSD by saying comments such as, “It’s mysterious and fresh,” and, “It’s so catchy, it seems like this one’s going to be big as well.”

Busbee(USA), Alex James(UK), Kalle Engstrom(Sweden), and other composers from all over the world have collaborated to create this song. The new American popstar, Ke$ha, recorded a “guide version”* of the song before her debut around August 2008, as she is close with one of the composers.

Their first performance will be on the coming 19th of March on KBS2’s “Music Bank.”

*By “guide version”, they mean like a “demo” version. This means that Ke$ha recorded the song before her debut just as a demo track, and it also implies that Ke$ha doesn’t hold rights to this song. It was first offically released by SNSD, so SNSD did not “copy” Ke$ha. I know there was a lot of commotion around this. If this becomes an issue and SM needs to come out with an official statement on it, they will.

Source: Asia Kyungjae

►►Super Junior’s Hangeng took a trip to the U.S. in secret?

Super Junior’s current inactive member Hangeng is/was spotted in American in the region of Los Angeles, California!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyway, as it is often with any news concerning Han Geng, there’s various rumors as to why he is/was in LA. Apparently he was:

A) Having a meeting with someone (re: Entertainment company)

B) Taking English lessons

c) Vacationing

D) All of the above

E) None of the above

Cr: thirdchapter

►►[VID] 2PM (including Jaebum) releases new Hanami CF!

The Thai snack foods brand Hanami wasn’t hesitate to make their decision on promoting 2PM still as a 7-member group. This is partly due to the Thai fans’ request, although the commercial was not shot recently but while Jaebum was still active.

Cr: poon191@YT

►►2NE1’s CL is a peacock, a heart, and a mistress?

3-in-1 haha

2NE1’s Sandara Park is known for frequently updating her me2DAY with hilarious photos and fun stories. This time we’re treated with rapper CL in a fun attire.

On the 17th, Sandara wrote on her me2day saying, “Whenever I try to rap, CL compliments me saying ‘Unnie, you’re a natural at rhyming’. I feel proud for rapping in front of Teddy, Minji and CL.”

As an added bonus, this photo of CL was uploaded and fans seem to have different takes on what the rapper looks like.

Some are saying “She looks like she’s forming a red heart“, “It’s like looking at a peacock” and “She looks like a fancy high-class mistress“.

Cr: allkpop

►►[MP3/DL] 2AM releases “I Did Wrong” repackaged mini-album!

2AM has been releasing their individual MV teasers and their full MV was also leaked to the public during the last week. Now the full mini-album has been released!

Prologue  [DOWNLOAD]

I Did Wrong [DOWNLOAD]


►►[VID] T-ara and Supernova releases “Gusto” CF in Japan

The billion won advertising deal for T-ara and Supernova to begin promoting in Japan begins with a new CF for “Gusto”. Check it out and see if it’s worth your money ;-)

Cr: VagabondHD3@YT

►►SNSD’s Tiffany and YoonA changed the most with “Black Soshi” image

LOL I love how they think cutting bangs is most different XD

The reason to why YoonA and Tiffany’s individual concept photos for ‘Black SoShi’ were released last is revealed.

The reveal of concept photos for ‘Black Soshi’ started on 11th March and ended on 15th March with the reveal of concept photos of YoonA and Tiffany.

With that the director team leader for the project Min HeeJin said, “For the concept, the member who underwent the most transformation is YoonA. The great transformation was to cut off her fringe to bangs. She has not cut it since her debut.”

Min team leader added, “We did some transformation to Tiffany’s hair. We wanted to change from her pure and innocent look from ‘Oh!’ to something strong. And even though she has short hair now, there is this maturity in her innocence.”

So with that, there is high level of perfection needed for the 2 members’ image, hence it was revealed that the reveal of their concept photos for them have to be revealed last.

But it was also revealed that the girls will continue to undergo transformation for their image, “It is not the end for ‘Black Soshi’ yet.”

Meanwhile, the full song for ‘Black Soshi’ titled ‘Run Devil Run’ will be released online on 18th March. And the girls will have their comeback stage on 19th March on KBS Music Bank.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►BEAST shows off their eye candies backstage

Hot damn! Work it guys :D

As they continue on their ‘SHOCK’ promotional activities with their 2nd mini album, BEAST revealed some undisclosed pictures through their official fancafe on the 17th.

These pictures were originally taken during the jacket shooting of their mini album ‘SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA’, as a fan service in reciprocating back for their support.

By unlayering their cute ‘pet idol’ image, members wanted to reveal their process of transformation to a more manly-like image. By working ever so hard by taking on his refound position with his toned ‘biceps’, Yoseob also stands amongst other transformed Beast members, such as the one known to be in charge of ‘the body’…’pelvic Kikwang’ Lee Kikwang, ‘Nation’s Boyfriend-Idol’ Yoon Doojoon, and charismatic ‘Shaved head Junhyung’ Yong Junhyung.


►►DBSK JunSu’s brother ZUNO flashes his chocolate abs

I’m pretty sure this guy is 10x hotter than Junsu…yeppp. But let’s see if he has at least some of Junsu’s angelic voice ;-)

Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu’s elder brother ZUNO shows off his chocolate abs.

Ahead of his singer debut on 28th March, ZUNO’s 1st single album jacket photos are revealed and one of the photos features ZUNO topless and showing his chocolate abs.

The photographer in charged of the album jacket shooting said, “I thought of ‘beastly’ guy when I saw his chocolate abs, different from his cute features and small face. Even though the photoshoot took a long time to complete since we have to use bubbles, ZUNO continued the filming with a smile on his face. He also showed a professional side of him with various good poses in between the shoot.”

ZUNO’s management company BIAS said, “After the profile photo filming, he has been working hard through workouts and diet for his current build. He will be revealing a cooler JunHo on 28th March.

Meanwhile, ZUNO will be doing his showcase coming 28th March in China Beijing ChaoYang Stadium on 28th March.

Cr: Sookyeong


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