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►►’Brothers groups’ 2PM and 2AM for first ever joint stage!

Acapella version of “Again & Again”?! LOL this is gonna be interesting XD

‘Brothers groups’ 2PM and 2AM will have their first joint stage since their debut.

On KBS Music Bank on 12th February, the 2 groups will be putting up a special joint stage.

Members of the 2 groups have been known to be close with one another since their training days, and are even given the nick name of ‘brothers groups’ and ‘one day’. The 2 groups have achieved great successes and popularity since their debut, and great anticipation is for their 1st ever joint stage.

The 2 groups will be performing G.O.D ’s ‘The place where you should be’ and the acapella version of ‘Again & Again’.

Remember to tune in at 6.30pm for KBS Music Bank!

Cr: Sookyeong

►►[PICs] Preview photos from MBC Star Dance Battle – Lunar New Year 2010!

More info on the concert can be found HERE.

Super Junior

e00856464b74103e95eef.jpge00856464b741043dadee.jpg (more…)

►►Who worked it better? 2NE1′s Minzy vs. Big Bang’s G-Dragon!

G-dragon and his hoobae Minzy were spotted wearing the same black skull jacket!

Of course with G-D and his abnormal fashion style, the way both artists presented their jacket differed quite a lot. For one thing, G-D kept it simple with one black and white whereas Minzy went with a more colorful approach.

Pics cr: ejjapay2ne1BOMtori@soompi

►►2NE1′s “Try to copy me” is up all-kill on music charts in just 3 days


The 2NE1 fever is going strong in Kpop world. It is no longer the case of surprise event from a newcomer singer. Their new song is an all-kill on music charts in just 3 days into its release. 2NE1’s golden age is said to be approaching.

The group got into the Kpop scene like a comet and achieve success with their 1st album. This was because it was the period when WonderGirls had left the Kpop scene for their American debut and So Nyeo Shi Dae ending their ‘Gee’ promotions.

But this time, the situation is different. So Nyeo Shi Dae has been in the spotlight since the release of their new song ‘Oh!’. 2NE1 previously revealed their digital hiphop single ‘Try To Be Like Me’ on 9th February.

The song was released as a prelude and promotion to the girls’ upcoming 2nd album.

The song is already leading So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Oh!’, which it was first revealed on 25th January. Looking at the music charts results on 11th February, the song is up at #1 on all charts except for one or two charts where it is competing for #1,2 positions.

The 2NE1 members have been doing their solo activities since their 1st album promotions ended, many are seeing that their comeback will change the landscape for the girlgroups in Kpop.

Cr: sookyeong

►►DBSK’s Yoochun kissed T-ara’s Eunjung on the lips?

haha Eunjung is my favorite T-ara member so this is okay I guess..

It’s been revealed that TVXQ’s Yoochun shared a kiss with T-ara’s leader Eunjung for TVXQ’s drama Dating on Earth (지구에서 연애 중) back in 2006.

Eunjung’s involvement with this drama marked her debut into the acting scene.

Many fans were already aware that these two made an appearance on the same drama after the subject arose last month; however, the specific topic of a supposed kiss has become a hot issue only recently. Through an online portal site, netizens said things like, “It seems like Eunjung prepared a lot to debut with T-ara” and “Her appearance has a different charm than the one she has nowadays.”

Even though the kiss was just a peck, I’m sure Cassiopeians are going to be all over this one. Eunjung, get your helmet on!

Cr: allkpop

►►BEAST and ZE:A to have a joint stage on Music Bank called “Perfect Dance Party~”

OMG: ZE:A has 9 members + BEAST has 6 members = 15 FREAKIN HOT GUYS ON ONE STAGE!!! lol EXCITED.

From the schedule of KBS Music Bank this weekend (02/13/10):

**Special Stage!!**

Perfect Dance party~

- BEAST&ZE:A(제국의 아이들)

Cr: KBS + audiophile@soompi

Beast will be on February 12th’s Music Bank. They are to have a special stage with Ze:A, the theme being “Perfect Dance Party ~ ” While they’re at it, they will also be performing what we’ve all been waiting for, “Beast is the B2st” and “Mystery”

Meanwhile, Beast is the B2st Mini Album hit’s the 40k mark after 4 months into their debut. While the average for newly debuted groups is just 10k.


►►[VID] 2PM gives thanks and wishes you a happy Lunar New Year

I love how Chansung just stands there and nod his big cutie head XD


Revealed on the 11th, 2PM talked for a total of 40 seconds about becoming one of the top idol groups and a greeting message.

In the video, 2PM members stated, “Because of last year, 2PM and JYP Entertainment were able to grow. The reason we have received so much love this past year is because of everyone (you).”

2PM went on to state, “Everything we have achieved was not done by ourselves but through the help of everyone. We will try our best in our promotions for 2010. Please receive a lot of luck in the new year!”

2PM had previously created the beastly idol syndrome in 2009 with hit tracks such as ‘Heartbeat.’

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

+ jkimt08@YT

►►[VIDs] f(x) wishes you a happy Lunar New Year 2010

I wish they could get in hanboks so I can see Amber in a girly hanbok lol

Cr: heartfx@YT

►►Lee Joon, “If you get to know my best friend Jung Yonghwa, he’s more wild than Mir”

No more ‘nice guy’ or ‘towel-guy’ Shin Woo lol..and WHAT?! I didn’t know Joon and Yong Hwa were best friends @_@

Source: News.nate
Translated by mblaq_mir_ @ absolutemblaq
Template by taekly @ absolutemblaq

►►2PM transfroms from ‘Beastdol’ to ‘Pocketdol’

Popular group 2PM’s teaser for the Coca-Cola CF ‘Mini Coke’ has been put online on the 11th (today).

For this CF, 2PM has removed their ‘beastdol’ image and has changed into a ‘pocketboy’, a miniature size that makes you want to put them in your pocket or bag. Pocketboys 2PM, jumps out of the pockets of fans dancing to the song ‘Open Happines’.

The song ‘Open Happiness’ is sung by 2PM and last year, this song was featured worldwide with an artist and Coca-Cola companies and displays 2PM’s unique style. This song is for those suffering from depression to gain the slightest happiness throughout their day.

According to Coca-Cola, ‘2Pm was chosen for their bright and positive mannerisms as well as for their liveliness and passion. These characteristics are what make people happy. They give off a refreshing and positive message that fits with Coca-Cola’s image”. “2PM also gives off a cheerful character that makes you want to have the ‘mini coke’ anytime and anywhere”.

The 2PM ‘mini Coke’ CF is slated to be released officially on the 13th.

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

►►F.CUZ sends Lunar New Year greetings along with their hanboks

And surprise! LeeU’s famous dad Sul Woon Do also takes part in this playful shoot!


►►[PICs] C.N BLUE Minhyuk’s high school yearbook photos revealed

Obviously nothing changed lol…even his slick hairstyle! I love it XD

oh and this pic kinda reminds me of SHINee’s Minho haha>>

user posted image


►►SNSD’s Yuri to go on a public date with actor Daniel Henney

Last week, it was reported that SNSD’s Yuri was going to be partnered up with Daniel Henney in a CF for Biotherm Homme, a cosmetic line for men.

Well, Yuri and Daniel Henney recently enjoyed a public date as they were shooting the CF. The CF was filmed at Kyungkido Yeojoo’s Premieum Outlet and the concept was “falling in love at first glance.” Even with the cold weather, Daniel Henney and Yuri showed great gestures and acted like pros, which amazed the staff.

The fans who were fortunate to watch the shoot commented, “There is no other couple better than them” and “Both of them have a clean and stylish image and they match very well.”


►►Super Junior’s Heechul becomes f(x) Sulli #2?

On his most recent Cyworld entry, Heechul takes on a different hairstyle and takes a selca with f(x)’s Sulli…his inspiration:

2010.02.11 13:55
Title : Sulhee*

Image and video hosting by TinyPicTaking (photo) after filming with f(x) dongsaeng
I took on Sulli’s role..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11-year age gap (-┏)
Trying to do poo-ing poo-ing** in order to reduce the age gap, although we both tried it
but in front of Sulli’s “hehe~” laugh I’m just like the candlelight in front of the typhoon…

Time seems to fly like an arrow…

I had laughed until my stomach hurts during the filmingㅋㅋ
Recently there isnt anything that makes me laugh so I felt good to be able to laugh after such a long time
Sulli’s laugh can make everything brighter

Sulli is the truth***

* sulli + heechul –> sulhee
** poo-ing poo-ing (뿌잉뿌잉) is puffy cheek, that’s what heechul was doing in the photo
*** Sulli’s real name is “Jinli” which means “truth” and “설리가 진리” (“Sulli is Jinli” or “Sulli is the truth”) is the pharse that fans use to call her (correct me if I’m wrong about this since I dont follow f(x) )

Cr: Heechul’s Cyworld & evanesco @

►►[PICs] 100209- 2AM takes selcas on Power Time Radio

The camwhores of 2AM strike again!

WARNING: these are much bigger pics than you think!! LOL


►►U-KISS plans to hold album promotions and concerts in 8 different Asian countries

International Kiss Me’s in Asia can pretty much scream for joice as their idols are planning to go overseas soon!

Title song ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ and pre-released song ‘Without You’ have catchy choruses, together with ‘What did you say (Mworago)’. ‘Dancing Flow’ by popular songwriter cum producer Han Sang Won also shows off U-Kiss’ strong image.

Overcoming the sad memories of being unknown, they prepared for the release of their first full album step-by-step, producing a perfect full album.

After their debut, U-Kiss has worked hard to advance into local as well as overseas markets and this time round, they still hold the same goal. They will promote locally till April and have planned to spread out to 8 other countries in Asia for album promotions and concerts, including Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines.

According to the director, “Man Man Ha Ni’ received a lot of love locally last year and U-Kiss has been receiving lots of love calls from event organizers overseas. They have already secured some hardcore fans and it looks like U-Kiss may be able to hit a big one overseas this year.”

U-Kiss’ goal for this year is to be first on ranking programs. According to the members, “we have never reached 1st place before. We will use the strength we gained from ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ as a start to climb to the top.”

Cr: Sports.chosun, + ukissme.SG (Translations)

►►[VID] FT Island’s Lee Hongki covers C.N BLUE’s “I’m a Loner”

FT Island’s lead vocals Lee Hongki recently sang his brother group C.N BLUE’s song “I’m a loner” on the radio…and you can pretty much expect that it will be awesome!

LOL his voice really fits these songs…I hope FT Island can return with some more decent stuff soon T^T

►►Actor Kim Bum gets sued for 500 million won in damages!

500 million won = $432,500 USD …holy snap that’s a lot of money @_@

Oh and bb, your silver hair looks ridiculous :-(

Kim Bum, one of the stars of the KBS smash hit drama “Boys Over Flowers,” was questioned by prosecutors for about an hour last week over a legal dispute between his former and current agencies, according to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office Thursday.

The summons came after the president of Eyagi Entertainment, identified only as Hwang, Kim’s former agent, filed a damage suit against Kim and his agency KingKong Entertainment for an alleged breach of contract.

Eyagi Entertainment said it signed a contract with Kim in October 2008 to represent him for the next six years and paid him 150 million won, but that the actor cancelled the contract unilaterally around March 2009 when”Boys Over Flowers” was in its final episodes.

Eyagi said Kim has earned nearly 800 million won since he terminated the contract. It filed the suit with a Seoul district court, claiming 500 million in damages.

But KingKong Entertainment denied that a contract violation had occurred.

“It’s not a breach of contract by the actor but a dispute caused in the process of merger and demerger between KingKong Entertainment and Eyagi Entertainment. The contract was cancelled as Eyagi did not keep the promises it made during the merger process,” it said. “We are going to take legal steps.”

The prosecution questioned Eyagi Entertainment’s chief in December. It also summoned KingKong Enertainment’s head, identified only as Lee, on Feb. 1 for questioning.

Kim Bum, born in 1989, made his acting debut in the MBC drama “The Daring Sisters,” and rose to stardom with “Boys Over Flowers.”

Cr: The Korea Times

►►The JoKwon and Ga In couple donates 50 million won to Haiti

50 million won = $43,400 USD!! I like I like :-)

‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn from MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’ MBC is known to have donated 50 million KRW to earthquake victims in Haiti.

The 2 has been known to have donated that amount to MBC ‘Haiti Refugee Fundraising’ on 11th February.

A representative of 2AM revealed, “Jo Kwon and Gain donated the sum of 50 million KRW from the sales of their duet song ‘We Fell In Love’ to the refugees in Haiti. They wanted to use the money earned from all the love from fans to help those in need.”

Meanwhile, the duet song by the 2 had received overwhelming response that it had gone up to the #1 spot on KBS Music Bank K Chart even though there were no promotions for it.

Cr: sookyeong

►►[VID] KARA’s 3rd mini-album tracklist + MV Teaser revealed!

OMG the MV totally reminds me of HyunA’s Change + 4Minute’s Muzik for the little song snippet, it’s definitely something new :-D

Girl group KARA began the countdown to their comeback as they released two teaser pictures, their album jacket and another teaser picture. Now it seems that the tracklist for the 3rd mini-album has been released. Via Twitter, our friends at Karaholic released knowledge of the album tracklist!

1. Tasty Love
2. Lupin
3. Umbrella
4. Rollin’
5. Lonely

Lupin will be KARA’s title track as they become gentlewomen thieves whom will try to steal the spotlight from the other idol groups that are currently making their comeback.

Stay tuned for the Lupin teaser on the 12th, the album release on the 17th and their live comeback via Music Bank on the 26th!


►►G-Dragon reveals the secrets behind his first full solo album “Heartbreaker”

G-Dragon is a perfectionist so I’m not that surprised everything he makes has so much meanings behind them ;-)

Kwon Jiyong’s ‘Heartbreaker’ saw the light of this world on August 18, 2009. This day also happened to be G-Dragon’s birthday.

”It was actually scheduled to be out in April, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t feel like a piece of work that I’d been looking forward to for ten years; there was just something missing. I didn’t know how long it would be til my turn to go solo came again.. That one album was a gamble for me.”

During the preparation of his solo album, Big Bang started Japanese promotions. During the months they were active there, if there was nothing on G-Dragon’s schedule for even a single day, he would fly back to Korea to work on the album and fly back at night. While the other members felt the freedom of being able to shop and have fun without being watched or followed, G-Dragon was out of his mind looking for performance outfits.

”Writing songs, buying performance outfits, being at meetings via webcam..I think my album was the only thing I was thinking about for 24 hours a day. I wanted to make an album that I had contributed to as much as possible. I wanted people to think not just that it’s been ‘made’, but ‘Kwon Jiyong made this’. I even went a little over the top by concerning over things like font, colour and decoration. I wanted to release an album that seemed more like a wrapped up gift than a normal, standard CD. So that people can open the case like a present and anticipate what might be inside, even if its not expensive. I think the album designers might’ve thought I was a big weird; I would call in the middle of the night whenever I got a new idea. (laughs)”

He became totally immersed in working on his album.


►►BEG Narsha’s last kiss was recent + she sleeps with her eyes open?

Looks like BEG Narsha is more of a mystery than we thought lol

Narsha, member of the girl group “Brown Eyed Girls”, attracted alot of attention when she revealed that her last kiss was recent.

Narsha was on the set of KBS2TV’s “Invincible Youth” when they were sharing about their first and last kisses when she revealed details about both of them.

On the request of Invincible Youth’s maknae Hyuna, Narsha confessed that she had her first kiss when she was 20 years old ten years ago, while it was only recently that she had her last kiss.

On the side note, this episode of Invincible Youth would be broadcasted on the 12th.

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In revealed a secret about Narsha on “Happy Together 3″, which is due to be aired on the 11th of Feb 2010.

“One night, i noticed that the TV was left on & i saw Narsha sitting there. However, I found it really strange that she didn’t move or laugh. Upon a closer look, I realised that she was actually sleeping with her eyes open!”, said Ga-In.

Soli J from Mighty Mouth who is close to Narsha & goes drinking with her confirmed this. “I’ve had to send Narsha home quite a few times after drinking. Although we’ve reached her place, she’ll not alight from the car, but just lie down & stare blankly upwards. Upon a closer look, I realised that she was actually sleeping with her eyes open!”.

Sources: Newsen 1 + Osen
Translations: BEG International Forum 1+ antisocialnot @ Soompi

►►C.N BLUE to hold first live concert in Japan

I am hella jealous of the Japanese fans T^T they got the guys first and now they also get their first concert there!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

CNBLUE made a strong debut last month but they actually made their debut first in Japan, which is why they’ll be holding their first live concert there next month.

They’ve come a long way since the days where they used to perform live gigs on the streets of Tokyo. CNBLUE has definitely hit it big in the k-pop scene but they’ll never forget where it all started as they’ll be returning to Japan to perform at Club Quattro in Shibuya.

A representative of their label FNC Music said, “We have future plans of dedicating at least a year to live concerts in Japan.

Cr: allkpop

►►ZE:A get in hanboks and give thanks to fans for Lunar New Year

I love guys in hanbok lol the ZE:A guys look much more playful and qt than usual ;-)

The nine-member rookie boy group ZE:A sent their Lunar New Year greetings clad in traditional hanbok attire.

ZE:A has been working hard since their January debut with Mazeltov. The members have a busy year ahead of them and it’s nice to see that they’re all still full of smiles.

ZE:A said, “Thank you so much for [giving us] love and attention since our debut. We hope everyone will have a good fortune in this New Year. We will work harder to progress as a group.”

ZE:A is constantly busy these days and rarely receive breaks. They’ve been filming multiple variety shows such as Maknae Rebellion, Big Match (where KwangHee&JoKwon dance Abracadabra) and more. But on the actual day of the Lunar New Year, the 14th, they will spend some time with their family.



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