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►►[VIDs] Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2″ CF (30 seconds) is out!

+ a behind-the-scenes footage^^
Listen/download full song HERE.

►►New Releases: 02/18/10

The comeback of Mnet M!Countdown live performances is here!

MVs: An Jin Kyung ft. MBLAQ Mir’s “Bad Person” + 2PM’s “Crazy4s” (dance ver.)

Songs: Amerie ft. 4Minute & BEAST’s “Heard’em all” + Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2″

CF: 2NE1 for Bean Pole Jeans BTS

Live perfs (M!Countdown 100218): U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + 2AM covers Wonder Girls’ “Tell me” & Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” & 2NE1’s “Fire” & Big Bang’s “Lies” & 2PM’s “10 points out of 10″ + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + An Jin Kyung ft. MBLAQ Mir’s “Bad Person” + Brown Eyed Girls’ “You raise me up” + Gavy NJ ft. ZE:A Heechul’s “Sunflower” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + Min Kyung Hoon’s “It’s Love Because It Hurts” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + MC cuts ft. MBLAQ’s Joon & G.O, 2PM’s Nickhun & Chansung & Junho, C.N BLUE’s Minhyuk + MC shoots & BTS


►►[MP3/DL] Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2″ is released!

After releasing their first ad teaser earlier on February 18th, Big Bang continues to smash us with “Lollipop 2″ song release!

Cr: ibigbang@wp

►►[SCANs + Interview] BEAST tells 44 Tracking Star: ideal girls, bad habits, etc.

OMG *DIESSS* the scans are marvelous and LOL my hubby Doojoon’s ideal girl is so simple XD I like I like♥

Due to BEAST’s member Lee Kikwang participating in his High Kick acting, has led to beast`s first interview in Taiwan to be 6-1. Although the whole 6 members of beast could not perform together and causes little regrets, however the remaining 5 members of beast, has been training hard to show off their charismatic and the cute side of themselves.

Q : What’s the feeling like after coming to Taiwan for the first time? What your feelings like after seeing the fans?
Jun Hyung : After alighting from the plane at the Airport, I already saw many fans awaiting for us and welcoming us passionately, it really let us to be in shock at the same time being happy about it, at the time a little rash about it. I have been eager about this as this was the first time I’m meeting everybody here in Taiwan. After seeing the Taiwan fans, it makes us more eager to look forward to later fan-meeting, at the same time, showcasing a better Beast performance to all the Taiwan Fans.

Q : What do you think about the individual member`s charm in beast?
Jun Hyung : The 6 members of beast, actually has got our own indivisual`s charm, to the fans, after seeing the 6 of us, actually can feel the different type of BEATS. In the even of album producing and composing of the dance, we have been actively participating in it. Hopfully after seeing our performance, fans could see our hardwork and our very own uniquely beast`s charm.
Dong Woon : Although im the maknae of the group, but in terms of looks, im even more mature than the leader.
Doo Joon : I may looked as though im the manliest of the group, the impression to others is that im very MEN. However, in beast, Im actually the most sensitive in heart and the most easily to be touched and teared
Yoseob : In terms of looks, I might be very cute often leaving the impression to others that im the most mischievious however when its time to sing, im very serious and wont be losing to anyone in terms of confidence !
Jun Hyung : Im in charge of RAP in beast, although the impression of many is that im full of charismatic and swagger on stage, in actual fact, im just a gentleman
Hyun Seung : I think I got the MEN look, however the fans don’t say that im handsome, instead they said im pretty, like a girl.

Q : What type of looks is Beast`s ideal girl
Dong Woon : I like girls who tied up their hair like a princess, if she is pretty then its alright already.
Doo Joon : I like girls with a good character, however it will be even better if their character is good and they themselves are pretty. However, right now, my current ideal girlfriend is our cute B2UTY (fans)

►►U-KISS’ Soohyun is disappointed, “Is Bingeul Bingeul not a good song???”

U-KISS’ Soohyun wrote in his Cyworld entry on February 17th with a rather depressing entry:


휴 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Sigh ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

빙글빙글 노래 별룬가요???
Is Bingeul Bingeul not a good song???
오ㅐ케 음원 순위가 안올름??ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Why are our rankings on the music charts not rising?? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

난 빙글빙글 노래 진짜좋은데 ㅠㅠ 히유 ㅠ
I really like Bingeul Bingeul ㅠㅠ Sigh ㅠ
도와주세요 팬여러분들…ㅠ ㅠ
Our fans, help us…ㅠ ㅠ

그리고! 사랑하는거알죠???
And! You know I love you right???

Cr: + ukissme.SG (Translations) + ROCKETBOXX.NET ( also, poster is loveprint on

►►[PICs] FT Island makes a stop @ Hong Kong

The pretty rock band FT Island visited Hong Kong last week and had their showcase on February 17th. They are, of course, looking very nice and formal…except for leader Jong Hun (who looks like he stole some clown’s clothes…but we do forget him bc he’s such a cutie of course)♥




►►[VID] Popular Taiwanese group Da Mouth hangs out with 4Minute~ subbed

Several weeks ago, popular K-pop group 4Minute swung by Taiwan during their Asian concert tour and visited chart-topping Mandopop group and Universal Music labelmates Da Mouth 大嘴巴. The meeting between both popular musical outfits was highly publicized, and you can check out our post about it during that time here.

Since then, Da Mouth went on Channel [V]’s Top 20 Countdown program to provide co-hosting duties with the program’s current host and uber-cute Channel [V] VJ Candice 容嘉. During the broadcast, the members of Da Mouth introduced their fun interview with 4Minute, as the group asked the girls various things and played different kinds of games with them.

The video of the interview clearly demonstrated that the Universal Music labelmates had a blast hanging out with each other, and also showed that Da Mouth’s guy members DJ Chung Hua, MC 40, and Harry enjoyed the young girl’s company, sometimes at the expense of their own female group member Aisa.  Definitely scope out the interview (with English subs too!) and see both of these great groups just having an awesome time together.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Cr: CpopAccess + CpopAccess@YT

►►[VIDs] Pops in Seoul with English-speaking U-KISS~ fanboys about Bi Rain

In the latest segment, the boys talk about the multi-talented Rain. It includes fanboying, hair flicks, Eli’s “superior” Korean reading skills and a great “dance battle”.

Cr: arirangworld@YT + shared by girlinkage@omonatheydidnt

►►Se7en is confirmed to make comeback in Spring 2010!

It’s about time ^^ his voice is too good to be wasted in America :-P

It looks like the long wait will finally pay off soon – Korea’s original superstar, Se7en will be returning with his new album this spring after undergoing a four-year-long hiatus from the k-pop scene!

Se7en’s return has been highly anticipated since last year, when the news regarding his comeback preparation began to circulate around the web. However, no set dates had been confirmed by the YG Entertainment until now. It has just been reported that Se7en is still in the progress of recording with various well-known producers, and will finally be finished around May.

A representative of YG Entertainment revealed,

The actual date of comeback will be decided upon after we consider the format of the album and its musical quality. We are expecting a comeback around May or June. So far, only 50% of the album has been recorded; however, it won’t take much longer.”

Cr: allkpop

►►Super Junior to make a cameo appearance in Siwon’s drama “Oh! My lady”

After the news of SNSD will make an appearance in Siwon’s upcoming drama “Oh! My Lady”, Super Junior follows suit ^^

Super Junior will make a cameo appearance in “Oh! My lady”. A person from SBS drama said “Super Junior has become a strong support team since member Choi Siwon was chosen for the main role in the drama. Super Junior members are doing many things for Choi Siwon and the drama”.

Choi Siwon’s role in the drama is Sung Minwoo, a famous celebrity, Super Junior members will meet Sung Minwoo (Choi Siwon) by chance at the broadcast station as their cameo appearance in the drama.

That person im charge also said “Kim Heechul, another member of Super Junior is also acting in the drama . Kim Heechul has been a helper and given Choi Siwon a lot of advices”

original article is here
translated by
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►►2PM’s Taecyeon is banned from taking acting lessons

Drama Taec…I have doubts but let’s see.

Looks like Taecyeon of 2PM will be beastly as usual in his debut drama – he is now banned from having any acting lessons that might change his angry persona, even a bit.

After news was revealed regarding Taecyeon’s participation in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama, Cinderella’s Sister, many fans were worried about Taecyeon’s performance, considering the fact that he has no acting experience. Taecyeon is undoubtedly a fresh rookie in the acting industry, especially when compared to his co-stars, including veteran Moon Geung Young.

Well, worry no more! It turns out the production team of the drama actually wanted Taecyeon to be himself and nothing more! “We want Taecyeon to show his stage image directly in front of camera,” the director said.

In response, JYPE revealed, “We were deeply concerned about Taecyeon’s new challenge on his new acting role at first, since he had never taken any proper acting lessons. However, we have decided to accept the production team’s request.”

Taecyeon will officially begin his filming session at the end of this month. His first appearance will be broadcast on April 14th, so stay tuned!

Cr: allkpop

►►Maknae Seohyun is the new moneymaker of SNSD?

Looks like it to me! The quiet and shy maknae Seohyun is finally coming out of her shell and is overturning the popularity of Jessica, Tiffany, and other SNSD members :-P

Ever since SNSD returns with “Oh!”, the youngest member of the group has been completely stealing the spotlight and it’s about time.

Seohyun who was always quiet and overshadowed is now quite the popular one, she’s been receiving love calls from various drama producers. A representative stated, “she has received offers for many different projects.”

The rep also stated, “Different from the other SNSD members who are well known to the public, it’s actually an advantage that Seohyun is low key. She’s still young and we know she has enormous room to grow, therefore the broadcast studios have been highly anticipating what she has to offer.”

Seohyun’s quiet personality and pure innocent looks are finally being recognized by fans as well as the industry. Jung Yonghwa is a lucky man, or is it the other way around…

Cr: allkpop

►►DBSK’s Yunho represents Korea in MJ’s posthumous concert, “This Is It”

Woo~! Go Yunho! I wish I could watch this concert… Since Yunho’s an MJ fan, I’m looking forward to a good performance by him (;

Posted Image
TVXQ member U-Know Yunho will be leaving to the United States to be a part of the ‘Michael Jackson Memorial Band”.

U-Know Yunho recently signed a contract to appear at the Michael Jackson memorial concert ‘This is it’ and will be boarding a plane headed for LA, USA in March.

He is planning to join the ‘This is It’ team and learn the songs and choreography for the concert.

One representative of the concert said, “The band members of the <2010 This is It World Tour> band who were preparing for Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’ concert, that was to start in July last year in London and go for 50 days, have gotten together. Korean singer U-Know Yunho is planning to appear in the concert and give a Michael Jackson performance.”

After finishing rehearsals, U-Know Yunho will appear in the domestic round of ‘This is It’ on the 27th and 28th of March that will be showing at the War Memorial Peace Plaza in Yongsan, Seoul.

This concert will include percussionist Bashiri Johnson, who won his fame thanks to Michael Jackson, and keyboardist Morris Pledger as well as Michael Jackson’s backup singer Judith Hill who sang <We are the World> and <Heal the World> at Michael Jackson’s funeral.

U-Know Yunho will be the representative for Korea and will be standing alongside them.

This representative also said, “U-Know Yunho is a big fan of Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson passed away, U-Know Yunho wrote ‘He was an inspiration’ on this blog. U-Know Yunho is a representative star of ASia, and he is a Michael Jackson fan so I think he will give a great performance.”

Source: hankooki+DNBN
Translation credits:
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►►SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ ranked #54 for the 2nd week of February on the Oricon chart!

Oh!MG… CONGRATZ! No promo… this is a record for them!

Group So Nyeo Shi Dae makes a surprising appearance on Japanese Oricon album charts.

According to Oricon chart on 15th February, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s 2nd album ‘Oh!’ has entered the chart at #54 spot for the 2nd week of February. This is eye catching since there was no promotions done at all for the release of the album in Japan and their entrance on the chart is already in the top 100. Moreover, So Nyeo Shi Dae also did not get any official licensing for their album in Japan.

A SM Ent rep also revealed on 18th February that So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Oh’ album is not only doing well in Korea but also in China, Japan and other Asian countries.

The rep said, “We are also shocked that So Nyeo Shi Dae has gone up the Oricon chart even without promotions. According to SM Japan, the girls’ albums are on sales in local mega stores.”

And about the possibility that girls will promote in Japan, “There are no confirmed solid plans about that.”

Source: sookyeong

►►Big Bang’s Lollipop Teaser released!

Somewhat MORE colorful than the last Lollipop MV and teasers with 2ne1…  @_@

original source: me2day + taijizero2@youtube

►►2PM’s Nichkhun and ‘Goong’ actress Song Ji Hyo about to do charity work in the Philipines

Once again, the angel Nichkhun has risen. This time, it’s in the Philipines! ^^

Nichkhun & Song Ji Hyo will be heading over to the Philippines, to do some charity work.

On 21st 2PM’s Nichkhun and Actress Song Ji Hyo flying away to Philippines.
They will guest appearances on MBC’s Dan Bi. One may remember Song Ji Hyo
from her supporting role in ‘Goong’/’Princess Hours‘ as the aspiring top ballerina, Min Hyo-rin.

For the people who are puzzled and never heard of the show before: ‘Dan Bi‘ is a program that helps those in need as well as showing the stars’ honest and true genuine side. The display of Nichkhun and Song Ji Hyo’s warm and genuine sides are highly anticipated. Some may previously already know about this show, for 2NE1 were guest on 27th December 2009.

The ‘Dan Bi‘ Philippines special will air early March.

source: kpoplive

►►SNSD to make a cameo appearance for Super Junior’s Siwon upcoming drama

SM family support! I wonder what episode they will appear in…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SNSD / Girls’ Generation will be supporting Super Junior member and fellow SM Entertainment family member Choi Siwon by making a cameo appearance on his upcoming drama.

As many of you know, Choi Siwon is starring in a new SBS‘ drama coincidentally with an Oh! in the title, the drama is titled Oh! My Lady. It’s a romantic comedy about a normal woman (ahjuma) who becomes the manager of a top celebrity (Siwon). The current plan is for SNSD to make their cameo appearance in the show for a concert scene.

This is Choi Siwon’s first role as part of a drama’s main cast and it’s good to see fellow family members supporting him for it. Evermore, SNSD’s popularity is through the roof and the group has never made any drama appearances together as a group, so the team behind Oh! My Lady is hoping SNSD’s cameo will peak interest and help the ratings.

Oh! My Lady will premiere on March 15th.

Source: allkpop

►►KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was actually made for male code?!

WTF?!?! lol even though the butt dance and song is even popular with the guys, but isn’t the meaning of the song intended for a female’s perspective?

KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was made for male singers?

Making the many Korean males’ hearts flutter with their butt dance and the hit song ‘Mister’, the secret to the song has also been revealed recently. The song which has showcased the KARA members’ cuteness and youthful charms was initially made for the use by male idol singers. With the truth behind the song revealed, many were shocked.

An official said, “The song ‘Mister’ was actually made for male code. We didn’t know that the song will go well with KARA.”

KARA revealed their new song ‘Lupin’ on 17th February and it has been received overwhelming responses going up to the #1 spot on various realtime charts. Especially since the girls have dumped the pretty cute image for a strong and new image, there has been much interests garnered.

An official said, “KARA is one of the groups in Korea with great individuality. And hence songs with stronger sound will bring out the members’ charms better. And that is why their hits like ‘Break It’ and ‘Mister’ which were originally intended for male singers did well as the girls were able to carry it out with their own styles. Instead of calling it transformation, we feel that the word evolution fits better.”

►►U-Kiss’ Dongho got his “cute” image stolen from BEAST’s Yoseob?

Lol, Dongho got his spot stolen… you can’t miss out on this battle :)(:

Dongho has made a surprising confession “Beast’s Yang Yooseob, you stole that cute image from me!”

U-KISS’s Dongho expressed his frustration towards Beast’s Yang Yoseob and showing his overflow wits through his words on the recent filming of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell.

On that recording day, Dongho confessed “I knew their age when Beast first debuted..their average age is about 20 years old. So I thought that no one will steal (or levels) the cute image from me.”

Dongho continued “But then, the 22 year old Yoseob hyung took over my spot for being cute” which made the other guests burst into laughter.

In addition, Dongho and Yoseob were having a cute image battle on this episode.

This episode of Star Golden Bell will be aired on February 20th at 5:15 pm.

Credits: so beast + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (English trans)


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