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►►SHINee’s manager hits fan girl…C.N BLUE deja vu?

It’s kinda sad that the SHINee boys just kept on walking (although I don’t blame them since it happened so fast)..but tsk. tsk. managers are managers, they shouldn’t use violence like that :-(

On the 14th, it was reported that C.N Blue’s manager had been showing violence towards the fan when the fan tugged on the sweater of member in C.N Blue. However, it looks like SHINee might be facing the same manager problems.

Within days of the C.N Blue’s manager violence incident, the same issue hit the internet once again, however this time with SHINee’s manager. In the video clip released, it was the manager of the idol group SHINee, slapping the back head of a young female fan. Along with that video clip, the netizens are roaring across various websites at this action.

The girl who had been hit in during the incident replied, “I posted on the fan homepage that I was hit by the manager, but the management (SM Entertainment) dismissed it as a rumor and deleted my post.” So along with the post from the girl who was hit during that incident, the netizens angers are growing. The netizens responded to the video by saying “Managers must really hit a lot of times”, “In the back TaeMin is so surprised, and from what they wearing, it must be from their ‘Juliette’ days”. Some even questioned members of SHINee by stating, “I don’t understand SHINee members for just passing by when a fan is being hit.”



►►SNSD’s Taeyeon chose Taecyeon as most fashionable 2PM member

Taeyeon likes the good old dorky Taecyeon, what?!

SNSD’s Taeyeon revealed that Taecyeon has the best style out of all the members of 2PM.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win,’ she was asked which member was her favorite. She replied with, “Ill choose according to style.”

2PM’s best fashionista chosen by Taeyeon was none other than Taecyeon. Taecyeon had been called the fashion terrorist by netizens due to his love of solid colored outfits, causing the MC’s to explode in laughter over Taeyeon’s choice.

Taecyeon himself couldn’t believe it, asking, “By style?” MC Kim Seungwoo went on to ask her, “Do you like people that just dresses however they want?”

Taeyeon replied with, “I like people that wear a natural style. The past pictures that netizens talk about with Taecyeon’s old style clothes, I think it’s okay.”

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►►SHINee reveals their ideal types and finds Hong Kong girls charming

It was SHINee’s first time in HK to spend Lunar New Years. The boys all said that they felt very excited and fresh to spend the festival abroad and felt very happy to spend the Chinese New Years with HK fans. The 5 boys picked up the red greetings papers and firecrackers decorations to take pictures and played around happily like young kids! When asked about the differences between HK and Korea during Lunar New Years, they said “In Korea, we will eat Ddubukki soup and visit relatives house/ greet elderly or meet up with friends to play.” Besides Key, it was the members’ first time in HK and they wanted to visit Victoria Peak and Yumcha eat dimsum the most.

As this year’s CNY lied on Valentines Day, SHINee talked about their ideal types. Onew said that he particularly likes cute and well-behaved girls, Jonghyun likes fair-skinned and long hair-ed girls, Minho likes pretty and elegant girls. Taemin and Key said that they liked Emma Watson and Sienna Miller respectively. The 5 boys all agreed and praised that HK girls are very cute and charming: “We really like Joey Yung and Jacky Chan.”

In terms of their plans for this year, the 5 boys are planning to focus on the overseas market and hopes to do an Asian Tour Concert like other Korean singers. On the April 24th, they will perform in Yokohama with their hoobaes f(x) and Kim Bum etc.

Meanwhile the 5 boys finished their HK activities and flew back to Korea yesterday.

Translation: vivz@soompi

►►Super Junior Leeteuk’s sister is disappointed in her little brother

Leeteuk’s sister is pretty but it’s sad that they’re so awkward and distant :-(

Leeteuk’s sister Park Inyoung has expressed that she feels hurt because of her brother on the show SBS “Star Junior show” which was aired on Feb 13th.

She said “The relationship between Super Junior members is very good. Even the families get together. There are Appa get-together, Omma get-together and Noona get-together among Super Junior member’s families. When I went to a Noona get-together, Eunhyuk’s noona would said ‘Our Eunhyuk gave me this and that as present’, Heechul’s noona would said ‘Our Heechul calls me quite often’ and they are both very proud of their brothers. But when the other noona ask me ‘How about Teukie ?’ I cant say anything” and showed her dongsaeng Leeteuk that she was sad.

Leeteuk said “Noona used to live abroad for too long so she can express the ‘I love you’ very well. Personally, I myself find it a little difficult” to explain the awkwardness between the two of them.

original article is here
translated by
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►►2PM’s Nichkhun, “None of the members can ever date my younger sisters”

haha Nickhun being protective is so cute♥

2PM (Jaebum, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Junsu, Junho, Wooyoung, Chansung) on February 16th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV “WinWin” had their first interview which was overflowing with wit.

Junsu said, “The one who wants to do law is Wooyoung. It’s because he’s from the Kyungsangdo area like me.” Wooyoung of course followed with, “A kid like me is the best pick,” which caused a burst of laughter.

However, Nichkhun resolved it. Nichkhun has two Uljjang (Super beauty) younger sisters. Nichkhun said, “I have two younger sisters. But none of the members can ever date them,” which got a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, Nichkhun’s translator was revealed to be Taecyeon. Taecyeon said, “Whenever there was an important business for Nichkhun from our office, I translated it for him. I even got paid for interpreting, but it was a little weird.”

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►►[PICs] Wonder Girls @ the premiere of Nickelodeon’s “School Gyrls”

Wonder Girls attended the premiere of Nickelodeon’s ‘School Gyrls’ on February 15, 2010 in Valencia, California.
Member Sunmi or Mimi, however, did not attend this event.


►►[PICs] Young Idols pose for Vogue Girl’s “Pink Wings” campaign

d’awww these celebs + artists are so cute in pink…although it’s kinda weird MBLAQ are the only guys here =.=;



►►[VID] 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nickhun speaks English on ‘Win Win’: “She’s Hot”!

While 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nickhun were on the show ‘Win Win’ to support Wooyoung, the show’s MC, there was a scene where the two started speaking English about people. When Nickhun asked Taecyeon about SNSD’s Taeyeon, he replied, “She’s hot” and caused everyone to laugh besides Taeyeon herself (because she doesn’t understand it lol).

Cr: sanakujira3rd@YT

►►[MP3/DL] KARA releases mini-album “Lupin”!

I heard that it was actually leaked but if it is true, it’s not that bad since the girls were planning to release it on February 17th anyways…that’s like a day earlier :/

I’m lovin “Lupin” so far :-D

01. Tasty love

02. 루팡(Lupin)


►►[PICs] SHINee and 4Minute for InStyle’s “Help for Haiti”

whoooaaaa~ never thought we’d have a ShineMinute collab before XD
Great people for great cause :-D

SM boyband SHINee and Cube girlgroup 4minute both recently participated in a photoshoot for Korea’s InStyle Magazine. The title of the photoshoot was “Help for Haiti”, so one can assume that it was for a charitable cost. Both groups have also done charity work in the past.

Cr: sophiangyuen@soompi

►►[VID] DBSK’s Offshot movie for “Best Selection 2010″ Album

Taking a closer look behind-the-scenes with the DBSK members for their Best Selection album photoshoot :-D

Cr: dirah9310@YT

►►[PICs] Preview of U-KISS’ photoshoot for JOFF Clothing Ad

Just realized how much more handsome the members look with their old hairstyles and less makeup :-D

Popular idol group U-Kiss recently shot a photoshoot for clothing brand JOFF. The first ad was revealed today along with a few behind the scenes shots of the photoshoot.


►►BEAST’s Kikwang reveals his odd relationship with actor Kwangki: reversed names

“Hello, my name is KiKwang” … “Hello, my name is KwangKi” …LOL! I like I like XD

When Lee Kwangki, who made an appearance on the 27th of the broadcasted MBC ‘Good Day’, greeted Lee Kikwang of High Kick Through the Roof’s Saeho, it was revealed that they had a search word connection. Because their last names are the same, and the front and the back of their names (Kwangki, Kikwang) have a different order, they were tied up in a connected search word when confused fans searched their names.

Recognizing them first, the moment when Lee Kwangki said “Nice to meet you” and shook hands, the BEAST members burst into laughter when [Kikwang] greeted himself, saying “My name is Lee Kikwang” with such ease.

The moment Lee Kwangki said “When you search my name, your name comes out too,” [Kikwang] responded with “Me too.” Also, when Doojoon, who was next to them, said “This is a friendlier relationship than a close friend’s,” they are receiving positive responses from netizens.

In the mean time, as the ever popular 6-member boy idol group BEAST in which Lee Kikwang is part of, were working with Mystery and Bad Girl, they officially finished their activities on the 31st of January.

CREDITS: THE STAR(SOURCE); Yukified@B2ST Rising (SHARING); annayang3195@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

►►Singer Solbi, “Although DBSK’s Yunho didn’t know me, he saved me”

Srsly is there any thing this Yunho guy can’t or hasn’t do?! lol

Singer and talent Solbi chose TVXQ’s Yunho as the best man in a recent episode of MBC’s Come to Play.

Solbi talked about a time in which she almost drowned while filming a show. She said, “I was a rookie back then that had just debuted. Yunho was the first one to come and lend me a hand when I fell. It was a short gesture but it made me realize a lot. He didn’t even know me … I was very touched.”

Jewelry’s Eunjung also added, “Yunho is kind-hearted so he helps the poor and volunteers a lot.”

All you TVXQ fans, be sure to catch this episode and watch the girls compliment Yunho.

Cr: allkpop

►►Actor Jang Dong Gun to marry Ko So Young in May 2010

One of Korea’s most eligible bachelors is now off to prepare his wedding :-D Congratulations!
…I hope she wasn’t knocked up like the other couples…

The lovebirds reportedly informed their loved ones about their wedding date, which will be in May.

The official announcement is expected to be on March 6, when Dong-gun sshi holds his fan meeting at the COEX auditorium in Samsung-dong, Seoul. A rep of the actor’s said that it is highly probable that the 38-year-old announces his marriage plans during the fan gathering.

Rumour also has it that the hotel reservation for Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young’s big day is already booked and that the soon-to-be Mrs. was spotted shopping for her wedding dress at a bridal shop in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

Cr: newsen + kpopped

►►2PM on KBS ‘Win Win’, “Sorry but we don’t take questions on JaeBum”

aww boo hooo~~ that’s no fun :-(.

2PM members were on new variety show ‘Win-Win’ and they apologised for not taking any questions regarding JaeBum.

On KBS 2TV ‘WinWin’ the 2PM members revealed the behind-the-scene stories of the group. And the group garners attention by saying beforehand that they will not be taking any questions about JaeBum, who left the group last September after his MySpace controversies.

Because the format of the talkshow is such that it will also involve the viewers, and hence ignoring questions on JaeBum may anger viewers. Hence at the start of the program, an apology notice was put up that the show will not be taking any questions about JaeBum.

MC Kim SeungWoo revealed the stand of the company and the 2PM members, “We will apologise beforehand that we will not be taking questions on JaeBum. We don’t have a stand about JaeBum yet. So we hope that everyone will wait before that.”

Cr: Sookyeong

►►DBSK’s comments on their “Best Selection” Album

Which songs are the DBSK members’ favorites? Let’s see:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Junsu: Forever Love

こういう あいがしたいです。うかべてみつけたいちばんぼし いまきみにあげよう…ジュンス
Kouiu aiga shitaidesu. Ukabete mitsuketa ichibanboshi ima kimini ageyou … Junsu
I want to love like this song. Finding the first star of the evening, I’ll give it to you now (T/N: lyrics from Forever Love) … Junsu

Yoochun: SHINE

みんなにひかりをあたえられるようなきょくです。^^ ユチョン
Minnani hikariwo ataerareruyouna kyokudesu .^^ Yuchon
This song will give everyone “SHINE”.^^ Yoochun


►►Suju’s Shindong, “Among SNSD members, Sunny is my ideal type”

LOL I’ve always thought of people choosing their friends from the same company is very awkward but somehow this seems pretty amusing :-)

Super Junior Shindong has chosen SNSD Sunny to be his ideal type.

During the show SBS E!TV “Jo Hyungki Park Joonkyu’s hyungnim restaurant” which will aired on Feb 18th, when talking about SNSD who are in the same company, Shindong has revealed that Sunny is his ideal type.

While talking about the girl groups SNSD, f(x) etc…., when being asked “Which member is the one who looks most different before and after make-up”, Shindong said “Sunny looks very different after make-up” and “but I prefer the face with no make-up more”.

Shindong also continued with “My ideal type is a girl who has short height, sexy and cute . Among celebrities, they’re Song Hyekyo & Sunny”

original article is here
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►►Netizens angry at YongHwa – Seohyun couple, “We object to this marriage!”

I disapprove of these two only because 1) I don’t like Yong Hwa being bashed by Seohyun’s stans. 2) THEY’RE TOO AWKWARD TO BE TOGETHER!! but who knows…maybe it’ll work out somehow? These shows are most likely scripted anyways :/

Amidst news that So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa have been confirmed as a new couple on MBC We Got Married 2, many netizens also raised their voices about it.

Some netizens linked it to incidents of C.N Blue’s recent plagiarism accusations and manager’s violent behaviour to fans, “Too much noise and news about Jung YongHwa”, “He should just have stopped at drama” etc.

And about SeoHyun’s appearance on the show, “She just recently graduated from high school, isn’t it wrong for a teenager to be involved such a program on marriage?”, “Even though SeoHyun is good, but I don’t think she is cut out for variety shows” etc.

Also previously on a variety show, SeoHyun revealed that “Sweet potatoes are better than men” showing no interests in men. With that many netizens’ stand is, “I object to this marriage”, “Rather, get a sweet potato on the show” etc.

There also netizens who are worried that SeoHyun’s appearance on the show may also hurt her image as even before the show is aired, there is so much negativity against this new couple.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►[VID] 2PM’s Nickhun & Taecyeon releases their 60 seconds ver. of Cass Beer CF

So the video is actually split into 2 different CFs: 30 seconds for Taecyeon and 30 seconds for Nickhun = 60 seconds :-).

These scenes are like the aftermath of what happened in the full MV/CF released earlier with Yoon Eun Hye.

Cr: Symbelmynevii@YT

►►”Try to copy me” MV in the making; will 2NE1 make a comeback soon?

YESSSSS PLEASEEEE!!! The 2NE1 girls have been absent from the public for far too long T^T

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even though 2NE1 has not done any promotions for their new song ‘Try To Be Like Me’, the song is already gaining much spotlight up on music charts. There has been speculations that the group will be back in full force.

Firstly, it has been announced that they will be filming a MV. Of course, there can be the possibility that the group will not promote even with the release of the MV. But by looking at the situation now, the responses towards 2NE1 will get even more overwhelming if they are to be more active.

According to a YG Ent rep, “We have decided that we will be filming a MV for 2NE1’s recent hiphop song ‘Try To Be Like Me’. We do not have plans to do a MV initially but with fans’ great responses towards it, we decided to do a MV for it. The director will be Seo HyunSeung who has been the director of YG productions and MVs. As for the format of the MV, it has only been revealed that it will be a chic and cool format.”

The group has also recently been confirmed of their appearance on MBC Music Core on 20th February for the show’s 200th episode special, their first appearance on the show 9 months into their debut. [There has also been speculations that the group will be performing 'Try To Be Like Me' on Mucore]

Cr: Asiae  + sookyeong

►►T-ara’s Boram embarrassed her mother on TV: “I’ve been hit a lot by my parents”

oh gosh…typical Asian parenting but some secrets are better kept in secret, dearie :-(

T-ara’s Jeon Boram makes a confession about her childhood that leaves her mother, Lee Miyoung embarassed.

On the episode of KBS2TVs Big Star, T-ara’s Boram and her mother Lee Miyoung appeared and Boram revealed something about what her parents had done to her in childhood.

“Growing up, I’ve been hit a lot by my parents,” said Boram, “they would make me spread out my arms at the front and hit it while it was hanging like that”.

“It’s the mark on your body that teaches the lesson” explains Lee Miyoung.

Written by: Lee Wonbin
Translated by: Elly@diadem

►►[PICs + VID] Big Bang’s newest promo sweets for Lollipop 2!

Big Bang is releasing yet new promo photos and a CF looking for the next Lollipop Girl to replace their partner 2NE1 from the last CF. Their fashion sense really brings out each member’s personality here ;-)


►►[VID] Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) releases 5th Solo Teaser: Suhoon (Mika)

Kpop’s newest to-be boy group Dae Guk Nam Ah is releasing yet another solo teaser for its member Suhoon or Mika.

Click to watch solos 1, 2, 3, and 4.See all the members’ pics HERE.

Cr: SaTangsweetcandy@YT


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