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►►Top 10 most innocent South Korean idols early 2010

Netizens voted and according to the list, these are the “Most innocent idols/singers of 2010″ so far :-D

1. Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

2. Taemin (SHINee)

3. Nichkhun (2PM)


►►T-ara releases 3 versions for “I’m very hurt” MV in one day

After their energetic performances with their 1st bonus single ‘Go Crazy Because of You’, T-ara’s management has released a statement about T-ara’s follow-up promotions for their other bonus track, ‘I’m Really Hurt’.

That’s right, the concept this time is the ‘tomboyish look’. With this being the “part 3″, promotions for this single will not stop on just releasing it. T-ara has already started performing it too. Fans have more to be excited because upon the release of the promotional pictures of this single (click HERE) the fans already noticed how different T-ara looked. Leaving words of kindness such as. “Even with clothes of men, they look hot”.

Performances for ‘Im Really Hurt’ has already started last thursday on Mnet’s MCountdown.

Cr: GOMtv
Article written by: *YANiPOPO*


►►[VID] BEAST releases Almighty Promo for MTV Season 2

On March 13th, the BEAST members released a video promo for their reality show “Almighty”, which is their MTV B2ST documentary Season 2. So cute♥ and yes, I’m down to watch this XD

Beast’s wish?

Gikwang: Well… I wish…
Dongwoon: For a younger plus lighter face!
Yoseob: To eat all sorts of delicacies!!!
Hyunseung: To get a driver’s license~
Junhyung: I miss dating….
Doojoon: For a trip around the world! Except to dig wells (because he already digged too many in the show “Danbi” lol)
Well, what is your wish?

Cr: myBEASTyboys1@YT + thetalkingapple (trans)

►►New boy group D-NA strives to be the next DBSK

It’s a long shot but what do ya got to lose? haha good luck to the D-NA boys :-)

Back when Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) was revealed back in January, people were already linking the newbie male group to the practically legendary TVXQ. After all, with the five-man group’s a cappella cover and image, the comparison were practically inevitable. Furthermore, the fact that D-NA is already being targeted at an international audience (their overseas name is officially BOSS, the Boys of Super Space… yeah, I don’t get it either), similar to TVXQ’s venture into Japan.

It’s been previously stated that D-NA has acknowledged TVXQ as role models. It’s definitely quite a feat for anyone to achieve the success that TVXQ has enjoyed over the past few years, but the members of D-NA are determined to succeed as well. On March 15, the boys talked about being compared to the ever-popular quintet.

“All of us watched TVXQ as we grew up, and have had the dream to become singers some day,” Jay expressed. “TVXQ is more than just an idol group. … We don’t know if we’ll be able to sing and dance like them. Whenever we see them, we realize that we have a long way until we can try to be close to them.”

Members Mika and Hyonmin received gold medals at a singing competition in Seoul back in 2007. Furthermore, Garam and In Joon have won competitions in their respective cities as well.

After people began to call D-NA the next TVXQ, the rookies also received backlash by others who reprimanded them for making such a comparison. “TVXQ is like a giant mountain that casts a giant shadow,” Hyonmin said. “And rather than crossing over that mountain, I wish that our group would be right behind them.“

Cr: Allkpop

►►T-ara apologizes to the FC Seoul fans for wearing inappropriate outfits

The girl group, T-ara, made a public apology regarding the outfit that they wore for a performance for the K-League game.

On the 14th, T-ara performed a congratulatory performance during the the third round game for the K-League 2010, which was between FC Seoul and JeonBook Hyundai at the Seoul SangAmDong World Cup Arena. However, because they didn’t get to check their outfit before they left, and they wore the green and black colored outfits on to the performance which happened to be the representing colors for the opposite team, JeonBook, causing dislike from the sport fans.

According to the a manager from T-ara’s management, they had no time to change because they were chased by the time coming from the rehearsal at SBS Inkigayo, which lead them to have no time to change outfits. They apologized, “We are sorry to the FC Seoul fans” and “We will work hard to let such things not happen again.”

Cr: Sookyeong

►►Jaebum’s fans self-produced an album called “With All My Heart”

Dang this sounds so legit! Jaebum’s fans definitely have a lot of love for him :3

An album produced by fans for Jaebum, a member of 2PM who recently permanantly resigned from the group, has gone into countdown until the day it will be released for sale.

Since the month of January, after establishing a community called ‘Album Production for Park Jaebum’, Jaebum fans have had song/music compositions, selected vocals and rappers, recorded (the songs), and even paid for all the costs after an online distribution.

The title for Jaebum’s album was decided to be called “With All My Heart” and the title song of the album was concluded to be “You are my Heart”, with the following “For You” and “One Step At a Time”, making a total of three songs on the album. The whole album was produced, composed, and sung by fans themselves – 4 producers/composers, 5 vocals, and 2 rappers.

The album could be released anyday now since it is up to the fans, but it was decided that it will be released on the 27th, the 200th day since Jaebum had left. Fans have also decided that if profits were to be made, it will be spent on donations to Haiti and other good deeds.

After the offline album is released, there will be a limit of 100 copies made. Fans will be dividing the 100 copies as: 10-20 copies for Jaebum and his closest in Seattle, and the rest of the copies will be distributed to the staff who contributed to the making of the album and the members of the community(Album Production for Park Jaebum).

Irrelevant information omitted.

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►►SNSD’s Taeyeon picked as lead role for musical “Song of the Sun”

Another SNSD member becomes a musical actress! Taeyeon is going to be the second member after Jessica, who participated in the musical “Legally Blonde”.

Taeyeon has been casted for the female protagonist, Kaoru’s role, for the “Song of the Sun” musical, which will open this May in Seoul Sejong Cultural Center’s M Theater. This will be Taeyeon’s debut in musicals.

On a side note, “Song of the Sun” illustrates the love story of a girl with a disease called xeroderma pigmentosum, which makes her unable to go out during the day, and a boy who always lives under the sun due to his love for surfing. Japanese novel with the same title is the original work of the story.

[omitted irrelevant parts of the article]

Credit: Newsen

►►MBLAQ, “Rain allows us to meet girls but we have to tell him who to date”

Here the sneaky MBLAQ boys go again..talking smack behind their hyung’s back lol

MBLAQ mentioned an interesting fact about their Rain, their boss on today’s episode of Shin Dong Yup’s 300.

On the show, the boys revealed, “Rain allows us to meet girls and have contact with them. He says he’d rather us not date anyone but he asked us to tell him if we had someone we started to love.”

Lee Joon added, “I feel like if we did date someone, we’d be dead.”

Cr: allkpop

►►”Black Soshi” reveals last set of solo teasers for YoonA and Tiffany

On March 15th, the final solo photo teasers to SNSD’s new concept “Black Soshi” are released, showing YoonA’s and Tiffany’s. To be honest, so far I love Hyoyeon’s best. It gives a really big change to such an underrated member in SNSD so I’m totally rooting for her!

Previous releases can be seen HERE (Yuri, Taeyeon, Seohyun) HERE (Sooyoung, Hyoyeon), and HERE (Jessica, Sunny). Their new music video teaser will be release on March 16, while the full MV will be on March 18.


►►After School reveals comeback photo teaser…with 8 members!

As of now, After School is stil officially known as a 7-member girl group. But on the 15th, After School’s official website published a picture to mark their upcoming comeback. And in the photo, there are not seven but eight members.

One of the members is putting her head down and not revealing her identity fully. People are now guessing that a new member will join the group.

Thousands and thousands of fans were left clueless, excited and confused about this picture. If it does indeed mean another member will join, this will definitely make After School the most member changing group ever. I mean first UEE joins, then Soyoung leaves, then Raina and Nana join and now another?

Their third single will be released on the 25th.

Cr: Allkpop

►►SNSD’s fans clarify misunderstandings with Jaebum’s fans

Because of an incident during a concert during White Day (March 14th), there has been a controversy between fanclubs.

↑ lol sorry but this image made me crack up XD (I made it by the way keke)

T/N Clarification: The reason SONE’s are apologizing for saying Jaebum’s name was because a few people acting like they were SONE’s began spreading rumors saying that Jaebum’s personal fans threw those glow sticks at SNSD. However, various accounts from SONE’s prove that they were just 6PM fans, specifically Taecyeon fans.]

Here is the scandalous notes between the  SONEs about the problem that these ‘fake SONEs’ created:

[SONE] We need to throw eggs at 6PM or something now…

It’s so frustrating lately.
Jang Wooyoung + Tiffany scandal… Ok Taecyeon + Yoona scandal…
The crazy 6PM fans got so shocked with those scandals and threw glow sticks at SNSD!
The 6PM fans that threw glow sticks at SNSD…
I think it was too harsh to just be passive about.
It’s so disgusting, I sincerely hope that SNSD is no longer linked with 6PM anymore.
When will 6PM fans wake up to reality… I know that there aren’t many 6PM fans left…
But they’re really trying their hardest till the end, aren’t they?
We really need to show them something so they won’t do it ever again.
Maybe eggs…

Comment: We’d like to do that but we’d get the same treatment that those dogPM fans are getting. It’s better to just get evidence and give it to the journalists so that they will write articles saying ‘same crappy artist, same crappy fan.’

So the real SONEs had to apologize:

[SONE] We would like to apologize.


►►New Releases: 03/08/10 – 03/14/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

MVs: 8eight’s “Expiration date” + MC Mong feat. Seo In Young’s “Bubble Love” + Cho PD feat. Koreana’s “Victory 2010″ + Royal Pirates’ “Disappear” + Magic Hat Parade feat. Kim Jong Jin’s “Simply Said” + Epik High feat. Infinite’s “Run” + Fish NY’s “Love Again” + Defconn’s “Don’t go die” + K.Will feat. G-One’s “Present” + F.CUZ’s “No one” + Len’s “Love is a default” + Brian Joo’s “In my head” + The Quiett’s “Be my luv” + Jung In’s “I hate you” + Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2″  + 2PM’s “Follow your soul”

Teasers: All four of 2AM’s “I was wrong” solo teasers

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100314): Epik High’s “Run” + K.Will ft. Eun Ji Won’s “Present” + KARA’s “Lupin” + BEAST’s “Shock” + T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + F.CUZ’s “No One” + DiA’s “Knock” + D-NA’s “Admiring boy” + Brian Joo’s “In my head” + December’s “Learn to love” + MC Cuts with 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung and f(x)’s Sulli + Epik High’s Interview + KARA WINS!


►►Pieces of the Past: T-ara QRi’s graduation photos revealed


T-ara QRi’s graduation photos from 2005 were released to the public, revealing her slim figure and a beautiful face that garners much attention.

Netizens who saw the photos commented “Such a natural beauty”, “the grad photos are very gorgeous”, “and I thought she wasn’t perfect. Very pretty”, “the little amount of makeup seems to go well”.

Cr: Sportschosun + rough translation by kpoprants@wp


►►[VID] Teaser for Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin’s drama “Personal Taste”

A teaser clip has been released for the drama “Personal Taste” that Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin will star in! For more info on the drama, see HERE.

Cr: SkyOfLov3@YT

►►[Interview] Goo Hye Sun reveals her success secret, “I’m a workaholic”

Gu Hye-sun hasn’t been acting for the past year, and is currently wrapping up work on her first feature film. (She made her directorial debut with a short film last year.) Here’s a recent interview where she talks about her myriad artistic interests and how these different pursuits culminate with her film.

Jack of all trades Gu Hye-sun’s secret: “I’m a workaholic. If I don’t work, I feel uneasy”

The entertainment industry’s “Renaissance girl,” director-actor-songwriter-writer… Gu Hye-sun

“Gu-onardo Da Vinci.”

He was a “Renaissance man” specializing in many diverse fields, from medicine to science, art, and architecture. Leonardo da Vinci is the name Gu Hye-sun alludes to. Attached in front of her name are many modifiers. Actor, film director, writer, songwriter — she covers many genres in popular culture.

Wearing a yellow sweater that felt of spring, she is busy these days in the latter stages of production for her first feature film as director, Magic [요술].


►►Big Bang members leave fans message for White Day 2010

In the loving spirit of White Day on March 14th, 2010, 3 Big Bang members took time to write short messages to their V.I.Ps!

[빅뱅]비아 피여러분^^사탕나갑니다잘받으세요 행복한화이트데이되셔요!! -승리-
[BIGBANG] We are going to serve candies through blood^^ Pick very well for you to have a Happy white day!! -VICTORY-

[태양] 즐거운~화이트데이! 저희 빅뱅을생각하시면서 달콤한하루보내세요! HAPPY WHITE DAY
[TAEYANG] A Happy~Whiteday! We Big Bang would like to send you a happy sweet day! HAPPY WHITE DAY

[ㄷㅐ성] 저는사탕보다초코렛!초코렛보단VIP!!여러분을향한달달한제마음이잘전달되길ㅋ
[Daesung] I prefer chocolates than candy! VIP than Chocolates!!! How i hope I delivered the sweet and better message i have for everyone!

Cr: bang@iBigbang 1, 2, 3

►►JYPE speaks up about Taecyeon’s scandal, “He only wanted to encourage fans”

I don’t believe that Taecyeon has this little fans…with his face everywhere on screen? yea, I don’t think so :/

On the 5th, Taecyeon had written on his fancafe, “It’s a new start, shall we do this together?” Fans were angered with the post, interpreting it as Taecyeon wanting to start 2PM promotions with a fresh start, without Jaebum.

Regarding this, a JYP Entertainment associate stated, “The fancafe that Taecyeon has left a message on is only of the only fancafes left that still encourages him despite many other fancafes that have deleted themselves. He left a message as a gesture of thanks to his fans.”

Info about the fancafe Taecyeon posted on:

The truth about “A Killing Smile”. It is a dying cafe. Many members have already left the cafe. A Killing Smile existed before Taecyeon was a part of 2PM but they have no drive (to do activities). The cafe has nothing to show other than a few posts Taecyeon wrote. They never did anything for his birthday. In comparison, their drive is considerably less than Park Jaebum’s ‘Be the Top’ cafe (with 100K members).

That’s what ‘AKS’ is. Although it’s blocked now, it’s a place where all you had to do was write your nickname and an introduction post and you were leveled up immediately.

The cafe admins didn’t have drive either (not even to close it properly). They forgot Taecyeon’s birthday until a month later. They never did present/supports until someone had to suggest it. Despite it all, he always left a post for them whenever he left for America.

It is said that it was just Taec’s attempt at earning sympathy from the last existing cafe for him.

A Killing Smile has 6k members.

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

►►How many costumes does 2NE1 need for their “Try To Follow Me” MV?

A netizens made a compilation of all the costumes 2NE1 wore for their “Try to follow me” MV. Not surprisingly, there were a lot! YG Entertainment totally went all out of this MV ;-)

Let’s start with the girls with LEAST amount of costumes: Bom and Dara, with 6 pieces each!


►►[PICs] C.N BLUE @ Holika Holika fan-signing event

On March 14th, C.N BLUE attended the Holika Holika fan-signing event with many fans attending. The guys are looking good but they definitely look very tired :-(


►►DBSK’s Yunho is the Korean Justin Timberlake?

“He is Korean Justin Timberlake” said Michael Jackson’s cherishing memory performance side person, who is concerned with a great admiration about TVXQ’s Yunho who will participate as an Asian representative to the performance.

TVXQ Yunho showed a scene to practice for late Michael Jackson performance as an Asian representative with a dance composition team in America at KBS 2TV live broadcasting “Entertainment Weekly” which was broadcasted on the 13th.

His superior dance ability shined so that even American dance composition team was surprised at the dance composition room.

Yunho visited the dance practice room in Las Vegas with singer J who took the position to be Yunho’s local interpreter.

Singer J who took care of Yunho being as a local interpreter to him, said, “His execution was excellent and admirable” and she could not hide her happiness in her expression.

“His energy, liveliness and vigor overflow reminds us of Justin Timberlake” said associates Tanya Jackson and Morris Pleasure when the people concerned with local performance watched a document of Yunho shown. They praised him highly.

In addition, the person concerned with performance added to say, “We are very glad, that Yunho came to participate in late Michael Jackson cherishing memory performance as an Asian representative.”

Source: tvdaily+ KBS+as tagged
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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►►Fan letters and gifts for ZE:A found in the trash

To be honest, I can’t blame the boys for throwing things away because you only have so much space to live in (not to mention the fact that their company Star Empire is pretty cheap)…besides, who knows if it’s really them who threw these fan gifts out :/

Fan letters and gifts thrown in the trash have caused controversy for boy group ZE:A.

A citizen living near the group’s dorm had this to say, “There were the fan letters and gifts in the trash. The letters looked as if they were not even opened. Some of the packages simply had the gifts inside taken out and then tossed.

After seeing the pictures netizens commented, “It looks like there is a problem with young idols these days” and “Throwing away letters fans had worked hard on is a bit too much.”

This news has become a hot topic on net portals and on the 14th, the management of the group gave this statement to fan cafes, “ZE:A loves and appreciates its fans very much. Management and the group try to read all the letters they can. Currently the group has been very busy with its schedule and preparing for the new album. We believe that in the groups absence a cleaning crew came into the dorm and threw the letters and gifts out. We apologize for this situation and will make sure it does not happen again.”

Cr: Allkpop

►►MBLAQ’s Thunder and 2NE1’s Dara siblings reunite for White Day

Or so it seems. 2NE1’s Dara updated her Me2day on March 14th, or White Day, about her brother Thunder of MBLAQ:

오늘은 화이트데이! 정말 오랜만에 막둥이를 만났다! 연습하느라 잠도 많이못잤다는데 그래두 누나본다구 일어나서 와주었다! 큭…ㅠ안쓰러웠지만 맛있게 잘먹는 모습을보니 기분이좋았다!^.^ (사진엔 내가 많이먹는것처럼 보이지만 사실과는 다름)

Today is White Day! In a really long time I met Makdoong (cute way of saying Maknae)! He said he didn’t get much sleep because of practice but he still woke up to see hi nuna! keuk…ㅠ I feel sad for him but watching him eat so yummily I felt good^.^ (Although in the picture I look like I ate a lot but the truth is different)

Source: Dara’s Me2Day
Translation: mir-ified @ absolutemblaq

►►SNSD’s Sooyoung wants to have plastic surgery?

SNSD member Sooyoung recently appeared the SBS program Shin Dong Yup’s 300, a show where 300 entertainers come together to discuss what ever topics are presented to them during the show.

The topic that piqued Sooyoung’s interest was the matter of plastic surgery. The idol stated, “I want to have plastic surgery done on my face. I have big cheeks and I would like to rid myself of them.” Also revealed on the show was that out of the 300 guests, 210 have not undergone plastic surgery.

Sooyoung went on to state, “I gave up on school work a long time ago because I have been an entertainer since my elementary school days. I miss going to school and unfortunately I’m not enjoying college campus life either.”

MBLAQ’s G.O also made an appearance on the show, revealing that during his trainee days he and the rest of the trainees were not allowed to drink water after practicing. He stated, “Rain wanted us to train our patience and mental endurance.”

Cr: allkpop

►►[PICs + VIDs] SHINee wins New Generation Artist award in Singapore

SHINee made a 2nd visit to Singapore for the 2nd Singapore Entertainment Awards and they certainly wowed the fans again and showed everyone how popular they were in the country.

SHINee were among a glittering array of Asian stars who were at the Marina Bay floating platform where the best talents in Singapore and Asia were recognized for their efforts in the entertainment industry on March 13th.

But the loudest cheers of the night from the 10,000 strong crowd were for SHINee as they took to the stage and performed a medley of their hit songs like Replay, JoJo and Ring Ding Dong. The boys were also awarded the New Generation Artiste award.

Source: Shineee



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