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►►Secret, 2AM, and Jewelry members in hanboks for Lunar New Year

~Happy Lunar New Year 2010, everyone!!!~


►►Suju’s Leeteuk, “I cried after I had to watch my hoobae DBSK to debut first”

I still remember the time when I found out Leeteuk was older than even the oldest member of DBSK and I was like “NO WAY!” this is why..

Super Junior leader’s Lee Teuk shed some tears when was sharing his experience to see his junior TVXQ debuted before him.

Super Junior Lee Teuk was filmed for his first guest appearance at SBS E!TV Hyungnim Restaurant which will be broadcast on the 17th.

Lee Teuk said, “In June 2002, I was ahead to debute in a five members group. However, the debut timing came to loosen as the whole Republic of Korea was shaken by the heat of World Cup fever. In the end, I had to watch my hoobae TVXQ to debut first afterall.”

He continued, “Of course I congratulated them excitedly, but when I went back home, I was crying inside the bus all alone.” he confessed the painful story.

In addition, Lee Teuk also shared another honest talk of his difficult trainee years, and now the hardship of becoming a leader of his group. The show will broadcast on midnight the 18th.

source: newsen

►►[VID] G-Dragon’s controversial “Breathe” from “Shine A Light ” Concert DVD!

The much debated and controversial performance of “Breathe” from G-Dragon’s “Shine A Light” concert is finally out for the public! Well..technically it was only released in Japan but of course there would be fans who wants to give the truth out to the whole world of G-D’s innocence!!

The much hyped up scene starts @ 3:42..and OMG srsly, it lasted like 2 seconds @_@

Cr: cinamon1201@YT

►►[VIDs] DBSK releases HQ teasers to “Please Stop Time” and “With All My Heart”

These are going to be the new two ballads that are going to be included in DBSK’s “BEST SELECTION 2010″ album ;-)
So far, I actually like “Please Stop Time” better althought it’s not gonna be an OST like “With All My Heart” is :-P

君が踊る夏 – With All My Heart

時ヲ止メテ -  Please Stop Time

Cr: dirah9308@YT

►►Concert to watch for: “NEW GENERATION” Concert in Japan

Korean artists like f(x),  SHINee, T-Max, Kim Bum, and Goo Hye Sun have been catching the attention of many countries lately. Japan has shown interest in our idols and have invited them to perform in Japan on April the 24th, for the “NEW GENERATION” event, live in Yokohama. Tickets went on sale today!

●イベント名 「New Generation -Live in YOKOHAMA-」
●日程 2010年 4月 24日(土) 开场15:30 开演17:00
●出演者(予定) SHINee、f(x)、ク・ヘソン、キム・ボム、T-max (SHINee、f(x)、구혜선,김범 ,T-max )
●会场 パシフィコ横浜国立大ホール
●チケット価格 S席 10,500円 A席 9,450円 一般8,400円
●チケット贩売 2月12日
●内容 出演者によるコンサート
●时间 未定 (公演约2时间を予定)
●主催 株式会社インタラクティブメディアミックス、Group 8
■问い合わせ先 チケットに関するお问い合わせ:0570-02-9999

Shared by iheartfx@wp

►►What will the idol groups be doing this Lunar New Year 2010?

Let’s see which of our favorite idols actually get to sit back and relax!

Hosted by

So Nyeo Shi Dae who are recently back with their new song “Oh!” will have a sweet break in a long while. Tiffany will also be going back to the States to visit her family. She will be sending the festive season with her family even if for a short period of a few days. The other members will also be sending their families, and member Jessica will be doing ther first musical performance of “Legally Blonde” in Taiwan.

As for 2PM, Nich Khun will be back in Thailand. He will also participating on Thai cultural project with fans during this lunar new year holidays. The other members will be spending their holidays with their families at home, but for JunSu and TaecYeon, their plans for the holidays are still not confirmed as yet. 2AM Jo Kwon will be off in HongKong for the filming of MBC We Got Married, while the members will get to enjoy their holidays.

As for Super Junior, since there is no special activities scheduled, they will spend their holidays at home resting.

But for KARA, who is preparing for their comeback, the holidays do not mean rest for them. They will get to meet their families for a short while, but they will be spending most of their time practising for their comeback.

And for groups promoting overseas, they will be rather busy this festive holidays. Wonder Girls will be doing their public performances in the States, and for Big Bang they will be holding their concerts on 13th and 14th February. They also have concert in Tokyo on 16th and 17th February, hence this holidays mean no break for them. Same for 2NE1, who will be touring with them for this concert.

Cr: Newsen + Sookyeong

►►Brown Eyed Girl GaIn’s English fail on “We Got Married”

The February 13th episode of We Got Married was hilarious with the Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon couple being the most entertaining.

On today’s episode, the couple gets a visit from an Arabic student who communicates in Korea through English. Jo Kwon uses his handy iPhone and a Korean to English Translator application to try to communicate with him. When Jo Kwon leaves the house to go buy some snacks at the store, Ga-In is left alone and the hilarity ensues. At one point she says, “I want to kiss you and take a dump on your chest.”

Thanks to wabbitkr for the tip, check out the hilarious segment below. Around 9:40 from Part 1 into Part 2 is when the fun begins.


►►MBLAQ’s Mir, “I sold a cow to pay for dates”

Wild Mir is wild Mir..what can I say? haha

Opposed to SNSD’s Sunny, who has been picked by experts as the best child amongst idols, MBLAQ’s Mir has been chosen as the worst child.

Sunny and Mir appeared on SBS’ ‘Quiz! Sixth Sense’, which will be aired on 15th.

On this day, experts judged who looked like they would have been a good child merely by looking at their image. Sunny was the only idol who made it near to the top.

Also, MBLAQ’s Mir confessed that he sold one of the cows on his farm in order to get money for a date with his girlfriend. With this, the studio burst into laughter.

This show will be aired on 15 Feb, 10:40AM.

Credits: jj.kimbap@MBA (translation) + Source (Nate)

►►BEAST sends Lunar New Year’s greetings with a surprise

I swear the BEAST guys have the funniest greetings video yet! LOL the whole thing looks like a joke almost. Weird imitations, hitting, and just total chaos XD

With Lunar New Year’s approaching, the boys of BEAST were kind enough to send their greetings to their fans. It was good to see the boys joking around and having fun throughout the video. During their message, they revealed that they are currently preparing for their upcoming album, which will be released soon. Ki Kwang also teased the viewers as he sang the words “don’t cheat”, a little performance that was unfortunately cut off by Hyunseung who said that they would practice hard while we wait. Check out their message below!

Cr: allkpop

►►[SCANs] DBSK’s photos from ‘BEST SELECTION 2010′ Album

OMG the DBSK guys all looks so good!! I’m glad they’re together again :-D



►►Suju’s Hankyung for Modern Music March 2010: his rise to fame, his image to fans and friends, etc.

Part 1

Hankyung: “In these few years, I’ve really tasted all the ups and downs of life.”

In the year 2007

Every celebrity would have their own stories of hardships, but if it was as “sour” as old vinegar, then it would be better if they had not experienced it, because it will emit a strong smell following the air flow. Hankyung wasn’t famous back in 2007, but through two programs – ‘Date with Lu Yu’ and ‘Happy Camp’ – he was remembered by people, as his story was very special, and the strong resilience emanating from the main character of the story makes even those beautifully blooming flowers who grew up in a “greenhouse”[1] pale in comparison. The tag “the Chinese artist whom debuted in Korea” signifies that no matter how many people follow the same path[2], their stories are destined to have less impact than Hankyung’s. This ethnic Nanai boy[3] really maltreated himself – at that time, he gave up a lucrative job with Shanghai’s Jin Dun Troupe[4] and went towards the unknown future, without bringing a single cent with him to Korea, and even promised his mother this: “I won’t ask for money from the family anymore, and I will send money back home instead.” By not giving himself any room to turn back on his decision, he could only march on! During his trainee days, he practiced dancing until he fractured his bone, but didn’t realize it until 3 months later. He even joked that he had saved a large sum of medical fees. Isn’t it a little too exaggerated? But for Hankyung to work so hard, wasn’t it all for the sake of fighting for those pitifully few places to debut as an artist, so that all the sacrifices he made in the past few years won’t go to waste? So what if he debuted? Wearing masks, and painting his face with black paint that causes the skin to be unable to breathe (At that time, the Korean legislature placed a restriction on foreign celebrities with regards to stage performances, but for the sake of not disrupting the choreography of the entire group, Hankyung left behind many performances of the kind.[5]), then continued to dance; but when the others are enjoying the cheers and flowers from the crowd, at the same time, the handsome face that was blocked from the light would probably be feeling helpless…… In 2007, Hankyung said: “For the past few years, I’ve really tasted all the ups and downs of life.” When he returned to the country for promotions as the leader of SJ-M, he was asked how he felt, to which he replied: “The air at home is really different.” The pride and joy was obvious in his speech and gaze. Later on, when he was asked again about the entire experience, Hankyung described: “To me, this is an excellent experience, and it also serves to remind me to increasingly appreciate my achievements now. If I hadn’t worked so hard in the past, I would probably be intoxicated by my status as a celebrity, and get stalled in my steps, or maybe even giving up when I meet even the smallest difficulties.”


►►[VID] Super Junior’s Yesung and Sungmin send Lunar New Year greetings

It’s kinda funny how personalities really shine. Yesung is all hoping for new jobs but Sungmin mostly cares about health ;-)

Musical ‘Hong Gil Dong’ of a national hero back over 500 years ago a group will be portrait by Super Junior members Yesung and Sungmin from the Republic of Korea on 2010 New Year’s first. “Right, I don’t want to lose this opportunity.” They said.

Yesung said, “The casting is very good. I have made new friends, and I always work hard. In year 2010, I want to find things you can do a lot of variety and always wished I’d have a job,” He added, full of hope.

Sungmin said, “I will never lose hope, and will always stay healthy. The disease outbreak in 2009 gave a lot of sick people. But this year, we will give you a healthy smile.”

Source: 경제투데이
English Translation by Diana

►►[VID] SHINee’s Minho is afraid of stranger kissing him..but Suju’s Eunhyuk isn’t

Oh Eunhyuk that little old tease XD Minho may look tough but he’s so innocent haha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On today’s episode of Star King, one of the female guests was asked to act a scene where she asks her male partner if he knows the difference between a regular kiss and a real kiss. After asking this the female guest would then proceed to show the male partner the difference.

First up was SHINee’s Minho who seemed to be afraid… Every time the girl tried to kiss her, he would hesitate and back away. Minho went to MC Kang Ho Dong and said that he didn’t she would really try to kiss him. Kang Ho Dong asked Minho, “Were you scared?” and he said, “Yes.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk was up next and he was less hesitant as he received the kisses from the female guest which caused much laughter from everyone.

Cr: allkpop

►►Top 10 Korean celebs who possessed the best bodies

YOO JAE SUK MADE THE FREAKIN LIST?! lol that man is a beast..

On the latest episode of MBC Section TV, a top ten list was featured revealing the ten idols that possessed the most ideal bodies. As many would expect, OneDay (2AM & 2PM) was featured on this list, placing at fifth.

Their trainer explained, “Even through their busy schedule, they train and exercise really hard.”  The trainer also revealed an interesting information about Taecyeon, saying, “To be honest, 2PM’s Taecyeon used to have a not-so-good-looking body, but because he was born with the strength of an athlete, he was able to become beast-Taecyeon.” He also added, “The real beast is 2AM. They really have better bodies.”

Check out the full list here:

10th – Jo Hae Ryun
9th – UEE & Kahi
8th – Kim Yuna
7th – Yoo Jae Suk

►►[VID] SHINee sends their Lunar New Year 2010 greetings!

Plus bonus pics of the SHINee boys in hanboks and tradional clothings from “Hello Baby!” under cut!

Cr: minitabo@YT


►►F.CUZ signs on with major Taiwanese record label

Another Korean artist going to promote overseas soon? -sigh- They should at least release another song besides “Jiggy” first..

New boy band F.cuz have signed with a major record company in Taiwan, according to their agency on Thursday.

Can&J’s Entertainment announced that the boys signed a contract with Taiwan’s Seed Music last Friday, making them the first Korean group to have signed with a Taiwanese record company.

Seed will be in charge of F.cuz’s singing career in the Greater China region, including managing and promoting the group, as well as handling their album license.

The company carries out various businesses regarding the entertainment industry such as promotion, concert management and mobile ringtone sales. They also manage some of China’s most famous stars including F4′s Vanness Wu, Leon Lai and Yao-Yao.

F.cuz’s first digital single album, titled “JIGGY,” was released early last month in Korea and is awaiting distribution in Taiwan on March 8.

The band is composed of Kan, Yejun, Jinon and LeeU. LeeU’s father is famed veteran crooner Sul Woon-do.

Cr: asiae

►►[VID] 2PM releases Coca Cola MV BTS with song “Open Happiness”

I wonder when the full CF is gonna come out because this looks like it’s gonna have some pretty neat graphics! Either way, the song is a lot more cheerful than 2PM’s previous singles so it’s quite refreshing to hear :-)

Cr: natminkhun@YT

►►Pieces of the Past: T-ara Eunjung’s old photos revealed

OMG doesn’t she look like actress Han Hyo Joo?! I think so…no wonder why I like them both haha

Graduation photos of T-ara’s leader Eunjung have been released and they’re gathering quite a lot of attention.

The first is a picture of the leader’s elementary graduation photo. Fans are admiring how cute she was with her crooked teeth and sunny disposition. The remaining photos are of Eunjung’s middle and high school graduation photos. In both she is wearing her school’s standard uniform with well kept regulation hair.

Netizens have complimented, “A perfect picture of the past,” “She looks so pretty and pure” and “Her laughing expression is really pretty“.

Idol group members are without a question beautiful people, but many look entirely different in their pre-debut pictures. It’s good to see that many stars have natural beauty even before their idol days.


►►[VID] BTS – CF Duet with actor Daniel Henney and SNSD’s Yuri

It has been reported that Daniel Henny and SNSD’s Yuri would star in an advertisement together and this is basically the behind-the-scenes of it.

However, you should look forward to 1:55 when Yuri talks about how her bandmate Jessica also liked Daniel Henney and so he gave Jessica a message in English! Daniel also goes on to describe Yuri @ 2:47 in English XD

Cr: spodocskpark5@YT

►►SHINee’s arrival in Hong Kong swarmed with fans despite airplane delay

Three hundred fangirls gathered at the Hong Kong International Airport to welcome their favorite pretty boys from Korea. Fans of SHINee have been waiting since early morning with banners and signs in anticipation of the group’s arrival. Unfortunately, in addition to their flight being delayed for half an hour, it took another 90 minutes before SHINee would appear. It turned out they were getting their hair and make up done in the restricted area so fans could see them at their best.

Boys from SHINee showcase boyband at its finest.

Although some of the fans complained about being tired of the long wait, they switched back to hyper mode once the boys made their grand entrance. SHINee was presented with flowers and escorted out of the airport by seven security guards. Fans went wild again when the group greeted the crowd in Cantonese with the phrase “Kung Hei Fat Choy!” SHINee will be performing at a countdown event to celebrate the year of the tiger on the 13th.



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